What Is the Compounding Effect of Blogging?

  February 16, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Cheviot, New Zealand


Imagine building a mansion.


Picture a budding castle of a building.


People build mansions one brick at a time. But first you lay a rock solid foundation for the mansion. Team efforts win, too. A group of people handles the job. Some people handle one job. Other people handle another job. Everyone does their bit but the job is on a one-at-a-time basis, per the brick-laying analogy.  Eventually, small efforts executed by a team of people produces a gorgeous, spacious mansion.


Observe the compounding effect of blogging. Similar to building a mansion, a blogger publishes one blog post at a time. Blogging buddies one meets by working a genuine blogger outreach campaign promote the blog post via:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • mentions on their blogs


Bloggers compound success one blog post and one blogging buddy at a time to build thriving, professional blogging careers. Think about one blog post today. Ponder making one blogging friend today. Stop projecting to the future. Cease running ahead in your mind. Now and its singular impact is all that matters.


Every blogger understands this compounding effect logically but most fear seeing the compounding journey through emotionally. Why lay one brick-post now when you can try to lay 20 bricks-posts now? Fear fools you into madness. One human being can only lay one brick at a time. Trying to lay 20 bricks simultaneously leads to a failed job, unbalanced laying and a poorly-constructed mansion guaranteed to fall apart. Every blogger reading this post understands this concept beautifully in building terms. Allow the idea to seep deeply into your mind. Visualize the bricklayer analogy. Everything unfolds one brick laid at a time.


Hiring 20 teammates to lay bricks helps but only if you pay your team with money (outsource). But if 5, 10 or 20 friends who plan to benefit from, use and enjoy the mansion work together for free to lay a few bricks here and there – with minimal effort – work together, you have the makings of a masterpiece. Ditto for 5, 10 or 20 blogging buddies who promote your posts, said friends being bonded through an authentic blogger outreach campaign.


Teamwork wins. Working with fellow bloggers to promote your collective success eases the blogging journey. Building a blogger friend network allows you to compound your blogging success skillfully.


Do one generous, helpful thing daily for 30 days. Observe how 30 helpful actions compound into increased blogging success for the month. Pay close attention to how 6 months of publishing one post to your blog daily yields roughly 180 blog posts dotting the cyber world related to your blogging niche. 180 blog posts help many people in many spots. This is the compounding effect of blogging. Be truly helpful generously, patiently and persistently. Blogging success compounds exponentially over the long haul.


Be patient for the long haul. Create a vision. Focus on the blogging process from a day-to-day mentality.  Doing generous blogging work daily yields amazing returns over the long haul. Doing simple things daily for a long time creates stunning blogging success over the years through the powerful concept of compounding.


For example, I have been updating and re-publishing a few blog posts daily for the prior weeks. I am slowly but steadily observing the compounding effect of re-publishing beefier, more detailed, 800-1000 word or longer blog posts on a daily basis because doing a bit of work daily for even a short while leverages your presence nicely.


All it takes is a few moments daily over the long haul. Think about how you can help people today. Write and publish a blog post. Update and re-publish a blog post. Read a post and publish a genuine comment. Do simple things daily to compound your blogging success over the long term. Every professional blogger did simple things daily for a long time that mushroomed into something special over the years.


Beware the Ego


Beware the ego and its fear manifest as greed and desperation. Ego-fear believes one builds a mansion solo in a day or week through:


  • complex strategies
  • working like a beast


Trying to outsmart the basic compounding law of success results in no blogging growth. Forget about not compounding blogging success; nothing happens if you skip steps. Or even worse; bad things happen if you skip steps. Picture a builder who hurries the mansion-building process. Perhaps the individual lays a poor blogging foundation. The mansion collapses. Similarly, bloggers who hurry the blog-building process skip critical steps by trying to publish a high volume of thin, relatively worthless content. Similar to trying to lay bricks made of pudding, the blogging foundation collapses as no one follows your less than credible blog.


Relax. Allow the compounding effect of blogging to unfold organically. Do one simple, helpful thing now. Proceed to do simple, helpful things today. Repeat the process tomorrow. Each post you write and publish echoes as long as you pay for your domain and hosting. Over 7 years, I have published roughly 2500 posts on Blogging From Paradise. I am currently in the process of adding content to old, thin posts for re-publishing but my richer posts gain traction on Google, Facebook, Twitter and also through genuine blog comments I published on blogs.


Work you do today, repeated tomorrow and for the following year compounds into something eye-popping over the long haul. Imagine writing and publishing one helpful post daily for the next year. Can you even picture how many people you will help with 365 helpful blog posts floating around in your blogging niche?


That’s compounding.




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What Is the Compounding Effect of Blogging?

  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:
    at 11:23 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    The first personal development book I ever read was “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. I absolutely love that book, and how you have applied the same principle to blogging. It really works for every single thing you want to accomplish.

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