What Commonly Causes Blogging Failure?

  March 26, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Paphos, Cyprus


Following specific blogging steps may promote your success.


But most bloggers fail.


Most bloggers quit.


Many of these bloggers who quit followed specific steps taught by pros. But they never seemed to be able to overcome the stoutest blogging obstacles. Quitting followed.


Rough Stat


The infamous stat from a decade ago sums up blogging: 81% of bloggers never make more than $100.


Unfortunately, most pros offer the incorrect solution to this glaring problem.  Pros often advise to just follow a few specific steps to dissolve blogging failure.


Most green newbies and struggling veterans continue to fail based on following inaccurate pro blogger advice.


What commonly causes blogging failure?


Bloggers tend to robotically follow specific steps but back the actions with a lifeless, robotic, scared, stiff, tense energy.


Life is energy. Everything is in your mind. Blogging similar to a stiff robot does not bring you success. Embodying an abundance mindset promotes your blogging success.


Being open helps you succeed. Being flexible brings you positive results. Going with the flow allows you to prosper.


Blogging is mindset. Success-conscious bloggers succeed. Every other blogger fails.


Even bloggers who robotically follow all proper steps fail if said bloggers think, feel and act stiffly, tensely and from a general fear vibe.


Bloggers who seem to break all the rules – or many commonly followed rules – from an abundant mindset succeed.


The Common Error


Bloggers who follow specific steps mindlessly tend to fail because following steps does not bring success. Mind determines success.


True; success-conscious bloggers often follow specific, proven steps to succeed. But their minds determine their success. If everything depended only on following specific steps more bloggers would succeed.


But being a successful blogger requires you to think, feel and act like a successful blogger more than anything else.


Bloggers commonly err in this regard. Robotically doing specific things does not make one go pro. Doing things with a specific energy – even if the tactics vary – brings success.


Bloggers Go Pro Using Wildly Different Strategies


Some bloggers go pro by publishing a steady volume of 600 word posts daily spanning years.


Other bloggers go pro by publishing 2,500 word, SEO-optimized content once weekly or monthly.


Yet other bloggers go pro by mixing each strategy.


Since bloggers go pro using vastly different approaches it proves that the approach itself does not determine success or failure. If this were the case, only one strategy would work and all other strategies would result in blogging failure.


Some other X factor needs to be the difference maker.


That X factor is mindset.


Why Is this Difficult to Understand?


The ego wants to know how to do something.


But the ego does not want to go back into the mind to face, feel and release deep fears blocking blogging success.


People desire comfort. Bloggers want to follow a simple how-to guide to robotically follow in order to go pro.


Of course, blogging never works that way.


Going pro involves journeying deeper into your mind as you follow simple, practical steps for a long time.


Anyone can write and publish one helpful blog post daily for 15 years. Anyone can figure out how to do that. But having a fearless enough mindset to actually follow this strategy for 15 years through deep:


  • fears
  • terrors
  • frustration
  • depression
  • boredom
  • impatience
  • lack of persistence


feels incredibly challenging.


Most bloggers prefer to struggle, fail and quit rather than journey deeper, deeper and deeper into the mind to unearth all manner of fears during that 15 year stretch. This rare crowd trains their mind to such a point as to appear to do the impossible to most bloggers, this majority possessing untrained minds.


Practical Tips?


Heck yeah; bloggers with trained minds follow specific practical tips to succeed. But it is the mind and not the tips that promote success because different strategies yield blogging success.


Create. Connect. Monetize. Follow how-to guides for achieving each end. Put specific tips into action. Be practical. Follow certain strategies taught by professional bloggers.


But always remember that your mindset determines your blogging success.


  1. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 12:47 pm

    That 81% stat is eye-opening. I knew most bloggers failed, but that’s so high. I wonder how many of the other 19% make a full-time living. Very interesting article. A lot of blogging success is definitely about your mindset.

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