What Is the Hideous 3 Headed Monster of Blogging Failure?

  May 16, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read

Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I scan blogging question threads from time to time.


3 emotional states of mind litter many of these threads. Each state of mind precedes some type of blogging failure. How you think determines how you feel. How you feel determines how you act. How you act dictates the trajectory of your blogging career.


I fell prey to each of these damaging states of mind. I vigilantly guard against walking down each of these deluded, fail-inducing blogging paths. Inviting you to follow me simply makes your blogging life more enjoyable. Or perhaps you never fell victim to any one – or three – of these blogging mistakes.


My Young Blogging Padawans; failure meets bloggers who succumb to this hideous, 3 headed monster. Emotions make all the difference in the world. How you feel dictates how you see the world. How you see the world determines how you act. How you act determines if you succeed or fail in worldly terms.


I will say it again; blogging is nowhere near as hard as bloggers claim blogging to be. Blogging simply unearths fears one faces, feels and releases to increase their success. However, facing, feeling and releasing fears in your mind manifest as this 3 headed monster feels highly unpleasant. Take delusion; head #1. Who enjoys owning how they perceived blogging through a completely deluded, false, unclear, illusory frame of mind? My blogging world came tumbling down the moment I perceived how genuinely deluded I was about:


  • my mind
  • my blog
  • my effort
  • my direction


Facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling deluded energies seemed like a horrible experience. But the alternative delusion – and its endless blogging failure – no longer seemed like a wise option to me.


Studying pro bloggers with a fine-toothed comb reveals folks who mastered any temptation to fall victim to the 3 headed blogging monster. Zac Johnson never flashed any of these red flags as I’ve followed him for the past 13 years. He sees clearly, engages everyone humbly and worked generously for a long time to succeed online. This is why you should network with seasoned pro bloggers. Veterans teach you how to think, feel and act in order to succeed.


I always think of how Zac replies to my emails in cheery, grateful fashion. He is genuinely one of the good guys who only became more humble, kind and genuine as his success expanded.


Own any of these qualities. Release, by feeling fears fueling these unstable states of mind. Move in the opposite direction. Fast.


1: Delusion


Being deluded clouds your judgment of self. Deluded bloggers think they are highly skilled, supremely confident and ready to land TV interviews for millions of viewers, even though they only have 50 hours of real-world blogging experience.


In truth, this lot is unskilled, boasts paper-thin confidence, and is not even ready to land a guest post gig on an unknown blog, or, to earn one penny.


Seeing yourself in the light of truth may feel uncomfortable but frees you from delusion, to humble you, to level you, to ground you and to let you walk this slow, steady, successful blogging journey.


For example; imagine if you see yourself as a confident, clear blogger but after reading the first biting, 1 star review of your eBooks, you feel embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated, like you lost your reputation, and to make matters worse, you want to fight the negative reviewer.


TRUTHFULLY, the negative reviewer revealed that you deeply doubt yourself and your eBook and sorely lack clarity regarding yourself and your eBook. Feel those fears. Clear those fears. Slowly, but surely, see yourself as you really are, to develop the confidence and clarity necessary to go pro.


Nirmal Panwar is a humble, successful blogger who blogs the right way. Surrounding yourself with bloggers like him keeps you grounded, truthful humble, open to feedback and willing to look at yourself clearly.


Being deluded simply means you do not see yourself and your blog truthfully. I could tell you that I am the most confident self-published author in the world. But if one negative review triggered:


  • anger
  • annoyance
  • embarrassment
  • shame


in my being, I obviously would not be a highly confident self-published author because the reviewer poked around and triggered a doubtful fear in my being. Seeing myself clearly would mean knowing I had some fears to own, feel and release regarding my eBooks and writing in order to become clear and super confident.


Siddhit at Pocketlinko has been featured on Hubspot and Wix, among other world famous sites. Anytime you trend toward being deluded about your blogging growth, check out a 16 year old who has already been featured on world famous blogs. Do not use this strategy to make comparisons; simply understand that you have much more blogging growth to experience on your journey. In essence….ya ain’t there yet!


2: Arrogance


Arrogant bloggers bleed with pride and exude a superiority complex. But these human beings behave in such fashion because deep down, these bloggers feel un-deserving, worthless and flat out not good enough.


Arrogant bloggers turn down guest post invites, interviews and mini-features generously offered by kind bloggers because the kind bloggers do not run well-known, famous blogs. I recall a few bloggers refusing to guest post on a world famous site that become far more inclusive – versus being exclusive – and in the same breath, these bloggers complained of struggling horribly, financially and blogging-wise.


