What Happens When You Sit on the Blogging Sidelines?

  October 3, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
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Maybe it feels safe to sit on the blogging sidelines. Perhaps it feels good to get all ready for the alleged perfect blogging launch. Giving in to writer’s block feels comfortable. Why struggle? Why even try? Blog when inspiration awaits you. But I have observed bloggers who have been waiting for inspiration for 6 months. I am not kidding. I have observed bloggers waiting for the perfect launch for over a year. I am not kidding.


Nothing happens when you sit on the blogging sidelines. You may as well let your domain and hosting bill expire and do something else if you sit on the blogging sidelines for 1 year, 2 years or longer.


Nothing happens unless you think, feel and act like a blogger. Bloggers often await on the cyber sidelines because people see themselves as dads, moms, employees, and pretty much anything but a blogger. Even fewer see themselves as aspiring pro bloggers. But until you change your self-image even a wee bit you will always sit on the blogging sidelines. How can someone who does not even see themselves in mind as a blogger, blog?


First, people think something in mind. Action or inaction follows based on the thoughts held in mind. Waiting on the cyber sidelines indicates some form of blogging mind rot fueled by the insidious energy of fear. Fear scares you into:


  • analysis paralysis
  • the perfection curse
  • writing, saving and scheduling 20 blog posts for a launch


Hey; if writing, saving and scheduling 20 blog posts for a launch feels:


  • good
  • relaxing
  • abundant
  • chill


for you, do it. But most bloggers write, save and schedule 20 blog posts for a launch from fear. Fears of rejection, criticism, wasting time and failing scare most bloggers into waiting on the sidelines. But nothing happens from the sidelines. Perhaps you become a loyal blogging fan. Maybe bloggers appreciate the buzz being built. But the blogger in the game runs laps around you because people see that blogger and nobody sees you.


Get in the blogging game!


Play the blogging game!


Write a blog post. Publish the blog post. All juicy, fear-filled, fabulous, loving, chaotic emotions arise the moment you go live. Publishing content for other human beings unearths all fears you need to face, feel and release to become a professional blogger down the road. I publish content like I breathe NOW because 14 years ago I published my first posts on old blogs to face, feel and release fears that formerly scared me into sitting on the blogging sidelines. Prepare to pay your fear tuition if you wait on the cyber sidelines. Publishing your first post is step #1 in paying your fear tuition. Face, feel and release these fears to:


  • become more fearless
  • increase your blogging experience
  • increase your blogging skills
  • build traffic
  • position yourself to boost profits
  • build your friend network by being seen, aka, gaining visibility


Gain invaluable blogging experience. Write and publish blog posts. Observe what you did the right way. Spot areas for improvement. Benefit from experience gained in the lab of life. Every pro blogger actually blogs to begin the process of becoming a professional blogger.


Publish. Learn. Get clear. Gain confidence. Help people in a public setting. Position yourself to become a successful blogger.




I recorded this video a while back goading you to get in the blogging game.


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What Happens When You Sit on the Blogging Sidelines?




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