What Is Your Excuse?

February 10, 2019
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Meet my friend Maxwell Ivey.


He is the Blind Blogger. Yes; his domain name. I recall some folks dissuading him from choosing the domain name, The Blind Blogger Dot Net. Max pretty much felt….hey, I am a blind blogger…so…the domain makes sense. I love it.


I met Max in NYC. We chatted over tea for a few hours. What an absolute blast.


He often asks his readers….“What’s your excuse?”


Not so much a challenge as a clear question, probing your limiting beliefs, dissolving your fears, diving into pain and struggle and…..blogging failure. We make excuses sometimes. But top bloggers own their excuses and release these comfortable but confining, energetic shackles.


Max is one fine example of someone who probes for excuses; he cannot see. He has vision, focus and clarity, but has not the ability to see with his eyes. Max could make 1,001 excuses about blogging; I saw him patiently work his phone, enjoy his tea and walk around NYC. He is the Blogging Daredevil because he regularly pushes out of his comfort zone, leaving more fears behind, becoming more successful, having more fun and living a life of freedom, even though he has not a physical sense almost all human beings take for granted.


Syrian Refugees and Branding


I arrived to Mars yesterday. I mean, I arrived to Ortahisar, Turkey yesterday. May as well be Mars. This town in the Cappadocia region looks like another planet. Fairy chimney formations and some of the most trippy-looking hills and color schemes beg you to check your GPS, to assure self, you still stand on planet earth.


I spoke to an American women in town who runs an NGO empowering Syrian refugees. These women lived through the horrors of war, genocide and unspeakable acts. But the NGO folks are teaching them business and branding, and I may even speak to the ladies about blogging, branding and social media.


Hmmm…wouldn’t the Syrian war refugees have about 50,000 excuses not to do anything, being shell shocked by the horrors of war? Google images for “Aleppo”, which is about a 10 hour car ride from here. Yet, these women learn about branding and business, and are empowering themselves through the NGO. Amazing.


I understand how fear makes you do irrational things….but why are you making the excuse that you have no money and cannot pay $10 a month for a domain and hosting when a Syrian war refugee learns about business and branding? Think. For just a second.


Again; fear makes you do dumb stuff. Or, not do smart stuff. But jogging through your excuses and seeing how inspiring folks let go their excuses, people like Max and the empowered young Syrians, this can help you let go your excuses too. Excuses never work to create a life of fun, freedom and happiness. Dissolve your excuses. List yours, like:


  • I don’t have money to start a blog
  • I don’t have any connections
  • I don’t have any money to buy courses or eBooks
  • I don’t have any blogging experience
  • I cannot seem to pull the trigger on going live with my blog
  • I just cannot write my first blog post
  • My neck hurts; I cannot blog
  • I am destined to fail; why try blogging anyway?
  • Nobody in my family has ever been a success in business….why should I?
  • Why would anybody read my blog, anyway?
  • I have no experience in my blogging niche
  • I cannot seem to get started
  • I am lazy
  • I was never good at anything, so why blog?


Play around with those for a while. I owned a few in the past, to be where I am today. Be patient, persistent and most of all, be gentle with yourself when exploring these ideas. Fear and pain arise during excuse-exploring sessions. Every excuse roots itself in fear. Feel the fear. Clear the fear. Lose the excuse.


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