What 1 Concept Makes Most Bloggers Stumble?

  January 1, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Sunset, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

Sunset, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica


I receive relatively few emails daily. But the conversion rate of my emails is high. Why? I target.


For example; I removed my contact page years ago. Anybody who emails me needs to do the research, legwork and needs to put in effort to find my email link via my About Page.


Someone needs to get to know me. Someone needs to dig. Someone needs to REALLY WANT TO appear on Blogging From Paradise to find my email. Establishing this posture felt uncomfortable to me at first. What if someone moved on from my blog because they did not find a contact form easily? I stepped into that fear to be more posturing.


I embraced the one concept that makes most bloggers stumble:


Reaching highly targeted, hungry human beings versus chasing a high volume of human beings allows you to prosper.


This concept feels painful to most bloggers because most nod, then, in the next breath, wildly try to drive a huge amount of traffic to blog posts without considering targeting or even posturing. Perhaps you drive 50,000 people to a single post. But you make 0 dollars through the post. Why? None of the 50,000 people were highly targeted people who want what you have to offer. Factor in how any Tom, Dick and Harry can easily reach you – via clear contact forms – and you better believe the lazy majority will blindly litter your inbox with all manner of ridiculous spam.


But highly targeting your blogging campaign precedes blogging success. Highly interested, hungry people buy your stuff and hire you sooner than later, in most cases. Or these hungry folks buy your stuff or hire you down the road.


Do you want a high volume of untargeted people to be able to contact you daily? Or would you rather a smaller percentage of drive, motivated, highly targeted people hunt you down daily? The non-targeted masses waste time. Hungry hunters help you to build a thriving blogging business.


Sneaky Fear


Most bloggers make it painfully easy to be contacted because most *FEAR* not enough people contact them. Most bloggers boast of getting a high volume of emails daily. But since they rarely convert this high volume of emails means nothing.


Plus they waste minutes, hours and even weeks replying to people who have little to no interest in their offering because these pitchers were lazy people who copy and paste generic emails and desperately scramble to find easy to contact bloggers, via easy to see contact pages and easier to use contact forms.


Observe the contrarian advice via this blog post. Do you want to be easily reachable? Or do you intend for hungry, highly targeted people to reach out to you?


Do you want to give your ego a boost? Try to be popular.


Do you want to actually make money blogging and go pro? Pinpoint highly targeted, hungry people who crave what you offer.


I speak to a few people via email daily but virtually all are highly interested in my blog, business and brand. Being posturing ensures organic targeting.


One Important Point


Be aware of the fact that a high volume of targeted people can read your blog but only by your posturing and never by trying to be popular. Stop trying to get 20 emails subscribers daily. Shift your intent to attracting a highly targeted reader before all else. 1 rabidly loyal fan is worth 200 blase, disinterested email subscribers.


Forget about numbers. Create highly targeted content. Consider making your contact page easy to see but not because you desire a high volume of anyone to contact you. Be visible to allow the right reader to find you. Shift the intent in your mind to see the difference.


Technically, you can attract a large, targeted, loyal following but only by targeting first and allowing traffic to grow organically through referral marketing. Do not chase big numbers. Do not try to get a high volume of people to reply to your contact form daily. Shift your intent from being easily reachable by anyone to being reachable by people highly interested in what you have to offer.


A hefty chunk of pro bloggers complain about the high volume of off topic pitches they receive daily but this is because each pro makes it easy for lazy people to copy and paste the same templates via contact forms. Imagine how much one can reduce spam by posting your email address via text-only on your blog? Lazy pitchers vanish the split second each needs to actually put the titanic effort of manually typing your email address before copying and pasting blind pitch emails.


I may not receive a high volume of emails daily but at least highly targeted, motivated individuals convert quickly and easily for me as we co-create success for each other.

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