What Is the Successful Blogging Paradox?

  November 2, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand


Does blogging success seem elusive to you?


Like….do you feel like a cat, chasing a laser beam directed by a torturing, demented kitty owner? Do you feel like a puppy chasing its tail? Lean in. I got a little blogging secret for you…..


The less you care about money and the more you care about helping people, the more you succeed.


The less you care about money and the more you care about helping people, the more you succeed.Click To Tweet


This success paradox seems impossible for the ego to grasp since the ego is fear. Fear attaches to outcomes. Attaching to outcomes means blogging almost solely with money goals in mind. Blog to make money. Measure each action against making money. You probably know the drill as most bloggers make this common mistake.


As with all things blogging, success-traffic-money generally takes its sweet ass time finding you, shimmying and shaking through the ethers before finding their way into your bank account. But this success paradox rings true. Always.


Why the Paradox?


Most bloggers blog from a heavy vibe of fear, loss and scarcity. Vibing fear, fear drives your blogging campaign. Allowing fear to drive you makes you care VERY deeply about making money through your blog. Like, you REALLY want to make money blogging, greedily and/or desperately.


Ego thinks upside-down, because ego believes caring about money leads to making money. Not true. Caring about people – by helping them – leads to money, because money flows to clear, skilled, connected, credible bloggers, *through human beings*. How does one develop skills, exposure and credibility? Help people for free for a long time.


Money is energy. Money is in consciousness.  If you focus on wanting money or caring about money you notice your lack of money. Noticing your lack of money is fear. Fearing money loss results in more money loss because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Money flows to abundant-minded people who take care of people and care little about money.


Money flows to abundant-minded people who take care of people and care little about money.Click To Tweet


I read a quote attributed to Steven Spielberg recently. He noted not caring about money much. He became a billionaire film icon because he gave virtually all of his attention and energy to creating movies people would enjoy and almost no attention and energy to how he would profit from the films. A genius focuses on perfecting the craft. Everyone else focuses on trying to get something from the craft. Once an incredibly skilled, clear and confident person monetizes their craft, money flows in easily.


Note; monetize your blog to allow money to flow to you. Helping people for free but refusing to monetize your blog leads to no profits. Give people the opportunity to prosper you monetarily….and they will.




Fear is the only challenge in shifting from an outcomes-focus to a process-focus.


Face, feel and release fears attaching you to traffic and money outcomes. Feel the discomfort. Migrate toward blogging mainly for the fun of helping people through blogging. Enjoy being truly helpful. Shine the spotlight on fellow bloggers like:



Each blogging friend generously invited me to guest post for them. Clicking through to their blogs revealed that I gratefully accepted their offer.


Blogging success flows to bloggers who give virtually all attention and energy to helping:


  • readers
  • fellow bloggers
  • social media friends
  • social media followers
  • folks on forums
  • the YouTube crowd
  • people on Facebook Groups
  • people following Twitter hashtags


Target your help. Assist people highly interested in your blogging niche. Get lost in this process. Lose the money obsession.


More importantly, steer away from people obsessed with money to loose any outcomes based influences. Let go folks focused on outcomes to allow in bloggers focused on having fun working the blogging process of helping people freely.


Blogging success flows to bloggers way too busy helping people to even look for blogging success.