What Is the Best Blogging Investment You Will Ever Make?

  January 13, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
Falconer from our trip to Doha, Qatar.

Falconer from our trip to Doha, Qatar.


Being a clear and confident blogger promotes blogging success.


But most bloggers look past mental investments and focus instead of specific financial investments to make in order to become a successful blogger.


The best blogging investment you will ever make is in developing your:


  • confidence
  • clarity


Forget about my blogging course for a moment. Scrap the idea of my blogging eBook. Stop thinking through the pinhole of money in terms of investments bloggers make.


Bloggers get lost in the forest of investing time and money. Who in the Hades considers investing in:


  • confidence?
  • clarity?


Being confident makes you an unstoppable blogger. Getting clear makes success fall into place with increasing ease. Investing energy in rooting out:


  • doubts
  • fears
  • concerns
  • mental confusion
  • anger
  • rage
  • depression
  • hopelessness


draws poison from the blogging wounds festering due to low blog traffic and profits numbers.


Draw out mental poison. Allow your organic state of being a clear, confident blogger to manifest. Observe how your blogging success accelerates with the clear, confident blogging you slaying it cyber-style on a daily basis.


Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia USA

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia USA


Being confident obliterates blogging timidity. Consider how many bloggers deeply fear monetizing blogs. Imagine feeling deeply:


  • ashamed
  • embarrassed
  • uncomfortable


the moment you accept a paycheck from an employer. Do you feel bad about receiving money from your employer? Do you feel embarrassed about cashing your paycheck? Do you feel awkward or funny about receiving a paycheck from your employer? No one in their right mind begins working an employee job for free with the idea that they may decide to monetize the job 1, 2 or 3 years down the road. No sane person save interns work employee jobs for free.


Yet thousands of bloggers work blogs for free for fear of adding income channels. Some ponder monetizing 1, 2 or 3 years down the road.


People never fear receiving money for a job but people do fear receiving money for a blogging business for a whole host of deserving and worthiness issues linked to a lack of confidence and clarity.


Why Would You Fear Monetizing?


Why do bloggers fear monetizing?


Every single one of these bloggers lacks confidence in their ability to help people and receive money. Every single one of these bloggers lacks clarity in receiving money through their blog. Various illusory fears surface. Bloggers fear being criticized by readers. Bloggers fear readers heading for the cyber hills. Bloggers fear not making a dime through blogging.


Being seemingly held captive by each fear reveals that you lack confidence in yourself and clarity in your blogging campaign.


Invest Wisely


Investing in gaining blogging confidence and clarity:



Clear, confident bloggers do the:


  • creating
  • connecting
  • trusting
  • detaching


generously, patiently and persistently to increase traffic and profits to professional levels over the long haul.


All other bloggers struggle, sputter, fail and quit blogging before going pro.


How to Invest in Confidence and Clarity


Spend 30 minutes daily strengthening your mind.


Consider engaging in one or more of these practical strategies:


  • read and apply A Course in Miracles
  • meditate
  • do Kriya yoga
  • do yin yoga
  • execute high energy prayer
  • do EFT tapping


I share a few ideas above to stoke your creative fires for strengthening your mind. Follow whatever intuitive path appeals to your imagination. But beware; the ego claws and screams to pull you away from mindset training toward working your tail off in the world. Working hard without confidence and clarity results in a 100% blogging failure rate.


Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


Clear, confident bloggers go pro. Every other blogger fails. Mindset training gives you confidence and clarity enough to generously:


  • create
  • connect
  • monetize


for long enough to become a professional blogger.


What Happens During Mindset Training


For example, during a Kriya tensing session or while reading a daily lesson from A Course in Miracles, a thought-feeling arises in my being related to some fear long buried in my mind. Recently I spotted a fear related to promoting myself freely versus simply meeting and greeting new bloggers. Facing, feeling and releasing that uncomfortable fear gave me greater confidence and clarity in my premium offerings. Being clearer and more confident goaded me to drastically cut down on self-promotion to give much more time and energy to meeting and befriending new bloggers. Quite quickly, more bloggers expressed interest in my blogging courses and eBooks.


I went within to strengthen my mind. Being confident and clear reflected back to me through my blogging campaign.


Gaining confidence emboldens you to blog like confident professional bloggers during your amateur blogging days. Blogging like a pro offers you ample posture to position yourself to go pro.  Be. Become.


However, engaging in daily mindset training feels highly uncomfortable in moments. Few humans enjoy feeling fears fueling a dearth of confidence. Few humans love feeling fears creating mental chaos fueling a lack of clarity. But face, feel and release your fears you must in order to become a successful blogger.


Do not overlook this investment in clarity and confidence. Put in time and energy now to gain belief in yourself. Get clear. Blog the right way. Succeed.


What Happens After Being Confident and Clear


Clear, confident bloggers invest:


  • money
  • time
  • energy


in being bloggers who go pro.


Cloud forest, Montverde, Costa Rica.

Cloud forest, Montverde, Costa Rica.


For example, imagine almost all new bloggers who fear investing money in a domain and hosting. Bloggers resist investing dough for fear of:


  • wasting money
  • wasting time


because bloggers severely lack confidence and clarity. Why would you fear investing a few hundred dollars a year unless you lacked the confidence that they monetary investment would bring financial returns over the long haul?


Becoming confident goads you to drop a few hundred bucks on hosting and a few bucks on a domain because you believe it to be a sound financial investment. Observe the power of belief. First, you fear wasting money. But gaining confidence urges you to invest money because you believe financial return awaits.


What changed?


Your mindset changed.


How did your mindset change?


You devoted time and energy to rooting out fears appearing to block confidence and clarity from arising in your being.


Various other investments unfold as you gain confidence and clarity including:


  • investing time and energy in creating and connecting effectively
  • investing time and energy in learning how to monetize your blog properly
  • spending time and energy monetizing your blog effectively by putting your new found knowledge into action




Enjoy this throwback video.


Pandawa Beach, Bali


I explain the best blogging investment you will ever make:


What Is the Best Blogging Investment You Will Ever Make?




Stop obsessing over monetary and time investments only.


Invest in gaining confidence and clarity as a blogger.


Hone your mental tools to accelerate your blogging success.


Your Turn


Do you blog confidently?


Do you blog with clarity?


Or do you need to gain confidence and clarity?


What tips can you add for becoming a clear, confident blogger?


Do you see how becoming clear and confident influences you to make the right time and money blogging investments?

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