Video of Desert and Camels in Oman

January 21, 2019
Camels in the desert North of Ibri, Oman.
Camels in the desert North of Ibri, Oman.


Kelli and I drove past Ibri, in Northwestern Oman, last week.


We searched for the sand desert. The Mummy type desert. Cool to have discovered it.


Here in Nizwa, we experience a desert but we’re talking dirt, gravel and rocks. No sand. Driving southwest toward the Wahiba Sands (super post by Clair on Zigzag On Earth) and northwest toward the Empty Quarter treats one to sandy deserts oft imagined by tourists.


I pulled over to the side of the road to capture the peaceful scenery of sand, scrub and a small herd of camels in this wilderness.  I have developed immense respect for the hardiness of these feisty beasts. Kelli and I slather on inches of sun block to be in freaking the car. Sun’s reflective rays can be a real bitch. Meanwhile, camels thrive in wickedly powerful desert sun all day long. I promise; you feel like an ant being cooked under a magnifying glass in these intense rays. Camels have no such issues, though.


Video Length: 1:03


Video Content: Sand dunes, scrub and camels north of Ibri, Oman, in the desert.


Click the link to enjoy the video.


Video of Sandy Desert and Camels in Oman


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