Why Building Bonds Benefits Your Blogging Campaign

  March 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Bonds make or break your blogging business.


Think long and hard on this basic blogging truth. Making friends frees you to succeed. Blogging solo positions you to fail. Connected bloggers win. Everyone else tends to struggle mightily before throwing in the blogging towel. In the rarest of cases, lone wolves experience some success but connected bloggers still run circles around these solo acts.


Successful blogging campaigns become movements fueled by large groups of strong blogging buddies supporting one another. Every other blogging venture focused on solo acts largely flames out and fail.


Making blogging buddies with pros like Donna Merrill and Lisa Sicard dramatically changed my blogging campaign. I struggled by trying to do everything by myself for quite an extended period of time. Bonding with these pros by generously helping Donna and Lisa – expecting nothing in return – influenced these leaders to:


  • promote me
  • endorse me
  • link to me via social media and their blogs
  • offer me invites to guest post on their blogs
  • buy my stuff


In essence, 1 became 3. Think about that for even a split second. Imagine 2, or 5, or 50 bloggers:


  • retweeting your latest blog posts
  • retweeting your older blog posts
  • purchasing your eBooks, courses and audio books
  • hiring you to coach them
  • linking to you via their blogs


Ponder the raw power of a large, loyal blogger buddy network helping you. For all intents and purposes, building a huge, loyal friend network is similar to starting a blogging company. Maybe you do not pay people a salary to fulfill a certain task but the generosity doled out to fellow bloggers influences fellow bloggers to promote you and endorse you around the clock for a long time.


I pay no employees to handle specific blogging tasks. But every time I check Twitter, 5-10 or more bloggers retweet my blog posts to a collection of 5,000 or 10,000 or 50,000 followers spread across their blogging networks. Of course, I paid these bloggers in the form of genuinely:


  • commenting on their blogs
  • retweeting their blog posts
  • sharing their blog posts on Facebook
  • linking to their blogs through Blogging From Paradise and various guest posts I published


I asked for nothing in return. I expected nothing in return. Bonds grew. Blogging buddies expand my presence. THIS is why building blogging bonds benefits your blogging campaign. Blogging buddies do for you what you can not do for yourself. If you need help, a large, loyal blogger buddy network can help you in many ways, via a simple ask. Connected blogger succeed because connected bloggers have help around every corner. Everyone else pretty much struggles and fails because one person can only do a little while many people working together can do a lot.


Did Mark Zuckerberg try to build Facebook solo? Nope. He made friends then hired employees to grow his company. Ditto for any successful entrepreneur. Either make friends to get connected, hire employees to build a company or if you genuinely intend to scale, you will need to do both, eventually. However, individual bloggers can become highly successful by generously, patiently and persistently building large, strong blogger buddy networks.




I recorded a video a while back drilling on this point.


Check it out here:


Why Building Bonds Benefits Your Blogging Campaign


Stop thinking like an employee. Most people grow up watching parents work jobs to get money. Most think like employees. But thinking like employees means getting money based on your singular efforts. As you might imagine, thinking like this cripples your blogging career because success hinges on a collective effort, not a solo act. Any time I update and publish old blog posts the posts beam out to a network of blogging buddies I helped for a bit. Blogging buddies help me by:


  • reading the post via Feedly, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • retweeting the post on Facebook
  • sharing the post on Facebook
  • sharing the post on LinkedIn


Collective efforts leverage your blogging presence.


Let go employee-level thinking.


Think like an entrepreneur.


Build bonds. Make friends. Engage in a genuine blogger outreach campaign.


Help fellow bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Earn their friendship. Gain their trust.


From there, possibilities become limitless.


Your Turn


Do you build your blogger buddy network daily?


Or do you make the common error of trying to be a blogging lone wolf?


How can you do a better job building blogging bonds daily?

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