Walking through Oman Thinking of the Blogging Success Factor

  November 16, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

RB and cannons at Fort Nizwa in Oman.


Being generous forms the foundation of a successful blogging campaign.


I recorded the below video during my trip to Oman a few years ago. Being generous goaded me to add 500-600 words of free, helpful content to the video link only post I published years ago in Oman.


Successful bloggers give away all types of massive value for a long time to gain:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


Skilled, credible bloggers with great exposure position themselves to go pro once these individuals open income channels.


Being generous tends to feel highly uncomfortable to most because you and I are taught to think, feel and act like employees versus thinking, feeling and acting like entrepreneurs. People work a job to get money. Few humans work a job to have fun. Blogging feels highly uncomfortable to most newbies because blogging for free and fun for a long time goes against working jobs for money. The ego despises doing things for free because the ego expects returns on all actions. However, being generous precedes becoming a successful blogger. Stingy bloggers fail. Generous bloggers succeed.


Help people for free persistently. Write and publish helpful blog posts. Gain valuable skills, rock solid credibility and massive exposure over the long haul. Help people for free in a seeming private environment to shine in public. Help people when no one appears to be watch to influence readers to find you en masse. Give freely for a long time to receive easily over the long haul.


Blogging is like building a business offline in some regards because offline entrepreneurs needed to gain:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


over years of helping people freely to become thriving, successful and to flat out have a blast as a blogger. Blogging gets easier for generous bloggers. Blogging gets tougher for stingy bloggers. Everything depends on you and your mindset.




I pondered one blogging success factor while strolling through Nizwa.


Help people. Make friends. Simple as pie.


You can watch the video here.


Walking through Oman Thinking of the Blogging Success Factor


Successful blogging is generous blogging. Forget about tricks, techniques, hacks, strategies and all that other jazz. Blogging is not nearly as complex as most believe but it does demand you to face fears in mind eating into your generous nature. Most people want to get something tangible for service rendered. Blogging is rendering generous service for a long time before the traffic and profits arrive. This is why you better love blogging; the work needs to be the reward to fuel you for a long haul journey.


Passionate bloggers tap into the generous blogging success factor because they do not quit or hold back based on seeing little to no blog traffic and profits. The work is the reward so they are PAID IN FULL every time they write and publish a blog post. Traffic feels like an extra. Profits feel like a bonus. Business feels like icing on the cake. Everything changes the moment you give for the joy of giving, not to get traffic, profits or business.


Make that shift to think, feel and act like a successful blogger.

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    Set aside the content aspect for a second – yes, we know this is difficult, especially if you prioritize quality content like we do – and go back to basics.

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