What Makes a Blog Successful?

  February 9, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
What Makes a Blog Successful?

Eye-popping Mount Cook during my 3 month trip to New Zealand.


What makes a blog successful?


Bloggers who focus on success build successful blogs.


Simple as that.


But focusing on success feels challenging sometimes. You and I appear to be around the illusion of failure in moments. Learning how to shift your focus from loss to gain takes some practice. Everyone needs to train their minds to skillfully shift from illusory fear to reality abundance. However, learning to shift makes the difference between success and failure. Doesn’t that sound like a sound time and energy investment?


Successful Blogging


Successful blogging is:


  • focusing on all blogging wins; your wins are limitless because every blogging action and result factors into your success
  • focusing on keeping things positive
  • teaching people how to succeed in your niche
  • focusing on your dreams


What Makes a Blog Successful?


Bloggers who focus on success make a blog successful because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Everything makes a blog successful in the mind of a successful blogger. Making 1 cent blogging makes a blog successful if the blogger making that 1 cent sees the 1 cent as a success. Focus on gain. Focus on wins. See everything moving you 1 step closer to living your dreams. Success is yours now. You are succeeding now.


No arbitrary number or result or action makes a blog successful. Prosperity conscious people see only success so all things and numbers and results and actions make a blog success.


Writing and publishing this post makes me as successful as writing for a million reader membership at Positively Positive. My mind sees success so everything is a success and focusing on success makes my blog even more successful. I focus and it is so. Mind power in action.


From my trip to Cusco, Peru.


Have you written your 1,000th post today? You succeeded. Have you written your first post today? You succeeded. Success conscious bloggers run successful blogs from day 1 because all these folks see is success.


Own Your Divine Heritage


Success is your birthright. Accept this truth. Learn how to build on one small win after one small win until you gain massive success momentum. Everything blogging-wise – and life-wise – is about shifting your attention and energy.


You do not deserve success. You are success. Every thing you do is success. Making your first dollar and millionth dollar both constitute success. Advanced bloggers see all is success because all brought you to greater success in this very moment.


From one of my countless trips to Bali.


Seeing more wins is feeling more successful. Feeling successful tunes you in to greater worldly success because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


How can you ever lose if all you do all day long is see wins?


Your blogging income and blog traffic increases quite quickly if this is your frame of mind because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Practical Example


I ghost wrote a best selling SEO eBook on Amazon.


Let’s say you focused on your success and counted 50 blogging wins of yours today. You feel good and successful. Feeling good and successful, you allow in a successful idea: you feel a nudge to optimize your posts for SEO. Targeted, passive traffic boosts your blogging income. After a quick Amazon search you happen to buy the eBook I ghost-wrote, read it, study it and put the advice into action from a positive, success conscious energy.


From my 4 month trip to Fiji.


Quite swiftly, you drive search engine traffic and increase your blogging income. Why? You focused on success, moved into calm, successful actions and saw successful results. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Plus you gave no attention and energy to failure, struggles or complaining because you only focused on success.


Your Individual Focus Makes a Blog Successful


You and your success focus makes a blog successful. See your success in mind. Visualize yourself living your dreams. Proceed from a calm, chill energy, tuning in to win after win. See your blog expanding into greater success.


This is what makes a blog successful; your focus on your dreams and success.


From one of my many trips to Thailand.


Simply allow that success focus to bleed through your blog.


Get clear on your blogging journey. Everyone perceives success in a different light. Maybe blogging part time to add a passive income channel feels like a success to you. Or you want to circle the globe as a pro blogger like me; success means living that life of freedom. Get clear on your most fun, freeing life. Deem success in terms of your vision for fun, freedom and joy.


Do not measure success in dollars, business or other metrics because things are meaningless. Freedom is life’s meaning. You and I live for freedom. Success is not in numbers. Success is in freedom. Focus on freedom. If you live a free life through blogging you live a successful life. If you live a free life through any medium you live a successful life.


All hinges on your willingness to shift your attention and energy.


Simply find your definition of freedom to gauge what successful blogging means to you.

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