We Are Going to Qatar!

January 11, 2017
The shore front of…..


Kelli and I are excited to announce the next leg of our worldwide tour:




We are excited, grateful and feeling the love on this one because it is a truly epic trip. I mean, REALLY epic, because Qatar is the wealthiest country on earth and from watching a few YouTube videos, observing average rush hour traffic is not unlike sitting at an exotic car show or enjoying a 1990’s rap video montage.


We’re talking some serious wheels. And some eye-popping palaces/mansions too.


Our Deal this Past Year


Kelli and I spent much of 2016 in New Jersey.


Save a month in Costa Rica, a month in Cyprus, a month in Istanbul, and a month in NYC for house sits – OK that *is* 4 months but for us, nothing – we lived in good old Jersey, for a few reasons.


We have a new niece. Spending time with this bundle of fun and love has been a blast!


Unfortunately, my mom is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, so I’ve spent more time with her and my dad as we prepare for our transition to the next stage, wherever it is we go.


I feel loved, cared for and supported by God and all the wonderful people I’m connected with through my fam and friends and loving readers and customers and clients because all of you helped me create the lifestyle where I could spend so much time with my niece and help out with mom during this sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter past year.


As for the country that makes Larry Ellison and Paul Allen look like frugal, cheap bastards….




Kelli dropped the 411; we peeped a job opp, house sit-wise, in Qatar. After weighing the situation we decided to apply.  2 days and 1 interview later we received the offer, accepted, and here we are.


Note; if you need help landing awesome house sits read my eBook: How to Land the Best House Sits on Earth Easily


Tickets booked. We’re flying out of JFK in late January. Then we spend February in Qatar.


Why We’re as Stoked as a Racehorse Who OD’ed on Winny (see what I Did?)


  • first full trip to the Middle East (save quick layovers)
  • I’ll have to keep my knees covered (they were never my strong suit) which keeps the attention on my calves (which were always my strong suit)
  • we’re diving into a fascinating culture
  • immersing ourselves in an opulent environment that falls somewhere between Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne and on the low end, Scrooge McDuck, will be a prospering, mesmerizing experience
  • we’ll be house sitting for a month in a mansion within a sweet compound
  • possible camel riding and sand hill sledding?


I’m a digital nomad. Big time minimalist. So having stuff is no big deal to me. But being in a place where folks have the means to have plenty of stuff is neat, both from an abundance perspective and from an Instagram perspective. Hey, gotta think Blogging From Paradise branding, my kiddies.


Cool Qatar Facts


(From Life in Qatar)


  • Qatar offers a wide range of fauna and flora even though it’s a desert
  • Qatar weekends fall on Friday and Saturday
  • Summer temps in Doha – the capital – reach 120 degrees F, or more


Another note: Qatar is pronounced “cutter.” When we saw the house sit opportunity I thought we may be heading to visit a Marvel Comics character who is kinda nice with knives. Before I found out the proper pronunciation of Qatar.


That’s pretty much it guys.


I am definitely ready for a new, fulfilling adventure in a fantabulous spot.




I wanted to add a few helpful resources if you’re as aspiring digital nomad (or want to travel a bunch more, long-term):



Your Turn


Have you been to Qatar?


Or is it on your travel list?


Image credit: Pixabay user ahraqx0

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  1. Kelli and I chuckled at that one….KL is Air Asia Central!!!! We’d be taking advantage of that too 😉


  2. Linda Bibb Says:

    We’ll be here for at least a year. That is, when we’re not taking advantage of living in AirAsia’s hub city. 😉

  3. Hi Linda,

    We are uber happy to see the place. #1, the wealth/opulence thing fascinates us. #2, our first foray to a Middle Eastern country. Almost all my shorts are below the knee. But I need to pick up a few pair of pants too, methinks. Walmart still stocking here and there….long shorts, and pants 😉 But if not, Amazon shall save me LOL.

    Awesome! How long will you be in KL for? We will keep that in mind because a SE Asian trip is in order.


  4. Linda Bibb Says:

    Have not been to Qatar yet, Ryan, but it looks like a worthy destination. Stoked for you guys. I hope you have a blast. I’m looking forward to reading all the ways you have to adjust. I guess you’re starting with buying longer shorts? I wish you luck finding them in Jersey in January. 🙂 I’m all about spreading the location love so come visit us in Kuala Lumpur next!

