What Are the 2 Most Valuable Blogging Currencies?

  February 16, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Buena Vista, Costa Rica


Blogging depends on a few clear currencies.


Being successful demands you to value each currency. Seeing little to no value in each currency precedes blogging failure.


Successful bloggers value 2 currencies above all else:


  • content
  • relationships


Content makes the web. Every single website grows or dies based on the quality and volume of content published on the site. For example, I update, beef up and re-publish at least 3-5 posts daily as of recent because content makes my blog go. Every top level blog boasts a high volume of quality content. If I want to run with these blogs I better publish a high volume of quality content similar to the top blogs in the world. One blogger can only do so much; I create content on other blogs via genuine comments and guest posts to expand my reach far and wide.


Relationships expand your content reach. Each bond I made with Blogging From Paradise readers allowed my blog to go wide through my generous blogging community. Every loyal reader who retweets my posts, shares my posts on Facebook or links to my blog via a backlink on their site gives me greater reach. I patiently built relationships with these readers to enjoy the sweet benefits of growing a trusting blogging tribe.


Every Penny Flows from Each Currency


Every cent you make online grows through the valued, helpful content you create and the strong friendships you build with bloggers in your niche. Struggles ensue if you do not create helpful content and build meaningful bonds generously. My email inbox reflects both successful and failing blogging strategies. Bloggers with no friends and thin content cold pitch me opportunities but have nothing beneficial to offer me. Said bloggers seem to be on the outside looking in; no friends, and little credibility due to their thin, sparse content.


Successful bloggers befriend me, publish helpful content and more often than not, we work together in some mutually beneficial way. Imagine how you treat dear friends offline. We love our friends. We bend over backwards out of that love to help dear, trusted buddies. View the blogging world similarly. Blogging buddies:


  • endorse blogging buddies
  • hire blogging buddies
  • promote blogging buddies
  • inspire blogging buddies
  • support blogging buddies
  • educate blogging buddies
  • buy blogging buddies’ stuff frequently


But before we dissect the valued relationship currency, let’s dive into content.


1: Content


Publish helpful content to prove you know your stuff. Publish blog posts, videos and guest posts to gain credibility in the eyes of your readers. Trusted bloggers create free, problem-solving, helpful content to prove they possess knowledge and keen insight in some niche. Content proves your knowledge. Content alerts readers to trust you, to follow you, to hire you and to buy your stuff. Every blog post is a proving ground. Every video builds credibility. Every podcast alerts people to follow you, based on value you share.


Solve pressing reader problems related to your niche. Inspire readers to live their dreams. Position yourself to become an influential blogger.


Content converts lukewarm readers in raving fans. Content turns blase readers into loyal followers. Create inspired, valuable content for free on the regular.  Be generous. Content currency earns you steady blogging coin over the long haul but you need to be generous to publish helpful content frequently. Never hold back. Give freely. Position yourself to receive easily.


I am currently watching the TV show Succession. The CEO of the fictitious 5th largest conglomerate on earth purchased a smallish company for over $100 million USD. Why? The CEO explained the company owned a high volume of valuable content published spanning years. Content makes your blog go. Creating enough usable, valued content can lead to a massive blogging fortune over the long haul. If the CEO of a global company gladly ponies up $100 million plus USD to invest in content the least you can do is invest a hefty chunk of your energy to creating valuable, targeted content.


2: Relationships


Build friendships with bloggers by helping bloggers generously. Relationships serve as an amplifying currency. Envision publishing helpful content. Network by promoting fellow bloggers on your blog. Ask for nothing from fellow bloggers. Expect nothing. Bonds form. Friendships develop. Blogging buddies promote you, endorse you and hire you. Blogging buddies buy your products and eBooks. Blogging buddies boost your traffic and profits around the clock. All occurs organically, due to your patience, persistence and generosity. Relax. Allow relationships to blossom slowly and steadily. Money flows to relaxed, detached bloggers.


I can link all of my blogging success through connections I carefully nurtured over a decade online. Think 6 Degrees of Separation type stuff. Blogging buddies introduce me to blogging buddies to promote me to their readers, said readers buying my eBooks and audio books and courses. We are all connected. Wise bloggers tap deeply into this One-ness by generously helping bloggers patiently and persistently, establishing strong relationships.


Powerful people build networks. Everyone else has no worldly power. Building connections recruits help at every turn. Imagine connected bloggers; if they have even one issue, their friend network comes to their aid swiftly. If 5-10 issues arise with their blog, connected bloggers tap into their large, loyal, skilled, credible blogger buddy network to help solve the blogging problem. Connected bloggers seamlessly coast on to greater blogging success. But getting connected is no passive act!


Engage in a genuine, generous blogger outreach campaign. Make friends by being helpful. Cut the strings of blogging expectations. Allow bonds to form organically. Observe how your blogging success grows as your friend network grows. Enjoy the many sweet benefits of being a connected blogger. Network!




Focus heavily on the blogging process of building content and relationships. Success beats a slow, steady path to your door if you spend hours creating and connecting daily. Blogging is simple but highly uncomfortable sometimes. Folks do smart, success-promoting, simple things, then panic due to facing some fear, get shaken out, and begin failing. Relax. Keep returning to creating and connecting, the two most valued blogging currencies.

    at 7:45 am

    Hi Ryan,
    What an interesting and informative post.
    Surely, those two currencies work well with blogging! You very well presented two important tips to follow. Infact the title will pull people to your content.
    Good. Keep sharing.
    With all good wishes from.
    Philipscom Associates Secunderabad India.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:06 pm

      Titles really are huge because readers have all but a few seconds to read a title, to scan the short line and to decide whether or not to move toward the blog post. People only click if the title seems enticing. This is why I love spending 5-10 minutes before publishing any title in order to ensure my readers want to click the title, in order to visit my blog. Bloggers screw up by spending 2 hours on content but 2 seconds on the title. Seeing this ratio makes no sense to me. Since you have 2 seconds to snare attention spans why would you spend 2 seconds mindlessly grabbing at lame titles? Give yourself a few moments to brainstorm appealing topics. Spend 5 or so minutes creating something attractive. Give readers what they want and they will give you what you want: a click.

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