Why Do New Affiliate Bloggers Struggle?

  December 29, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
El Valle de Anton Panama

Sunset, clouds and mountain, El Valle de Anton Panama


Observe the featured image for this post.


I snapped this picture at sunset in gorgeous El Valle de Anton, Panama. How? Gaining year’s worth of picture-taking experience, practicing photography and flat out putting in time offered me a perfect-storm-scenario of capturing a masterpiece, in the eyes of Blogging From Paradise followers.


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I did not set out to make money with the image. Nor did I try to make money with any image I snapped during my prior 10 years of circling the globe. The process felt like the reward. Having no agendas in place let me focus on the process. Focusing on the process made me a genuine photographer, making the work feel like the reward. Organically, the image came out to be quite dazzling but solely because I practiced developing my photography:


  • skills
  • credibility


via 100’s of hours snapping photos all over the globe.


Imagine me snapping photos for 100’s of hours. Observe the image above. Thinking about the photo and practice, consider an analogy between affiliate bloggers and making money. Few affiliates do it mainly for fun. Most do it for money. Naturally, doing it for money means skipping the practice you need to actually profit online.


Why Affiliate Bloggers Struggle


Most new affiliate marketers struggle because newbies mainly do it for the money. Doing it for the money guarantees that you skip the steps you need to take to actually make money with affiliate marketing. The money only comes after you practice…..a lot!


For example, the average new affiliate marketer has no marketing or content creating skills, experience or knowledge. But this this guy or gal wants solely to make money they only grab an affiliate link and proceed to promote the affiliate link repeatedly through social media sites.


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However, nobody trusts someone who tries to sell them something without establishing their expertise, knowledge, credibility and authority. The end result: the new affiliate marketer makes zero sales, feels frustrated, and quits sooner than later. Other persistent beginners grab another affiliate offering – alleged best sellers – and soon discover that the product does not sell itself, resulting in, again, zero sales. Why? People buy products based on trusting both the individual selling the product and the product itself. Even if the product seems credible, if the person selling it seems unreliable, because they have not proven their knowledge by publishing free, helpful content, people will not buy from that person.


Beginners almost always struggle for they do not realize that authority precedes sales. First, you build authority by patiently helping people with free, valuable content in the form of blog posts, guest posts, videos and podcasts, distributed through your blog and social media. Solve pressing problems related to your niche. Listen to people’s needs. Solve problems based on their needs. Be generous. Be helpful. Be patient and persistent.


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Gradually, you will develop authority. People will begin to trust you based on you helping them. As people trust you more deeply they will purchase your affiliate products. But the time expired between helping people and receiving money through affiliate sales may be vast, in most cases. Most marketers quit during this time frame. A few ride out uncomfortable emotions, face their fears, and eventually see sales. Everything eventually works itself out for beginner affiliate marketers who become veteran affiliate marketers via their generosity, patience and persistence.


Pro blogger Anil Agarwal prospers because he put in time and work for a bit to thrive. He developed skills through patient work. Now he earns a handsome affiliate reward. Pro blogger Mudassir Ahmed is a model of consistency. Study his Twitter feed. Note how he keeps at it on a daily basis. Putting in time and work positions you to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Pros simply create and connect to earn credibility but the creating and connecting periods wean out:


  • impatient
  • panicked
  • frenzied




For example, if you scroll up you will see a few links I posted pointing towards my 2 courses and a support page. No one bought either of my courses after I posted the link to each once, twice or even 10 times. But patiently and persistently dropping links for a long time, creating helpful content and building meaningful connections by being generous gradually boosted my course sales. Ditto for affiliate marketing sales. First, you persistently create and connect. Credibility arrives later. Sales follow gaining credibility.


Pro blogger Lisa Sicard prospers by being 100% committed to blogging for the long haul. She even left her job to blog full time because she worked her tail off enough to be able to make the leap from her full time employee gig to becoming a full time blogger.


Put in the time now. Help people. Be patient. Relax. Sales will find you but only as you build authority by helping people for free.

  1. Mudassir says:
    at 1:10 am

    Having no thoughts of money helps focus solely on the process – great point, Ryan.
    Although revenue generation is an essential aspect of any online business, thinking about it in the first place instead of value creation can slip you away from the process and lose eventually
    Thanks for the mention, friend. Happy new year!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:24 am

      Wise words Mudassir! We want to focus on the process and allow the money outcomes to take care of themselves. Thanks my friend 🙂

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