  5. Hi Ian,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. Wonderful.

    We just left Istanbul in July, so:

    1: Things not being as they seem.

    2: Living in an Islamic state.


    3: Not posting anything controversial.

    Are great pieces of advice, and, yep, we’ve had some practice in these areas 😉 Really though, all I see is love these days and simply spread the love about any country on my blog when I visit.

    Thanks again!


  6. Hi Buddy,

    Yes I do recall that. Amazing how much stuff is being built for that massive event 5 years from now.


  7. Dmitriy Bronitskiy Says:

    The war in Ukraine started about two years ago and it still going on and it does not look like it will stop any time soon but you never know.

    I am always for meeting fabulous, successful and humble people. They are rear these days and I am happy that you had an opportunity to meet one. Thank you for sharing his company information, I will definitely check out his company.

    Well, have a wonderful time in Qatar and I will be waiting for a post from you sharing you experience in this unique and amazing country.

    By the way, do you know that Qatar will be hosting World Cup (soccer) in 2022?


  8. Ian Edelman Says:

    We lived in Qatar for four years. The country is both highly conservative and at the same time having a veneer of western liberalism. I blogged about our time in Qatar as expats, living and working in a culture of contradictions at ian-edelman.com. But remember, it is an Islamic state and all is not as it seems on the surface. The best, and only insight is via the Doha News, now being blocked for local reading by the authorities. Enjoy your time in Qatar. Don’t miss dune bashing in the desert, but go with a local driver. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art, drink lemon-mint in the Souk and don’t publish anything controversial until after you have left.

  9. I will check out your post now too 😉


  10. Hi Dmitriy,

    Whhoooaaa…that’s crazy. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    I know so little about the naturalization process so this fascinates me. I do know homeland security tightened up after 9-11 so getting things done can be a real headache. I am happy you had a relatively smooth path.

    I had no idea that the Ukraine had fighting going on a while back. I just met an angel investor and founder of email marketing company SendPulse.com last week in NYC. He’s originally from the Ukraine too, like your friend and your wife. Fabulous guy, so friendly and unassuming, you’d never know his net worth and success as he is so humble and helpful.

    His name is Eugene and you can find him here: https://twitter.com/sendpulsecom

    Thanks again and have a fun weekend 🙂


  11. Hi Donna,

    Really, I had little knowledge of Qatar before the house sit popped up. I knew the country from the 1990’s Super Nintendo game FIFA LOL, learning about it through their national soccer team. Amazing wealth there; really flashy which will be fascinating to see.

    Thanks so much for the love Donna, really appreciate it 🙂 Dad just called and mom was feeling much better today which helped lift our spirits.


  12. Hi Lionell,

    That sounds like an exclusive lounge. Awesome bro. Those Middle Eastern layovers seem common when you’re traveling from SE Asia to Europe.

    Yep I’ll have plenty of updates here 😉

    Enjoy your weekend!


  13. Lionell Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    so happy that you got this arranged, it’ll be a great adventure! I have never been to Qatar, only spend time at the Al Safwa lounge last year on my way to Bali. Would love to visit though as it’s a fascinating country. Have a great time there and I’m sure we’ll be able to read all about your adventures on your blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Wow Ryan,

    This sounds amazing. I never even heard of Qatar and am looking forward to your pictures and adventures when you are there.

    I like the facts you have given about Qatar because I was under the impression that Dubai would be wealthier.

    I learn something new from you each time I visit. Keep us posted,


    P.S. Sorry about your mom. I know how difficult it is.

  15. Dmitriy Bronitskiy Says:

    Hello Ryan
    Thank you for quick response.
    I would like to tell you one story that I have heard from one taxi driver in Dubai. His relative was living in Dubai for 35 years and he worked at Dubai International Airport at some high level position but due to retirement his employer did not extend his working visa. That poor guy was forced to move back to his native Bangladesh after 35 years of living in UAE!!!

    Speaking of getting naturalizing in US.
    To keep the story short it comes to two main things: Your status at the time you enter US and the kind of lawyer you have. For me I came with Refugee status and didn’t need to have a lawyer at all and therefore got naturalized relatively headache free.

