What 1 Lesson Does the $200 Billion Man Teach You About Blogging?

  September 12, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Playa Guanico, Panama


I formerly spent evenings pining for an early close.


Praying for the last truck to exit the terminal, I secretly – or openly – cursed truckers who skipped a gate, penalizing all workers begging to sprint home as early as possible.


Before I circled the globe as a professional blogger I worked as a security guard at a shipping terminal in New Jersey. Life seemed to be a mix of colorful characters, boring evenings, rote activities and enriching life lessons during these select few years. But I received one priceless lesson from a trucker concerning the $200 billion man that will forever change your blogging campaign if you open your ears to embody this talisman of wisdom.


The $200 Billion Man


Of course, Jeff Bezos is the $200 billion man.


His net worth fluctuates but he is consistently the wealthiest man on earth strictly from a dollars and cents perspective.


A trucker from out West imparted a fascinating personal story to me I never read about in any business publication. Pay close attention if you want one secret to being a successful blogger.


Although the fine details may be hazy since the encounter transpired well over 15 years ago, step into the spirit of the story to understand what it takes to thrive as a blogger.


Keep on Trucking


A trucker from the West swung through my booth. After shutting off his engine he handed me his exit ticket for process. Light chatter lead to him sharing how he knew a trucker from New Mexico who had a nephew named “Jeff”. Jeff offered the uncle an opportunity to invest $5000 in his fledgling business. The uncle had 5K to invest as seed money. But being infected with a skeptical mind, he framed Jeff as running a silly little mail order business out of his garage.


“Why would I invest $5000 in my nephew’s business he’s running out of a garage selling stuff by mail?”, the skeptical trucker thought?


He passed and continued to engage in the grueling, taxing work of truck driving.


The nephew was Jeff Bezos.


The $5000 of seed money invested in the 1994 would have been worth perhaps $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 or more today. Remember guys; this is before the company first went public. Imagine being on the ground floor of one of the most profitable businesses in human history. $10,000 invested in the Amazon IPO in 1997 yielded roughly $6.7 million in 2020. How about $5 G’s when:


  • no one else knew about it but Jeff Bezos?
  • no one else split the business worth but you and Jeff Bezos?


Imagine quitting a gut-busting, stressful trucker job to enjoy your $50,000,000 fortune?


Nai Harn Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket, Thailand


Unfortunately, the trucker made one of the biggest mistakes of his life because he had no vision. Jeff Bezos became one of wealthiest humans ever because he had a crystal clear vision.


The blogging lesson: develop a crystal clear vision for your blogging campaign, or perish.


Create a Vision for Your Dream Life


The trucker uncle make the common mistake plaguing billions of humans; he had no vision so he judged according to according to appearances. He saw the appearances of a nephew he knew since Jeff was a little boy. He saw adult Jeff building a mail order business out of a garage. The trucker likely saw a barnyard operation guaranteed to fail. Why lose $5000 on a bush league venture?….he thought.  He judged the decision based on current appearances versus creating a vision of what could be possible based on Jeff’s vision, work ethic and intelligence.


Jeff Bezos developed a crystal clear vision of his mail order business. In 1994, the business appeared to be a bush league mail order venture operating out of a garage. But IN HIS MIND, Bezos created a vision of something much bigger, expansive and prospering. The vision he created in his mind influenced him to take:


  • freeing
  • prospering
  • uncomfortable
  • scary
  • generous
  • fulfilling


actions patiently and persistently to allow Amazon to move out of a garage into 185 monstrously large warehouses around the globe.


Everything began with his vision. From there, the vision in his create generated ideas, attracted people, ordered circumstances and goaded him to act to gradually grow Amazon and his net worth.


Successful Bloggers Create a Vision


Successful bloggers create a vision to:


  • be generous
  • be patient
  • be persist
  • blog in detached fashion
  • trust
  • be team players
  • monetize freely


Either create a vision for your dream life or perish. You choose.


Sit in a quiet spot. Let your dreams manifest in your mind. Consider life dreams. Consider blogging dreams. Allow your intuition to guide you.


Opotiki, New Zealand


Think about your dreams for a few moments – or longer – every day when you wake up. Dwelling on your dreams influences you to think, feel and act like a pro blogger well before you become a pro blogger. Blogging visionaries succeed.


I do not consider myself successful. I just see myself as helping people blog. But my vision influenced me to circle the globe as a full time blogger.


Only blogging upsides accompany the concept of developing a blogging vision.



  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:
    at 11:13 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    I use to be a truck driver. (in what seems like another life now). I can’t tell you how many times I heard from fellow burnt out, ran ragged, unhappy truckers “I would love to do something else, but I’ve done this for so long it’s all I know, and too late to change now.” Can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to have gotten away from that life.
    Creating a crystal clear vision is something I really need to work on. I have a hard time as what I want seems to change daily. I clearly need to start meditating. Until I figure it out I will just keep plugging away.
    Great story, great lesson, and as always, great advice.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:30 am

      How interesting SharlaAnn. A few truckers loved their work genuinely but most sat in the same 18 wheel boat you speak of, bemoaning the gig but fearing it was too late to decide to do something different.

  2. Brian says:
    at 4:53 am

    Very insightful Ryan. Every post I read from you teaches me something. Vision. More powerful than any other form of motivation. If it guides you, success is only a matter of time.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:21 am

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing Brian. Creating a vision for your blogging campaign helps you take a more direct path to the success. When you have something in your mind it really is only a matter of time until the vision becomes truth in the physical world. This is why we want to keep going within regularly as we work in the blogging world. This is the classic as within so without mantra that has been shared by ancient beings from the beginning of time. Thanks again buddy.

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