Why Are Blogs Good for Business?

  June 22, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read

Cheviot, New Zealand


Before starting a blog you may wonder why are blogs good for business?


Blogging successfully requires significant work. Being patient during inevitable periods of little traffic and profits challenges all bloggers.


Knowing why and how blogging accelerates business growth gives entrepreneurial bloggers confidence during uncomfortable times.


Few online strategies can expand a business like effective blogging.


Owning a self-hosted, WordPress blog empowers you to:


  • tailor your brand
  • customize your blog design
  • stand out from other businesses
  • gain trust
  • build a repeat customer base
  • develop strong relationships with clients


All successful businesses grow based on trust. Blogging effectively earns trust unlike few online strategies.


Social media limits entrepreneurs based on the cyber shackles of:


  • specific algorithms
  • particular narratives
  • stringent terms of service
  • heavily limited branding potential


Trying to build a thriving long term business through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn proves impossible because each site:


  • changes rules frequently
  • forces you to change business strategies frequently
  • forces you to build their brand not your brand
  • owns your content, image and likeness on the site
  • enforces strict policies to grow their business bottom line which hurts your business bottom line


Social media is in the business of generating revenue for social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn owners collectively generate hundreds of billions of dollars by using competitive business strategies to keep users on their sites, not to send users to your blogs. Trying to build your business by primarily using platforms that keep users on site makes for a virtually impossible task.


However, creating and updating an authority blog actually drives:


  • targeted traffic
  • business


to your blog through:


  • Google
  • social media
  • niche sites
  • Q and A sites like Reddit and Quora
  • credible blogs from your niche


If you build your blog intelligently through effective onsite content creation and efficiently use offsite channels you will grow a thriving business.


If you build your blog intelligently through effective onsite content creation and efficiently use offsite channels you will grow a thriving business. #bloggingClick To Tweet


Before taking these steps most entrepreneurs need to know specifically why blogs are good for business.


Consider each of these reasons to understand why smart blogging builds your business.


1: Drive Targeted Traffic


Blogging drives targeted traffic to your website.


Targeted traffic wants what you offer through your content.


Pedasi, Panama

Pedasi, Panama


People who want your content tend to evolve into customers and clients.


For example, imagine someone who wants a list of successful bloggers to follow.


After Googling the phrase:


successful bloggers to follow


Blogging From Paradise ranks on page 1 position 1 of Google.


People who click through are highly targeted because each visitor specifically wants successful bloggers to follow.


After reading the post these some of these highly targeted bloggers tend to:



Every successful business targets one ideal customer or client. Blogging pinpoints and draws clients to business sites seamlessly because authority blogs:


  • rank high on Google
  • drive referral business


Publishing SEO-optimized, highly-detailed content drives targeted traffic to your blog. Targeted traffic morphs into paying clients and customers.


Blogs require significant work but the investment pays immense business returns as a long term strategy.


2: Increase Passive Traffic


Blogs can boost passive blog traffic.


Increasing passive traffic grows a business exponentially over the long haul.


One entrepreneur can only build their business to a specific point through their singular efforts before growth stops.


However, increasing passive traffic through:


  • Google
  • genuine blogger outreach
  • highly-detailed posts generating organic traffic via social media, Q and A sites and niche forums


expands your business around the clock.


Customers in India who buy your blogging eBook at 3 AM NYC time while you sleep grow your business based on passive blog traffic. Imagine if the individual Googled the term:


“blogging eBooks”


to find your eBooks on page 1.


This customer expands your online business passively for you.  You did not need to be actively working and trading time for money at 3 AM to get paid.


Blogging effectively generates passive traffic that grows your business 24-7, 365.


Successful entrepreneurs:


  • leverage their presence exponentially
  • enjoy life offline
  • achieve exponential business growth


based on building a strong passive element into their venture.


Effective, patient blogging establishes that passive element.


3: Gain Credibility


Well-stocked blogs build business credibility.


Bloggers inspire trust by proving their knowledge through:


  • detailed, long form blog posts
  • thorough videos
  • in-depth podcasts
  • comprehensive online courses
  • personalized, 1 to 1 coaching
  • rich manuals


Businesses expand based on gaining the trust of potential customers and clients. Blogging is a direct way to influence people to trust you.


How Blogging Business Growth Unfolds


First, entrepreneurs gain trust by publishing thorough, targeted blog posts for free.


Targeted readers consume these posts to meet their needs.


Readers who:


  • enjoy
  • trust


the content gradually or immediately trust the blogger who created the content.


