What Blogging Factor Can You Never Predict?

  May 6, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Dust Storm Doha Qatar

Dust Storm Doha Qatar


I do not care what any blogger says….even me!


No blogger can predict when they will succeed.


I share rough time tables estimates like:


  • 1000’s of hours
  • years of your life


related to how much work and time it takes to succeed.


But no one actually knows when you will succeed because blogging – and life – is a personalized journey.


Every person walks a different journey even though we walk the journey together as one.


No one knows when they will experience a long dry spell.


Check out Gary Vaynerchuk and his business wisdom:

He built his dad’s business into a $50 million USD empire. He made $150,000 USD each year during those days.


Gary had no idea about the inevitable dry spells he would face as he built his own business with no money or with extremely limited funds. Fools assume he had millions to play with based on his dad’s business. But since he is the most transparent icon I have followed I know he had almost no money to invest in his company during his lean days. So….he invested epic amounts of generous, patient work.


No one can predict how much work it takes to succeed. No one can predict when they will become a pro blogger. Simply get lost in helping people for 1000’s of hours until you fall deeply enough in love with the process that you care little of outcomes. Success patiently takes care of itself if you patiently take care of human beings.


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Practical Example


I shared an invite to sign up for my email list a few weeks ago on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 10 people signed up in a few hours.


I shared an invite to sign up for my email list 3 times since on each network. No one signed up.


I shared an invite to sign up for my email list on each network today. 5 people signed up in minutes.


This is exactly how building a blogging business goes. Appearances of droughts dissolve into quick success surges followed by appearances of droughts followed by quick success surges until success becomes more persistent.


Stop wasting time trying to predict droughts and success because guys like Gay Vee will run circles around you as he spends the same time generously, patiently and persistently helping people. Bloggers spend 3 hours trying to predict trends. Gary Vee spends those 3 hours publishing 10 pieces of content and talking to 250 people. Who wins? The guy who publishes 10 pieces of content and talks to 250 targeted people in 3 hours or the guy who tries to figure out when they will succeed or how long the drought needs to be before succeeding?


Practical Explanation


Every human being clings to unconscious fears manifest as mental blocks. When 10 people signed up for my list a few weeks ago I dissolved a mental block regarding my email list. When no one signed up for my list over the next few weeks each time I published the invite I observed an unconscious mental block, manifest. But when people signed up a few weeks later I noted how the block dissolved.


What happened?


Being generous, patient and persistent gradually allowed in some sign ups until fear manifest as mental blocks blocked sign ups then being generous, patient and persistent allowed in some more sign ups.


Success Occurs on Its Own Timeline


During the few weeks of no email list sign ups I felt calm, relaxed, generous, patient and persistent because:


  • I have 15 years worth of blogging experience
  • I know that this is how success works
  • success occurs on its own timeline


Understanding each truth guided me to focus on the process, not outcomes. Being busy with helping people turned my attention away from what I get by helping people. If I appear to get nothing temporarily I am as happy as a lark. If I get 12 email subs I am as happy as a lark. If no one visits my blog today I am as happy as a lark. If 10,000 people visit my blog today I am as happy as a lark.  If 70 people retweet me today I am as happy as a lark. If no one retweets me today I am as happy as a lark. I largely do not judge because I am busy with having fun helping people, knowing that success takes care of itself if I take care of people.


I am fully invested in the joyous process of helping people. I am happy. I am virtually 100% NOT invested in outcomes. Whatever outcomes arise I am happy because I enjoy helping people.


Train your mind. Face fear. Have fun helping people. Blog to help people. Face your shadows. Face obsessions with traffic and money outcomes. Clear fears related to outcomes.


You will never be permanently happy about a number on a screen.


But you will be happy if you blog for the fun of helping people.


Success arrives according to its own timeline.


If success takes care of itself and if you succeed by caring for other people why would you waste one second trying to predict what is none of your business in the first place?

  1. Patrick says:
    at 1:19 am

    Couldn’t agree more with this: “Success Occurs on Its Own Timeline”.

    I only focus on putting in the time and making sure that I always keep learning & improving.


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