Why Does Blogging Seem Confusing?

  March 23, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Blogging feels confusing sometimes.


One blogger tells you to do one thing.


Another blogger tells you to do something else.


Some bloggers swear by certain strategies.


Other bloggers say you never need to do these things to succeed, even though some pros swear by these techniques.


Why does blogging seem so confusing?


Unfortunately, most bloggers offer upside down advice.


Upside Down Advice Confuses You


Upside down advice confuses you because it is not right side up.


For example, bloggers often claim that the money is in the list. But this is not true. Money is in consciousness. Literally, money is in rich ideas which you execute from a detached, generous vibe……which flows back to you as money. Money may travel through an email list or trillions of other channels. But money is not in a list, or any-thing.


But if you trust the upside down advice that the money is in the list you will be confused when you see bloggers with no email list making money.


Let me give you an example…..


Full Time Income with No Email List


Around a decade ago, I earned a full time income on a month to month basis based solely on my freelance writing business.


I had no email list. I did not even advertise my freelance writing services. Readers who enjoyed my writing offered me jobs to write their content. I accepted these offers, wrote and earned a steady income without an email list or sales page hawking anything.


Someone reading these words who deeply believes that the money is in the list will instantly feel confused, lost and quite flummoxed. Plus, thousands of fellow bloggers who make money steadily without ever building a list further disprove the theory, adding to the confusion.


Naturally, the confusion leads to frustration, struggles, failures and eventual quitting for most bloggers. In one moment, you believe one piece of advice as gospel. But the next blogger burns that gospel into ash by completely invalidating the upside-down advice.


What can you do to cut through the confusion? How can you establish peace concerning your blogging campaign?


Stick to Fundamentals Not Things


An email list is a thing. Money is a thing. Things change. Things deceive. Things are illusions. Things confuse.


Put things in your rear view mirror.


Focus exclusively on these two fundamentals:


  • create generously
  • connect genuinely


Every free, happy, professional blogger became successful by following these two clear fundamentals. Each approach is uncompromising.


You have to create to go pro.


You have to connect with humans to go pro.


Each concept is right side up advice. Each concept is the reverse of upside down advice.


There can be no confusion concerning right side up advice because it is true. Meanwhile, upside down advice is not true for everyone, across the board. Untrue advice causes confusion because some bloggers appear to succeed by following the advice but other bloggers ignore the advice yet still succeed.


However, right side up advice is:


  • absolute
  • true
  • dead on, 100% of the time
  • non-negotiable
  • confusion-proof


You will never see a pro blogger disprove either creating or connecting principles because bloggers only go pro by creating content and connecting with human beings. Sans content or connections, you make no money and never go pro. This is easy to see so it confuses no one.


Follow Evergreen Advice


Evergreen blogging advice remains true forever.


As long as humans walk the earth, bloggers will create and connect to go pro.


But the means, tools, strategies and techniques for creating and connecting can and will change as humans evolve.


Follow evergreen blogging advice. Create and connect.


Be more discerning in picking and choosing specific:


  • tactics
  • techniques
  • tools
  • strategies


to help you create and connect.


When I began blogging back in 2008 I:


  • drove traffic through MySpace
  • observed bloggers dominate page 1 of Google with poorly-written Ezineartcles, Yahoo Articles and other articles from content mills


However, MySpace is nothing in 2022 and Google only ranks authority blogs spitting out high quality, in-depth content drawing in high quality backlinks.


Tools change. Tools confuse.


Evergreen concepts never change. Evergreen concepts never confuse.


Cut through blogging confusion.


Stick to evergreen concepts.


Create and connect.


Create helpful content that solves reader problems. Form genuine bonds with humans by helping people and asking for nothing in return to form relationships.


Put confusion in your rear view window.



  1. asma khalid says:
    at 4:18 am

    I have started to write blogs a number of times and never seem to understand what is going wrong. Now, I hope by keeping this article as a reference i would be able to make great leaps ahead

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:31 am

      Cool Asma. Feel free to ask me any blogging questions…..OK?