Why Buy a Blogging eBook?

August 25, 2018

Why Buy a Blogging eBook


I wrote and self-published an eBook.


You may have seen it 1 billion times online. I promote it early and often.


Blogging eBook


How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging is a guide for aspiring pro bloggers. If you want to go full time blogging my sweetlings, this eBook can help you.


But some bloggers resist purchasing eBooks like mine because they fear spending money or wasting time on a valued resource. Fear is a bitch like that; seems to make ya do stuff that leads to struggle, failure and of course, that leads you away from your dreams.


If you are on the fence about buying a blogging eBook to promote your blogging success guys, peep these reasons.


1: People Value Premium eBooks


People value something purchased more than a freebie, as a rule. I often toss free eBooks after a quick read. I can get free information in a split second, from all corners online.


But I cannot get premium, valuable, helpful eBooks in a split second because only a handful of genuinely skilled, successful bloggers wrote and self-published such eBooks. Meaning da perceived value goes through the roof on these reads. Meaning you’d be wise to buy eBooks, versus downloading freebies.


Buy an eBook. You likely:


  • read it
  • study it
  • take notes on it
  • use the eBook information to improve your blog


Purchase an eBook. Profit on your investment.


2: People Tend Not to Value Free eBooks Like Premium eBooks


Although you may download, read and use information from free eBooks you tend to value freebie information less because no financial investment goads you to read, study and use the information, eBook-wise.


If someone writes and offers a free, 5,000 word eBook, folks may wonder: why is the thing free? Why not charge for such generous information? Ain’t a blog, or podcast or video here. We’re talking eBook.


Skipping over free eBook downloads to invest a few bucks in a blogging eBook gives you clarity, focus and kicks the amateur hour “I want everything for free” mindset out of your noodle.


3: Guide for Referencing During Tough Times


Right now it is 10:09 PM on a Saturday night. I spent 8 hours at my dad’s today. Yet I published 4 blog posts and filmed 3 videos today. In addition to networking for a little bit. I love following my blogging fun and diving into fears because I’ve 10 years of pro blogging experience. But newbie bloggers up at 10:09 PM on a Saturday night after a long day with the kids almost always say, “Screw this, I’m going to bed!”, versus writing a blog post.


Facing tough times like struggling to blog while working full time, or running into blogging obstacle after obstacle because you cannot seem to get past mental blocks requires you to have a manual, a guide, a framework to refer to when things enter the shitter. A blogging eBook is the perfect guide to reference when writer’s block strikes, or if your sole blogging income stream dries up, or if your husband tells you for the 100th time to “quit the blogging pipe dream and get a real job.”


When stuff feels unbearable, open up your eBook, review the fundamentals again and again, and allow pro bloggers to guide you with simple, practical, proven steps that drive you through these tough times.


4: Quicker and Easier Learning Versus Piecemeal Blogging


A blogging eBook is like a blogging class; virtually all you need to know about how to become a pro blogger sits in my eBook. Buy it. Read it. Take notes. Study the notes. Put the notes into action. Without ever reading my blog, you can become a professional blogger via my eBook because I completely laid out how to become a full time blogger in the eBook.


Compare with blogging; at best, blogging offers piecemeal learning. Today I share why you should buy a blogging eBook. Tomorrow I may explain how to drive blog traffic. Learning how to become a pro blogger from post to post is a longer, more difficult way to learn blogging because no blog on earth has that type of continuity. But…eBooks lay out ideal, fundamental guides for step by step, simple, quicker learning, because all the info for becoming a pro blogger is in the 83 page read.


Wrapping It Up


Having a premium blogging eBook in your library makes your blogging journey easier guys.


Not here to convince or coerce ya; I just lay out information for you to make a clear choice.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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