What Helps You Become a Successful Blogger?

  April 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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Most bloggers look for:


  • tools
  • techniques
  • strategies
  • hacks


to go pro.


But one quality helps you succeed.




Being mindful of your:


  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • talents
  • fears
  • shadows
  • passions


gives you all that you need to know in order to go pro.


Being mindful simply means seeing your mind truthfully. Being mindful also means seeing that the source of your blogging – and life – experience is in your mind. Experience is your mind being reflected back to you. Looking deeper into your mind shows you the source of your experiences.


Unfortunately, most bloggers look at the reflection-experience-results and try to change the reflection in order to change the experience. But looking at your mind projection does not change the experience. Changing the projector-mind changes the experience.


Consider this analogy.


Movie Analogy


Imagine yourself sitting in a movie theater.


Look closely at the projector beaming the movie image onto a movie screen.


Your mind is the projector. The movie screen is the image-projection-reflection of the projector.


Do you want to watch a different movie? Walk into a theater with a different projector. Or change the projector if you have a home movie theater.


Your mind is the projector. Change the movie-experience by changing the projector.


No sane person tries to change the movie screen because you and I know:


  • the screen is not real
  • the screen is just an image
  • the screen is an illusion
  • you cannot change an illusion
  • you cannot alter what is not real in the first place


You have to change the projector to change the movie experience.


You have to change your mind to change your human experience.


But the only way to change your mind is to be fully mindful of the:


  • mind
  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • beliefs
  • ideas


kicking around in your noggin’.


Be Mindful


Be mindful of your projection concerning your blogging campaign.


How do you feel about your blog? Do you feel afraid about your blogging direction? Do you fear failure? Do you fear that you ARE failing? Do you feel hopeless? Be honest to be mindful.


Mindfully feel your true feelings regarding your blogging campaign. Looking within to change the mind, deliberately, is the way to change your blogging experience-results to accelerate your success.


Looking within to facilitate mindfulness feels uncomfortable sometimes. Facing, feeling and releasing fear feels unpleasant. But releasing fear is the way to mindfully blog from:


  • abundance
  • generosity
  • trust
  • detachment
  • calm
  • serenity


Being mindful allows you to see the ego and its obsession with fear-based idols like:


  • email lists
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube


or any *thing*.


Bloggers may use each of these things BUT attaching to any one thing is fear because the projector-mind creates the experience, not the thing-experience-projection, and this fear-attachment inevitably screws things up eventually.


Being mindful also allows you to observe the fear-based idol known as *more*.


More is:


  • fear
  • greed
  • desperation
  • illusion


in a Universe of abundance.


Each time you seek more you forget that you are whole and complete.


Each time you feel whole and complete you allow in greater:


  • freedom
  • happiness
  • peace of mind
  • serenity
  • generosity
  • worldly blogging success


Be mindful.


See your mind as it really is.


Face, feel and release fears blocking your success.


Being mindful allows you to be generous. Being generous allows you to help people. Helping people allows you to feel good. Feeling good allows you to thrive.


Respect this organic process. Keep going within.


The blogging work of creating and connecting becomes easier if you mindfully search your thoughts persistently and patiently. Most bloggers do not follow simple, practical blogging tips for a lack of mindfulness. Happy pros mindfully stick to the basics of creating and connecting because these folks faced, felt and released fears on this simple, sometimes uncomfortable blogging journey.


The work part of blogging gets easier and easier for mindful bloggers.


The work part of blogging gets tougher and tougher for less mindful bloggers.


Everything depends on your willingness to look within to your mind versus looking towards the without at things, people and circumstances.


Be mindful.


Feel good.


Accelerate your blogging success.

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