Who Is the Unsung Hero of Blogging?

  February 16, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Bloggers look to various idols for blogging success.


Some claim success arrives via an email list. Others believe the Google gods make you successful. Some claim that in-depth, long-form blog posts serve as the ultimate blogging hero.


But most completely miss the real blogging hero.


An unsung hero graces every blogging campaign:


Your true feelings about your blog.


The hero is not you, the body. The hero is no-body outside of you. WordPress dot org is no hero. No course or eBook saves you. The blogging unsung hero is the deep dive into your mind to unearth fears for facing, feeling and releasing. Letting go fear allows you to BE the blogger who succeeds.


How you truly feel about your blogging campaign reveals your blog to you. Do you struggle to drive blog traffic? Fear in your mind dominates your feelings. Do you have a tough time generating blogging profits? Fear in your mind dominates your feelings. How you truly feel about your blog is the unsung hero because few discuss how feelings affect, influence and flat out dominate blogging campaigns.


For example, I never updated and re-published old Blogging From Paradise posts prior to a few months ago because fear clouded one portion of my mind. I feared no one would read beefed-up versions of old posts, anyway. I truly felt this way. But edging into uncomfortable feelings concerning old BFP posts allowed this unsung hero to save me to the tune of sweet, passive blog traffic. I updated and used what I had; old posts. Why did I write off old posts prior to a few months ago? Fear in my mind scared me into not realizing the gold mine I had in these oldies but potentially goodies.


Facing, feeling and releasing this fear spurred me on to:


  • pick 1-2 old blog posts daily
  • add 600 or more words to each old post
  • re-publish the old posts
  • email the old posts to my list and share each on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Isn’t it time for your blogging unsung hero to have its day?


How do you truly feel about your blog? Let it all out. Do you feel hopeless? How about feeling desperate? Perhaps you feel greedy? Maybe you believe that you should be way further along at this point during your blogging career?


Edge into each emotion. Nudge into these feelings. Sit with the ick. Feel the fear. Clear these blocks. Proceed toward greater success by clearing doubts holding back your blogging campaign.


The only way to succeed is to face, feel and release fears blocking your blogging success. Success sneaks in as fear exits your mind. But the unsung blogging hero resides solely within facing, feeling and releasing fears by exploring these energies. No blogger succeeds by refusing to admit their fears because fear alone fuels failure while the absence of fear promotes success.




Check out the video here:


Who Is Blogging’s Unsung Hero?


The challenge; wading into feelings fueling any lack of clarity. Fear feels uncomfortable to hug. Bloggers would rather avoid fear to keep failing versus facing fear to succeed based solely on the ego. Simply observe how bloggers tend to struggle, fail and quit. Nothing outside of these individuals forced the bloggers to quit. Quitting is in the mind. However, quitting may be a good choice if you lose passion, love or desire for blogging. In most cases though, the passion remains in part but fear of illusory outside influences seems too great to overcome. Quitting follows.


Learn to appreciate the unsung hero of the blogging world. Explore your emotions. Get clear. Dig deeper into building a thriving business from the inside-out. Believe it or not, the practical tips feel easier to execute if you go within to face and release fears. Blogging often feels easier if you feel fears fueling writer’s block. Blogging is not hard but uncomfortable. Blogging is uncomfortable for the sole reason that bloggers intend to duck fears in the mind.


Face your fears. Accelerate your blogging success.


Stop looking for blogging success in spots outside of your mind. Journey within. Observe your belief system. Be with whatever arises. No one outworks their belief system. No one moves beyond what they honestly believe about their blogs. The hero is your honesty in observing your belief system.


Going within changes the without. Looking in the without to change the within creates oodles of problems. Stop looking for magic plugins. No single blogging strategy brings you success. No person is the difference maker, even if the blogger seems to be a show-stopping influencer.


Believe in yourself. Believe in your blog. Ferret out blogging doubts. Dig deeper into your fears. The hero arises the moment you look at your blog, your doubts, your fears and your genuine belief system in the light of truth.


For example, at 11:10 PM on a week night I secretly wanted to fall asleep a few moments ago. Doubts in my mind tried to tell me that staying up to update and re-publish this post would be a waste of time. Leaning in to those doubts, seeing my mind as it was, and updating this post and re-publishing it unfolded because I journeyed back into my mind.


Observe your mind honestly. Assess your true feelings about your blog.


Change accordingly to trend toward increasing blogging success.

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