Wade through Uncomfortable Feelings to Keep Blogging

  May 13, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Magical sunset during one of my trips to Costa Rica.


I feel a bit agitated now.


Biting midges swarm me in the rural regions of Panama. Heat and humidity create oppressive conditions. What can I do? Feel discomfort. Blog. I do not force myself to blog but get blogging done. I have other choices. I can sleep. Or I can get out of the house. But wading through uncomfortable feelings is freeing, fun sometimes and enjoyable after the feeling-swim.


Picture yourself swimming through unpleasant emotions. No one enjoys feeling fear for a sustained time but little bits of fun peek through as you conquer fear, discomfort and unpleasant emotions. Wading through rough feelings leads to greater blogging success since stopping at fear is the reason why you struggle.


Edging into discomfort feels tough. Stiffness invades my neck as midges invade exposed skin on my body. Sweat drips. We have no AC here. Fans only work so well. But far from feeling tortured I slowly develop the skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is the secret. Being uncomfortable for moments lets you keep blogging. Continuing to blog through thick and thin positions you to lead your blogging niche. Being a leader allows you to go pro.


However, leaders seem rare. Why do few lead in their niche? Few bloggers develop the skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. I have no talent in this area intrinsically. I developed the skill through a few habits:


  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • doing yin yoga


Mixing up each strategy and combining with the blanket intent of edging out of my comfort zone influenced me to blog through ranging emotions. Blogging is not hard work but generous service even if you feel a bit off. Humans live in flux. Being with changing emotions versus dodging these energies lets you blog when most quit.


Stop turning around in uncomfortable moments. Writer’s block arises. Fear in ego claims you have no blog post ideas. But we live in abundance. How do you run out of blog post ideas if blog post ideas surround you forever? Sitting with uncomfortable emotions reveals this basic truth. Be with fear. See blog post ideas.


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course


I initially feared not having enough content in mind to convert into a 600 word post for this video link post. Being with the fear dissolved the fear, allowing in words to share with you.


The range of mental blocks feels endless but dies a steady death through your willingness to be a bit uncomfortable at times. Some days feel challenging. Mental blocks seem to surround you at every corner. Other days feel like a breeze. Ideas and actions flow smoothly.


Respect your dynamic human nature. Change seems constant. Embrace your feelings flux. Proceed to be uncomfortable in order to keep blogging. Being with fear feels unpleasant but clears fears, leading to a persistent blogger.


The sole reason why you do not blog is fear. Feeling uncomfortable emotions dissolves the fear fueling the blog-stoppage. Does that make sense? Stop projecting your fear onto things and people as the objects of blame. Blame does not work in the successful blogging game. Ownership works. Being responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions works.


Watch the video here:


Wade through Uncomfortable Feelings to Keep Blogging

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