What Do You Need to Let Go with Your Blog?

  November 30, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Chiang Mai, Thailand.


What aspects or elements of your blogging campaign do you need to release?


What needs to go? Old, worn out blogging activities, tasks, strategies or elements weigh you down, hold you back and prevent your blogging light from shining. Grow by letting go. Shine by shedding the old and worn out for the new and exciting.


Bloggers sometimes cling to worn out aspects of blogging best let go. I held on to:


  • building an email list
  • optimizing all blog posts for SEO
  • obsessing over blog formatting issues


for years. But my time, talents and blogging abilities best benefitted humanity through different online channels. Letting go my list, search traffic and blog post formatting mania gave me:


  • room
  • space
  • expansion




  • guest blogging
  • genuine blog commenting
  • publishing daily to Blogging From Paradise
  • podcasting
  • broadcasting live
  • engaging on social media


My skills, talents and overall passions resonate deeply with each activity noted via the prior bullet point list. I best succeed by doing these things. I best help you by doing these things. But I had to let go list-building, Google traffic and formatting obsessions to give myself time, energy and passion to best help you through my resonant channels.


How could I broadcast live for 1 hour daily via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, blog, guest blog, comment genuinely on blogs and podcast if I spent hours upon hours trying to force myself to build a list and drive Google traffic? Feeling shitty about forcing something for hours robs you of the hours for working your passions to best help readers.


What do you need to let go with your blog? Do you need to stop working strategies? What tires you? What feels bad to work? What feels stressful? What elements from your blog need to go? Do you need to trash your pop-up opt-in form? Or do you need to remove 4 ads from your blog sidebar? Or do you need to delete both pop-up and ads?


Trust your intuition. Listen to your feelings. Tune in to your inner guide. If something feels heavy and leaden just let it go. Make room for something fun and enjoyable. Stop attempting to force success through specific channels. Allow success to find you through channels most enjoyable to work.


Bloggers often seem – and sound – robotic, being void of passion, mindlessly parroting advice and listlessly following popular strategies without factoring in their:


  • passion
  • fun
  • resonance
  • happiness


Success finds bloggers through different types of channels because you and I are different. People exhibit different passions. Specific activities light people up. Other tasks feel heavy to bloggers. Trust your inner world to decide what needs to go in order to allow in greater:


  • happiness
  • fun
  • freedom
  • worldly success


Never mindlessly follow professional blogger advice without listening to your inner guide. Trust your gut. Some pro blogger advice may resonate with your passions but other knowledge may best be released in order to maintain forward blogging momentum. Blogging should never feel like months of hard work because hard work is for scared folks living and blogging in survival mode. Bloggers who beast it out mindlessly and forcefully always quit because passionate bloggers outshine and all but engulf the hard work consciousness crowd trying to force a square peg into a round hole.




I recorded and published a video a while back delving into this concept.


Check it out here:


What Do You Need to Let Go with Your Blog?




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  1. David J. Boozer says:
    at 6:07 pm

    Personally, I needed to let go believing I did not need one. Not only did I realize I needed it for my business, but I needed it for me too, I love blogging!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:46 am

      Me too David. I did invest in a blog 14 years ago but I thought success would miraculously find me without doing much work at all. 14 years and two blogs later I learned a far different story. Like you, I really do love blogging. This is important because you need that passion to see the journey through over the long haul as you know through your experience. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting my friend.

  2. Philip Verghese Ariel says:
    at 1:20 am

    Hey Ryan,
    What an amazing share ☺️ Yet another informative and value added share.
    Over the years you learned a great lot of things online! Especially in the blogging sector.
    I appreciate you for sharing your experience eh.
    with your fellow beings.
    In fact, I could find a lot of similarities with you in this field. Thanks for your valuable and educational videos and other comments and contents.
    All good wishes from pvariel dot com
    Keep sharing
    Phil of philipscom

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:25 am

      Philip thank you so much for being a source of support for a long period of time. I wanted to quit at least a few times during my past 14 years online. But you were always there for me, checking in with loving care and a genuine interest in what I was doing. You have been a real cheerleader for me and my blogs. If I am not mistaken, I am pretty sure you followed me when I ran my old blog too, right? Let’s keep going onward and upward brother. Keep shining brightly my friend.

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