Your arrogance blinds you to prospering opportunities.


Your arrogance blinds you to prospering opportunities.Click To Tweet


Feel your emotions of being worthless, not important and un-deserving, to remove arrogance from your personality. Get busy humbly serving people for free. Be kind. Help people. Release expectations. Success finds humble, generous bloggers.


Devender at Blogging Navigation is a generous, humble blogger who knows his blogging stuff inside-out. Network with kind souls like he to blog with humility.


Blogging primarily for other people versus yourself shifts your focus from achievement to service. Being arrogant is impossible if you give most attention and energy to helping people. How can you talk about yourself – the root of being arrogant – if you are helping other people all day long? Let fellow bloggers brag about you. Let go urges to brag about yourself.


Sharing a blogging win here and there is OK but falling into an arrogant pit by endlessly talking about yourself seizes your blogging business growth. Plus, blogging mainly to serve others inspires blogging buddies to:


  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • invite you to guest post on their blogs


Sazzadul Bari invited me to guest post on his blog. Hundreds of guest posts later, his blessing expanded my reach and accelerated my blogging success. I did not need to arrogantly tell him I was a skilled blogger for him to invite me to guest post on his blog. I simply helped him generously. He happily gave me the keys to his blog because of service, not my boastful self-service.


3: Entitlement


Entitled bloggers believe that they deserve to be wildly, stunningly successful after publishing a few blog posts.


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course


But stunning success only greets bloggers who give 1000’s of hours over years to generously serving readers, befriending pro bloggers genuinely and opening multiple streams of income.


Blogging is a skill. Learn blogging and blog for 10,000 plus hours to develop this skill to a point where you land features on famous sites, go pro and to almost blog like you breathe.


I just about blog like I breathe. Between videos and articles, I publish 10-15 posts per day between my blog and guest posts. Why? I spent 15,000 hours blogging over 10 years of my life. I became skilled because I largely gave my life to this craft and rarely emitted an entitled energy that blogging owed me anything.


Blogging gives you what you give blogging.


Reel in your sense of entitlement. No one owes you anything. Put in blogging work. Earn the right to succeed. Stop believing that people owe you anything. Humble yourself.


Pay close attention to pro bloggers like Sayem Ibn Kashem. He has worked tirelessly for years to become a professional blogger. Humbly and generously, he created helpful content and built strong friendships from a genuine, generous energy. Observing pros like he influences you to release any sense of entitlement because you quickly learn; blogging success is not given but earned.


Julie Syl Kalungi is another blogger who really put in the time and energy to become successful.  Her networking has been legendary but when you factor in her sensational content creation, she reveals how you really, really, really need to work at the blogging and online business bit generously for a long time to become successful.




Clear delusion, arrogance and entitlement from your mind.


Position yourself to succeed with your blog.

  1. Devender says:
    at 10:07 pm

    Thanks alot dear ryan sir for mention me.

    Its made my day and motivate me alot to give much value as i can through my blog.

    Again thanku very much

    Lots of love ❤️ 😊

  2. Ash says:
    at 10:17 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    It’s always such an admirable trait — to work hard, work long enough, and to still say humble (like a few of the bloggers you mentioned here). You have always been that way too (and I’ll call you out for it since you don’t like to gloat 😃 )

    I once wrote a blog post (writing for small businesses — actual businesses) as to why some individual bloggers can put each of those businesses to shame when it comes to content strategy.

    The sheer will, dedication, commitment, and the long road to blogging success is something a lot of businesses can learn from.

    I am a marketer and every time I see people working hard, I only wish some businesses learn a thing or two from them all.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:15 am

      Ash this is a fabulous point bro. Some individual bloggers slay it while small businesses with staff struggle to stay afloat. Generosity, kindness and relationship-building are the keys. Small business staff often sends generic outreach emails. Bloggers ignore ’em. Individual bloggers doing outreach the right way generously help fellow bloggers, ask for nothing and inspire fellow bloggers to promote them, endorse them and buy their stuff. Excellent observation my man.

  3. Julie Syl Kalungi says:
    at 6:11 am

    I totally feel you Ryan, And I thank you most graciously for your cordial mention.

    I have faced all three monsters both individually and severally on my blogging path. The medicine is Learnt as you grow and learn to be humble, find your voice and SERVE without attachment

    By the way I am now blogging on Kalungigroup[dot]com as Juleskalpauli seems to be full up whatever that means.No more space allegedly, not sure how to fix that particular gremlin so I moved to my new home.

    Hope you have a fantastic week ahead. x

    Julie Syl

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