What Pro Blogging Secret Do Most Pros Explain Inaccurately?

  February 14, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Becoming a professional blogger for most human beings involves developing your emotional intelligence to such a point that you do simple, basic things for 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours over years of your life.


Pros say “work hard.”


Pros say “put in the time.”


Pros say “be patient.”


Pros say “blog intelligently.”


But what do these concepts mean to a new blogger whose mind is enslaved by fear? What do these ideas mean to a struggling blogger who’s been blogging for 4 years but has not made a cent? Do you know how frustrating it feels to work hard and long to see virtually no success? How can you easily see, feel, understand and process simple blogging platitudes while being weighed down by the illusion of fear?


In truth, facing, feeling and releasing your fears to see and follow successful persistently is on you. Pros take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions. But I wanted to share this blogging secret to give you clarity because few pros – me included, sometimes – accurately express this concept in clear, concise, direct fashion.


The Pro Blogging Success Secret


Develop your emotional intelligence enough to do simple things for 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours to go pro. Developing your emotional intelligence involves facing, feeling and releasing fears.


Emotional intelligence is basically being aware of your emotions in intimate fashion. Almost every human being is NOT aware of their emotions in intimate fashion. People tend to resist or bury deep fears. But resisting or burying deep fears guarantees you base your decisions on fear. Meaning, after writing and publishing helpful, targeted blog posts daily for 3 months – which feels largely simple to a veteran blogger – you panic and bail because the deep fear of losing money that you buried gets triggered by seeing 0 cents of blogging profits, after the 3 month period.


But developing your emotional intelligence allows you to face, fear and release deep fears so you keep following your blogging passion, doing simple things like publishing content and befriending top bloggers by being generous. Doing these simple things for 1000’s of hours allows you to go pro as you open multiple streams of income along the way.


Why Bloggers Struggle and Fail


Bloggers struggle and fail because they never develop their emotional intelligence, bury fears and make blogging complex. Making decisions based on fear clouds your judgment and influences you to believe complex solutions promote blogging success. Plus, fear-driven bloggers work longer and harder to achieve success. Burnout, failure and quitting follows until you face, feel and release fear.


Facing, feeling and releasing fear again and again reveals the pro blogging truth: do simple things for 1000’s of hours to go pro. No pro blogger engages in rocket science but all pros develop a high level of emotional intelligence to routinely face, feel and release fears many times during the long, pro blogging journey.


Blogging is not hard but fear in your mind APPEARS to make blogging hard. Do you see who perceives blogging to be hard? Scared bloggers. Face the fear, feel it and release it to see blogging sometimes feels scary, uncomfortable and unpleasant, but none of these emotions should make you do stupid, bone-headed, complex stuff, guaranteeing your failure.


Follow your fun. Directly into your fears. Keep doing simple things. Publish simple, targeted content designed to solve reader problems. Befriend pros in your niche by helping them and asking for nothing in return. Open multiple income streams. Develop your emotional intelligence daily.


Develop the mindset of being truly helpful. I published this blog post last year. A few folks saw it and read it. But intending to be truly helpful today influenced me to add content, update and republish the post to:


  • beef up the content
  • email to my list
  • help you with a richer solution
  • allow the post to gain increased traction


Being truly helpful immediately reveals how bloggers need a high level of emotional intelligence to blog generously, patiently and persistently for 1000’s of hours before going pro. No one skips the 1000’s of blogging hours. No blogger goes pro boasting lower levels of emotional intelligence. Good things require the right mindset, generous work and patience spanning many years of your life.


Of course, the freedom you enjoy feels well worth the 1000’s of blogging work hours spanning years, plus the increased emotional intelligence required to go pro.


But unless you expand your awareness you cannot see the potential freedom of going pro amid the appearances of struggle and failure. For example, I struggled for years with blogging and trip up here and there these days because I clung to deep, pulsating fears for years and still release scraps of those fears, right now. I am becoming aware of fundamental blogging errors I’ve made because I simply became blinded by fears over the years that seemingly blocked my awareness. Yes; even now, 14 plus years into my blogging career, I have spotted fundamental errors that killed my ability to scale.




I became aware of my blogging mistakes because fears I faced, felt and released opened up that awareness in my mind. Working hard, intelligent and generously have not largely been problems for me over the years. Doing what I most loved – publishing blog posts frequently – and meeting new bloggers to scale effectively have been issues since fears I recently released held me back in both regards.


I had to develop my emotional intelligence to the point of owning and releasing these fears to continuing doing the simple, powerful things of publishing helpful content frequently and meeting new bloggers on a daily basis. Lesson learned; but only because I displayed greater emotional intelligence.


Face fear. Become aware. Do simple, success-promoting blogging activities for a long time. Prosper.


  1. Topchoizes says:
    at 11:18 pm

    Hello Ryan

    Wonderful post. It’s true fear might make us see blogging as an uphill task. I’ve been blogging for around 1 year without much success, and I have seriously thought of giving up. But, thanks to this post; instead of thinking of giving up on blogging, maybe I should change my mindset. I should learn the virtue of patience and how to conquer fear.

    I bet I will start reading more of your posts for that extra motivation.

  2. Stuart Danker says:
    at 5:11 pm

    Ties back to the Steve Harvey quote here: You don’t need a million-dollar idea, you need a ten-dollar idea. Great topic highlighting the reality of blogging, and nice encouragement too. Thanks for sharing, Ryan!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:58 am

      Stuart that quote works perfectly my friend. We begin small then keep building with generous work for a bit, boosting emotional intelligence in the process. Thanks!

  3. Lindsay says:
    at 1:56 am

    This is such a helpful post. I see what you’re saying: Produce content purely to help your customers, and baise your content around this, expect nothing in return, and put in the hours to become an expert. Simple but good advice – thank you!


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