Kathmandu, Nepal


If the reader desires more detailed help the individual buys an online course created by the blogger based on trust.


Business profits grow if people:


  • know
  • like
  • trust




Blogging often accelerates the “know, like and trust” process via the sheer volume of detailed content offered by skilled bloggers.


4: Grow Business for the Long Term


Running a credible blog grows business for the long haul.


Blogging behaves like a business asset that increases profits steadily for years.


Imagine patiently publishing 50-100 detailed posts over 2 years that drive Google traffic to your blog on a daily basis. A heavy volume of targeted, quality blog traffic will find your blog daily for years to accelerate long term business growth.


Well-executed blogs act like business assets. Investing time and work now to blog intelligently positions you to grow your business into a thriving venture for years into the future.


Each properly-optimized blog post drives:


  • highly targeted blog traffic
  • passive blog traffic
  • blogging profits


for days, weeks, months and years down the road.


Business owners either successfully build passive business that grows exponentially or fail to do so and basically trade time for money, “working a business job” to barely earn income.


Blogging positions you to avoid trading time for money. Eventually, while you sleep, vacation or simply spend a few hours enjoying time offline your successful blog generates profits around the clock for the long haul. Of course, bloggers work intelligently for years to achieve long term business growth. No blogging short cuts exist.




Do you want to quit blogging?


Check out this video:


Do Not Be So Quick to Give Up on Blogging


5: Establish Strong Brands


Businesses thrive on effective branding.


Brands become impressed on people’s minds similar to a cattle farmer searing their mark onto a prized bull.


Entrepreneurs can customize blogs to publish a one-of-a-kind brand. Successful businesses tend to stand out from all ventures in the same niche. Branding is one factor that differentiates one business from all others.


Blog owners potentially customize:


  • themes
  • website designs
  • income channels
  • blog layout
  • images
  • video embeds
  • podcast embeds
  • brand logos


Entrepreneurs thrive by establishing a business unlike any other.


Blogging is a powerful tool for crafting a brand unlike any other brand in your niche or the world.


6: Open Multiple Income Streams


Blogs provide one-stop-shopping for visitors.


Blogs offer multiple income channels for entrepreneurs.


Sound business models generate income through various streams to maximize profits, avoid industry downturns and prevent massive income loss as channels close.


Paphos, Cyprus


Bloggers can monetize through channels like:


  • affiliate marketing
  • advertising
  • sponsored posts
  • coaching
  • consulting
  • writing and self-publishing eBooks
  • creating online courses
  • selling images
  • converting eBooks to audio books
  • converting eBooks to paperbacks
  • freelance writing


The direct way to establish a thriving business is to profit through multiple channels.


Opening multiple streams of income through a blog is easy.


Earning income is challenging but helping targeted readers patiently nets blogging profits through multiple streams.


7: Low Cost Business Builder


Bloggers on a budget can grow their business inexpensively.


New bloggers make a minimum financial investment in:


  • a domain
  • hosting
  • a premium theme


Blogging investments increase slightly as traffic grows but paying approximately $20 USD per year for a domain and $10 to $30 per month for hosting seems reasonable for all serious entrepreneurs until traffic spikes exponentially.




Blogging to grow your business involves patient, persistent work well before turning a profit.


For example, all aspiring professional bloggers gain no traffic or profits for a while even after publishing in-depth, detailed, SEO-optimized content.


First, bloggers patiently publish high quality blog posts for a bit. Gradually, targeted traffic and income grows based on persistently blogging for free.


No matter how much you panic, worry or complain about getting no traffic or money through your blog, this is the normal, natural, realistic blogging path walked by all professional bloggers.


Blogging effectively for years increases business profits. Working diligently now creates substantial blogging growth for the future.


Pay close attention to blogging details. Optimize posts for SEO by setting aside 4-5 hours (or longer) to:


  • research
  • write the post
  • format the post
  • edit the post
  • publish the post


Professionals blog from a highly intentional, deliberate perspective to build thriving businesses.


If you blog generously, patiently and persistently from an intelligent approach, blogging grows your business slowly but steadily.


From branding, to customizing, to offering readers a wide range of professional products and services, blogging is a powerful leveraging strategy for entrepreneurs to thrive from the comfort of home.

  1. Rick says:
    at 4:40 am

    Great breakdown on the advantages of blogging and the benefits thereof once you start posting awesome content. With so much AI and article re-spinners out there it can be really difficult to get something sensible on page one for your search term. I help promote artists and run a website from my laptop while actually living on an island. I’m slowly building my business and this has helped. Best regards

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