Why Forced Blogging Reciprocation Does Not Work

December 15, 2018
Me in front of the compound in Nizwa, Oman. Peep the detail on that door.
Me in front of the compound in Nizwa, Oman. Peep the detail on that door.


I read a Facebook Group post a few moments ago.


Someone began a blog traffic thread. Post your link. Click other blogger links. Other bloggers click your link. More traffic for everybody.


One particularly desperate, fear-filled blogger responded to every link with a comment, attempting to force reciprocation. Said blogger noted clicking on links and demanded fellow bloggers to click their link, to ensure 100% reciprocation.


Forced reciprocation never works because:


  • fear repels
  • force negates
  • conditional giving turns off most bloggers
  • fear of loss emits a desperate, needy, repulsive vibe
  • helping someone only to get their help makes a blogger feel like a tool, manipulated to serve another blogger
  • greediness scares off virtually all bloggers
  • few bloggers enjoy networking with desperate bloggers who care not for other bloggers but who do care only about themselves


My blogging sweetlings; I have been in your shoes. You know I struggled for a minute. I get feeling afraid. I get being scared. I get feeling like you wasted your time, helping people on a comment thread and seeing virtually no help in return.




….if you blog mainly from a fear-scarcity-forced reciprocation energy, you create fear-filled results aka blogging struggle aka blogging failure.


Why Forced Blogging Reciprocation Never Works


If your fear-filled, force reciprocation strategy does not get you banned from blogging threads, most if not all other thread members ignore you, block you or in some cases, argue with you. Why? Your fear-vibe emits a strong “stay away from this desperate blogger” energy because you are almost 100% focused on GETTING and like zero percent focused on GIVING, being a forced reciprocater.


You do not give from a generous, genuine, detached energy if you bug fellow bloggers to return the favor. You are giving only to get. Not good. People see through you because your greed-fear and conditional giving makes you the pariah of blogging threads. You’ll eventually get the Blogging Thread Scarlett Letter: I…..for Ignore. At that point, all thread traffic and profits disappear because everybody from threads stops clicking your link and visiting your blog.


What to Do Instead


Be generous. Give freely. Give genuinely. Give to serve, not to get.


I patiently click links, read posts and publish comments on blogger threads via Facebook Groups. I ask for nothing in return. I look for nothing. My fear-free, loving, fun, genuine energy feels irresistible to fellow thread bloggers who visit my Facebook profile, click my blog link, share my posts and buy my stuff, without me even asking for any of these kind acts.




Free givers prosper because the more freely you give (not trying to get aka force reciprocation) the more easily you get (increase blog traffic and profits).


Jan Verhoeff blogs from an abundant energy. She promotes me freely. She bought some of my eBooks. She endorses my eBooks. She comments on virtually every one of my videos. She asks for nothing. She looks for nothing. Naturally, I gave her guest posting rights on my blog and promote her freely and read her blog and comment on her posts because I genuinely appreciate her generosity.


Every happy blogger who sees worldly success is incredibly generous, giving freely and expecting nothing in return. This is because giving freely precedes getting freely. Simple equation.


Do not give with strings attached, networking-wise. We all run blogging businesses. I do not give away my eBooks for free or take on clients for free or place sponsored posts for free….but….I worked for free, for years, giving away helpful blogging advice through my blog, by commenting genuinely on blogs and by promoting other bloggers without looking for anything in return, to create the illusion of being everywhere and to lay the foundation for my current day success.


Blogging profits and blog traffic respond beautifully to generosity.


Give freely. Cut the strings. Blog abundantly. Lay the foundation for a successful blogging career.


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