What’s Stopping You?

  August 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Wear at least a t-shirt in the mall here in Nizwa, Oman. Kelli and I cover up completely, wearing long sleeve shirts and pants. She also covers her hair with a scarf. Far more respectful to dress similar to how locals dress.

Nizwa, Oman


(Updated 8/2/2022)


Bloggers often allow anything to stop them.


But the only way to succeed is to progressively overcome blogging obstacles.


Going pro means developing the skill of becoming an unstoppable blogger.


Peep that featured image.


Kelli and I visited Oman in 2018. We enjoyed our time in this fascinating nation in the Middle East. But Oman posed a stark cultural difference to our native USA. We spent 2 months in a traditional Omani neighborhood in Nizwa. Locals were kind. However, locals also dressed conservatively. Dressing conservatively meant covering up all evidence of skin save a few areas of your body.


Versus sticking out like a sore thumb we covered up. Kelli covered her hair to feet, minus her face. I wore sweats and a long sleeve shirt to cover all save face and hair.


Did we allow the cover-up cultural difference to stop us from visiting Oman? Nope. We traveled to Oman by overcoming fears in mind concerning:


  • cultural differences
  • different customs
  • covering up
  • being well outside of our comfort zone


The USA seems to be about freedom of self-expression. Oman seems largely about not being dominated by ego wants to focus on what really matters; service to God and fellow beings. Most Americans avoid visiting countries abroad for fear of putting ego preferences and comforts to the side for a few days, weeks or months. Fear stops people until people see illusory fear in mind can stop no one, truthfully.


What Holds You Back?


What stops you? What holds you back blogging-wise? What appears to arrest your blogging campaign?  Carefully assess what appears to stop you. Did Google changes its algorithm? Begin guest posting. Stop bemoaning loss of Google traffic. Did Facebook change its algorithm? Stop whining about Facebook changing Facebook rules. Begin a genuine blog commenting campaign.


Publish more blog posts. Publish more in-depth posts if your intuition guides you in that direction. Don’t appear to be stopped by fear in mind.


Every blogging problem is fear in mind. Obstacles are fear in mind. Roadblocks are imagined. Every seeming handcuff presents you with the keys via your openness to feeling fear in your mind. Feeling fear clears fear. Clearing fear uncovers solutions. Act on solutions to dissolve blogging roadblocks.


Alpacas Timaru New Zealand

Alpacas Timaru New Zealand


SEO-optimizing all blog posts did not feel right, recently, for me. Intuitively, I felt off by doing this. Going within prevented blogging stoppage. I easily could have stopped publishing SEO-optimized posts for a week or two before finding my blogging footing. But refusing to be stopped by fear in mind let me move forward by publishing:


  • shorter-form blog posts
  • comments to top blogs in my niche
  • Twitter spaces and live videos on YouTube


What seemed a stopper became a liberator. Play around with that concept for a moment. What appears to stop you goads you to be free of the mental block.


Picture yourself sitting in a locked room. Someone outside of the room appears to hold the key. But endless ways for escaping exist in mind. For every barrier created an exit avails itself. Look within to free yourself in the without.


Do not be stopped by nothing. Every imagined obstacle begins and ends in your mind. Google cannot stop you from becoming a professional blogger. Facebook cannot hold back your blogging success. Google Adsense cannot prevent you from earning blogging profits.


No blogger in your niche holds back your blogging success. No tool, technique or tactic stops you if you have yet go buy the tool or use the technique or employ the tactic.


Everything begins and ends in your mind.


Do a stoppage-analysis every few months related to your blogging campaign. Assess how obstacles appear to stop you.


Writer’s block appears to arrest bloggers in their tracks. But facing fears fueling the mental malady reveals endless blog post ideas dancing around you, floating in the ethers. Writer’s block seems to be a real obstacle but clearing mind fears goads you to read 5-10 blogs from your niche daily. Following this practice places 5-10 or even 20 blog post ideas into the mind based on portions of each post you read and mine.


What appears to be stopping you?

Face fear in your mind creating the illusion of stoppage.


Dissolve the fear to dissolve the obstacle.


Allow opportunities for:


  • growth
  • freedom
  • expansion


to blossom in your mind the moment you face, feel and release your fears.


Nothing can stop you.


No one can stop you.


Imagine your way out of any obstacle to become an unstoppable blogger.


The mind that imagines any illusory blogging obstacle contains the solution to that problem.


What can really stop you?


What can really stop your blogging campaign?






I recorded a video a while back diving into this concept.


Check it out here:


What’s Stopping You?

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