Why a New Blogging Environment Makes All the Difference

  February 16, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand


Blogging can feel challenging.


I have been in this bit for a while. Blogging for 14 years unearthed all manner of emotions in my mind. Wild, excitable joy hit me in moments of triumph. Depression, hopelessness and rage met me in the dark night of the soul moments arising from time to time.


No one knows better than me that sticking with blogging for a long time seems like a supernatural feat in your most challenging moments.


Anyone in this game for a bit knows: fear rears its ugly head around every blogging corner. Negative reviews, struggling fellow bloggers offering failure-ridden advice and slamming into resistance from friends and family who tell you to quit wasting your time blogging all attempt to trip you up. The worst part: being with the negative, poisonous ego chatter in your mind. I cannot begin to share how many times I felt blogging inspiration but my nasty little ego doused inspired flames with its negative, limiting, hellish chatter.


You are not good enough.


Nobody will read your blog, anyway.


Why bother? You have barely made anything through this blog as is.


You are just a nobody from nowhere. Quit blogging. Go get a job. At least you’ll have a paycheck.


Maintaining a positive blogging environment plays a big part in conquering obstacles. Who you surround yourself with influences your blogging fortunes. How you work inspires or deflates your being. Perhaps your home office set up needs a reboot. Maybe your blogger buddy network needs a fresh, new change.


Sometimes you and I need a new blogging environment to keep things fun, light, prospering and abundant. Changing your surroundings, friend network or routine can help you adopt an entirely new perspective on blogging. Seeing blogging differently helps you to feel better about blogging. Feeling better charges you to create and connect generously, patiently and persistently from a fun, relaxed, trusting energy.


For example, I recently began branching out of my tight blogging buddy network to meet and greet new folks on:


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • new blogs


Instantly, I felt much better. Feeling better allowed me to knife through a few rough mental blocks in my mind regarding:


  • promoting blog posts
  • promoting guest posts
  • promoting eBooks
  • promoting courses


How you think determines how you blog. How you blog determines if you succeed or fail. Changing your blogging environment tends to heavily influence how you think and how you blog.


How you think determines how you blog. How you blog determines if you succeed or fail. Changing your blogging environment tends to heavily influence how you think and how you blog.Click To Tweet


Do you need to move higher in blogging circles? I recall being a new blogger 14 years ago. My blogger buddy network offered me love and support but these individuals did not steer me toward greater blogging success. I do not blame them; everything is in my mind. However, on a worldly level, I had to move out of those blogging circles to move higher up the energetic ladder in order to experience greater blogging success.


Surrounding yourself with success allows you to succeed. But bloggers need to cease surrounding themselves with negativity in order to immerse themselves in a successful blogging environment.


Do you need to move into higher blogging circles? Do you need to network with successful bloggers versus making the comfortable but failing decision to network solely with beginner bloggers?


Do you need to make an environment change?


Spend time in quiet. Observe your mind. Assess your blogging campaign. Being in quiet gives you the answers. Spending time in silence guides you to either keep your current blogging set up or to change your blogging environment.




I discuss this concept here:


Why a New Blogging Environment Makes All the Difference


Benefits of a New Blogging Environment


New blogging environments:


  • recharge you
  • invigorate you
  • energize you
  • ground you in peace, calm and serenity
  • goad you to be generous
  • goad you to trust in yourself
  • influence you to trust in the blogging process


Perhaps you need to change your home office setup. Maybe you need to let go old blogging buddies to make room for new blogging buddies. Maybe you need to change your blog theme. Or perhaps you need to change your blogging niche all together. Trust your intuition. Listen to your inner guide. Changing your blogging environment can and does feel challenging sometimes but freedom, increased blogging success and greater happiness sits on the other side of fear.


For example, I feared letting go Facebook and Twitter as prime traffic sources for old, confining mental conditioning kicking around in my head. But my intuition told me to begin reading and commenting on new blogs as a way to build a new blogging environment. Trusting my gut felt scary because I made serious inroads on Twitter, specially, since 2008. But pumping the brakes on the microblogging platform to spend more time publishing genuine blog comments felt good, largely. Feeling good because of your new blogging environment eggs you on to create and connect generously. Creating and connecting generously accelerates your blogging success.


Let go the old and worn out to make room for the new and freeing. Evolve. Change your environment. Change your culture. Feeling good about your surroundings accelerates your blogging success. But on a deeper level, all you did was change your mind to tune in to a different blogging reality. Shifting your mindset has a miraculous effect on your blogging direction. Making a decision is that powerful.


Environment changes happen in the mind, first. Change your mind. Change your environment. Change your blogging direction.

  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:
    at 7:19 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    Read the headline on this post and was going to start packing. LOL

    Who/what you surround yourself with will always determine who you become.
    Feed your mind like you feed your body. You can’t be healthy eating junk. You can’t be positive if you are surrounded by negativity. I do not discuss my blog with anyone I know personally. Not my friends, not my family, not co-workers, no one. This way they can’t piss me off with their bs and I don’t have yet another reason to banish them. It may sound harsh to some but much all parties involved are much better off in the long run. Especially me.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:07 am

      That is such a good idea my friend. I learned this lesson a long time ago. Even though my family and friends are supportive in their own right, they do not really understand what I do. I do not expect them to understand what I do because this is a much different gig than working a nine to five job, and they all work jobs. Knowing this I simply keep blogging shop talk out of our conversations and focus on chatting with all my blogger buddies like yourself. Share your dreams with those who share a similar vision and vibe really high from a success consciousness. Great advice.

  2. Lauren says:
    at 6:51 am

    This is an interesting blog post. A blogging environment is important. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people make all the difference. Thank you for sharing.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:31 am

      Being around high energy bloggers makes all the difference Lauren. We feed off of their energy and doing so raises us higher and higher, inspiring us to be creative and connected. Thanks for stopping by.

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