    But not everybody is blessed like I was. One of my friends literally ran away from Ukraine two years ago when war first broke off. First he flew from Kiev to Cancun (Ukrainian citizens don’t need to have a visa to visit Mexico), waited for his wife and two kids to arrive couple days later to reunite (they could not fly out of Ukraine together as a whole family it would suspicious for Ukrainian officials) then they flew from Cancun to Tijuana so it would not look that suspicious for Mexican officials (could not fly directly from Ukraine to Tijuana because there were some cases when Mexican Border officials denied entry to some Ukrainians because at some point couple years ago Mexican Immigration officials in Tijuana airport started wondering why there were so many Ukrainians started to come to their beloved city and of course they figured out the real reason) and surrendered to US border asking for asylum. After spending several months in US immigration prison they were all released (with lawyer assistance $$$) and now they spend bunch of money and a lot of time at one of local Homeland Security office trying to get legal status to permanently stay in US.
    In my opinion, this story deserves Hollywood attention.
    So, to get naturalized in US can be relatively easy but it can be nerve-racking.
    I am sorry if you feel my story about Naturalization is way to long.

    Please go over my post about Dubai at
    Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you

  16. Hi Dmitriy,

    Actually, it was. I checked with the travel boss aka my wife and got the facts 😉

    What a smart way to immerse yourself in local culture. Love it bro. I learned the same thing about Qatar; like 15 percent of folks are Qatari and all the rest are ex-pats, migrant workers and tourists. Opened my eyes too. But it made some sense as our flight to UAE was mainly Bangladeshi, Nepali, and Filipino folks with some Sri Lankan dudes tossed in there too. Folks traveling there to work on contracts it seemed as these dudes were huddling together in the airport.

    A neat note about naturalizing; some people ask me how the process goes in the USA but since I am a citizen I have no idea 😉

    D, send it this way! I’d love to check it out. Please post here in a comment response if you’d like.

    Thanks for the newsletter love.


  17. Dmitriy Bronitskiy Says:

    Was your layover in Abu Dhabi? Speaking of Dubai, I absolutely enjoyed Dubai and learned some things that are absolutely unique about UAE as a country. One of the things that I do when I visit the country for the first time is to meet ant talk to local people as much as possible in attempt to learn everything I can about every day life (jobs, economy, trust in government, education system, food, hobbies). So during my visit to Dubai, UAE, I have learned that only 10-15 percent of ALL people living in UAE are citizens of the country and everybody else ARE NOT and it is nearly impossible for foreigners to become a citizen (for many years I was an immigrant in US and got naturalized and it was relatively headache free process). For me, it is the most fascinating fact about UAE. I have traveled to nearly 50 countries and never heard anything like that. I just recently wrote a post about my trip to Dubai on my blog and it would be a privilege for me to share it with you so you can do some criticizing. I am a rookie in a blogging world and your blogging tips and advises that I often receive from you through email subscription are so helpful and inspiring and I learn a lot from you. I feel that there is progress in my post writing skills but still a LONG way to become great.

  18. Hi Dmitriy,

    Wow UAE; way cool. I think we did 1 quick layover in UAE, not Dubai though. I recall seeing heat waves shimmering off of the airport tarmac. When I checked the temperature: 114 degree F!

    Did you enjoy Dubai?


  19. Hi Matthew,

    So happy to give you that travel window 😉 Neat; I did not know that. I think so many Christian-based cultures do the Sat-Sun thing and maybe Jewish or Muslim cultures change things up a bit.

    I cannot say this will be totally taxing LOL.

    Thanks a bunch for your comment.


  20. Matthew Kaboomis Loomis Says:

    Hey Ryan, that’s exciting news! Like I’ve said before, I get to visit cool places like Qatar vicariously through you. Ha ha
    I know Israel has their weekends on Fri. and Sat. also. I don’t really know much about Qatar so your blog posts will be great reads. Looking forward to those.

    So Qatar is wealthier than Dubai, eh? Wow, didn’t know that.

    Have fun mate blogging from another paradise. Must be rough. 😉


  21. Dmitriy Bronitskiy Says:

    I have not traveled to Qatar yet but I would certainly love to visit it one day. The closest I have been to Qatar is Dubai UAE.

  22. Have you been to Qatar?