Savusavu Fiji


Video of Savusavu Fiji


Peaceful breezes kissing my mug.


Calm waters lapping at the beach.


Savusavu Fiji was paradise.


Kelli and I landed our first house sit in Savusavu, FIji. What a way to start, eh?


We spent 4 months enjoying the sights and sounds of the place Fijians call the Hidden Paradise of Fiji.


For good reason.


Savusavu is the most pristine, clean place I have seen in person.


Water visibility levels exceeded 100 feet during the high season. Clear nights treated you to planetarium type views of the skies.


Was that a cropping of clouds? Nope. Just the Milky Way. Seriously; it was that clear.


Bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine dominated high season months.


We captured the most jaw-dropping sunsets from our world travels on the front porch, watching the sun slowly then swiftly sprint below the mountains on the horizon, teasing us as we enjoyed movie-worthy bay-side views.


Enough of my blabbering.


I filmed a 770 HD video with my old school tablet – said tablet having died 2 years ago in the humid remote jungles of Costa Rica – of the property where we house sat in Savusavu, Fiji


Sit back, relax, click the Play button and enjoy.



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