Did I Tell You about this Stunning Villa in Lodtunduh Bali?

View from the villa in Lodtunduh, Bali.

View from the villa in Lodtunduh, Bali.


The jet black snake weaved around the bedroom.


He was small.


Really small.


But we were in the middle of the rice fields.


Save king cobras, all venomous snakes in Bali were repping in this village of Lodtunduh.


Was he lethal?


Thank the gods we did not find out.


He slithered out.


Crisis averted.


Kelli and I traveled the world for 3 years before:


  • I created Blogging From Paradise
  • I weaved my travel stories into my blog and brand


I have some catching up to do.


So today I wanted to chat about our month long stay at a stunning villa in this quiet Balinese village situated in the rice fields around Ubud.


The Location


Lodtunduh, Bali.


A small village about 10 minutes – as the motorbike rides – outside of Ubud.


We lived in a Java Joglo which sat in the rice fields.


Make that, “a 5 minute motorbike ride INTO the rice fields.”


We were in the middle of nowhere.


Inside da crib.

Inside da crib.


Gorgeous, serene setting.


The Villa


An authentic Java Joglo, located beside a huge villa on the compound grounds.


The homeowner had the lumber shipped from Java. Workers built the home on the grounds.


Picture huge sliding doors, a thatched ceiling, natural ventilation – code for “lots of open spaces for mosquitos and other critters to enter” – and breath-taking scenery around the grounds.


A shallow moat formed the perimeter of the Joglo.


Front view.

Front view.


This kept out, I don’t know what.


Because critters routinely marched into the villa.


From ants, to Tokays, to smaller geckos, spiders, toads, snakes and everything else.




We used a traditional outdoor Balinese bathroom. Or a partially outdoor Balinese bathroom.


Meaning an authentic feel.


And huge fruit bats flying over your head when you need to take a leak at 2 AM.


Pitch dark conditions set in when you shut off the lights.


I used a flashlight to journey to the bathroom, peeling my eyes for scorpions, centipedes and small venomous snakes which could creep in to the bedroom.


Surrounding rice fields. The dude carrying the HUGE bag of rice was like 80. Swear to Goodness!

Surrounding rice fields. The dude carrying the HUGE bag of rice was like 80. Swear to Goodness!


3 MONSTROUSLY big Tokay geckos live on the grounds.


1 bit the big one. Or the local family of 4 kittens and mama cat killed him and dropped his corpse in the moat.


One Tokay reached 13 inches in length.


He sounded like an elephant scrambling across the roof in the middle of the night, obliterating the cockroach population in the villa.


The tiny, innocent-looking kittens killed and ate 8 inch long rats regularly, consuming them entirely, bones and all.


Toads hopped into the living room.


I spotted a 3 foot long monitor lizard eating a rotten egg laid out as a temple offering (yeah we had an altar there too).


I hiked along the rice field streams once, later discovering that a particularly large python preyed in the area.


The razor thin path I drove to enter and exit the villa was not much wider than the motorbike tire in some spots.


One late evening, I lost control of the motorbike and Kelli fell 4 feet down the slope into the rice fields.


She scrambled back up, being terrified of “touching a cockroach” versus fearing the 3 venomous species of snakes regularly spotted in the fields.


Internet Down


One day, the internet went out completely.


I decided to follow the cable – yeah, DSL – toward the street.


About 50 yards from the villa I saw the culprit: a farmer harvesting coconut trees dropped a coconut which downed the DSL wire.


Home office view. See the deadly moat?

Home office view. See the deadly moat?


When’s the last time *that* was the excuse the internet service provider gave you?


Lodtunduh is a magical place.


Especially deep within the rice fields.


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