When Does Blogging Get Easier?

  October 11, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Ryan Biddulph, Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar


Making uncomfortable choices on the regular allows blogging to become easier for you.


Resisting these uncomfortable decisions makes blogging tougher.


I sat on my bed a few moments ago. Would I rest and cruise the web? Or would I update this old blog post by writing 600 words and publishing the sucker? Feeling uncomfortable comes with the blogging territory; experiencing twinges of discomfort courtesy of the ego attempted to goad me into watching streaming for the evening, turning things in. But I know blogging gets easier and easier as I leave my comfort zone routinely. Blogging only gets tougher if you duck on making uncomfortable decisions.


So…..here I am! Writing, updating and re-publishing this old blog post adds helpful content to Blogging From Paradise. Adding helpful content to my blog helps you and helps me. Readers get more helpful content. I experience more success by providing helpful content to you. But wading through uncomfortable emotions flat out sucks sometimes. My neck feels pained. My shoulders feel stiff. What can I do? Either I make an uncomfortable decision to let blogging become easier and easier or I avoid the uncomfortable choice to make blogging a little bit tougher.


Everything depends on me. All depends on my choice.


I invite you to make blogging easier. Choose to exit your blogging comfort zone routinely. Develop the skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Edge a little bit into fear. Go the extra mile few bloggers travel to add ease to your blogging campaign. Do you have 45 minutes to write and publish a blog post this evening? Virtually every single one of you has 45 minutes to write and publish a post if it has been a few days since you wrote and published your prior post. Write and publish the post even if doing so feels uncomfortable. Make blogging easier on yourself.




Check out the video reminder:


When Does Blogging Get Easier?


Blogging becomes tougher if you value comfort and avoiding fear over freedom and facing fear. Observe all blogging struggles. Struggling bloggers choose comfort over freedom. Struggling bloggers duck fear and ease in the same breath. Avoiding blogging fear also guarantees that you avoid easy blogging. How can blogging become easy for you if you do not face fears, develop skills and persist over the long haul? Blogging only becomes easy if you put in the work and time. Putting in the work and time involves making a high number of less than comfortable decisions over years.


Everything depends on your willingness to trade comfort for freedom. All pro bloggers make blogging look easy not because pros are naturals, or blessed, but because pros routinely made uncomfortable choices to develop blogging skills. Everything is an intimately personal choice. Why not make blogging easier later by making uncomfortable choices now? Why make blogging tougher later by making comfortable choices now?


Observe humanity. People generally make comfortable choices now to make life far tougher on them down the road. Analyze anyone suffering from health problems; most folks who slam into dis-ease made comfortable choices for decades and pay the sickness piper down the road. Life became tough for them because the individual made comfortable choices to avoid fear versus making uncomfortable choices to promote freedom, health and wellness.


Make the smart choice. Make blogging easier. I wrote this 600 word post in 5 minutes flat. Writing is easy for me now because I made a series of uncomfortable blogging choices over the prior 14 years. Every ounce of blogging work and discomfort suffered through now makes blogging stunningly easy over the long haul.


Make your blogging life easier and easier, not tougher and tougher.

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