How to Get Noticed by Twitter Influencers (and the Blogging Benefit)

November 20, 2016
Palm trees by Venetian Wall in Nicosia, Cyprus.
Palm trees by Venetian Wall in Nicosia, Cyprus.





“I don’t get Twitter.” ~ 4,035 Emails/Social Media Messages/Blog Comments Addressed to Ryan Biddulph


I hear ya.


8 years ago, at least.


I didn’t get Twitter either.


Why the hell would I care if a guy I followed brushed his teeth before consuming a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal, whole wheat bread, blueberries and green tea (decaf of course) ?


Why would I care if the same Tweeter brushed his teeth BEFORE breakfast (I mean, why do that? Wouldn’t the food particles build up on your precious chompers AFTER brushing your teeth, creating a Yuk Mouff type scenario that would make halitosis seem like a bed of sweet roses not 3 hours after you scarf down breakfast) ?


Turns out, I:


  • didn’t get Twitter because I followed guys and gals who had a seriously perverse morning routine
  • followed too many Breakfast Club lists (not a Molly Ringwold reference)
  • had no clue in Hades why I used Twitter in the first place
  • didn’t use the network to have fun; it was a thing some smart blogger told me to be on, so I was on it


8 years later I can say this: I STILL don’t get brushing your teeth after breakfast (?!?!) and I pulled the wool over enough Twitter influencer’s eyes to help ya’s guys get more traction on the network.


Look up top.


Either I am handy with Photoshop.


Or I have enough Twitter know-how to get on the radar of some Tweeting Big Dawgs.


How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


I want to share with you today how to arrest the attention of influencers and why this helps your blog.


(As for Richard Branson, I caught his British peepers by skinny dipping in the Hudson when he noticed a fairly svelte, pale, somewhat shriveled prune wade by like a manatee without a life purpose, as he sailed through the area.)


1: Have Fun


Before you attempt to cyber lash me with a wet noodle – 13 times, for good luck, please – understand that this will be the first step for approximately 80% to 100% of my posts going forward.


Deal with it.


Have freaking fun!


Everything you do is backed by energy.


If you back what you do on Twitter with a fun energy, influencers are more likely to notice you.


If you back what you do on Twitter with a strained, hard working energy, you’re operating in the basement, vibrationally.


Meanwhile, Dirty Dick Branson is operating from the penthouse.


Move up to the penthouse.


Hob nob with the Big Dawgs.


Have fun on Twitter.


2: Engage, Engage, Engage, Engage, then, When You’re Done Engaging, Engaging Some More


Engaging tweeters through:


  • Retweets
  • @replies to thank some folks who retweeted you
  • asking questions
  • sharing answers
  • tweeting text only tweets


helps you build more connections.


Building a bunch of connections makes you connected.


Connected people get noticed on Twitter.


Especially by HRT: High Rolling Tweeters.


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging


Spend 10 minutes or so daily engaging Tweeters.


Get connected.


Get noticed.


3: Stay in the Stream


Use tools and manually tweet too, to stay in the stream.


I find it easier to get noticed when I’m in da game.


Being in the stream every day is kinda like running through a lion’s den while being adorned with long strips of sizzling, delectable bacon: you’re gonna get noticed.


I use these tools to keep those tweets flowing like liquor at a Nicaraguan horse parade in Granada (I was there. These people make 5 o’clock drunks look like chaste Buddhist monks They could drink a whale shark under the table. They make an Irish wake look like a Quaker meeting hall).


Bottoms up! Parade of Horsies in Granada, Nicaragua.
Bottoms up! Parade of Horsies in Granada, Nicaragua.


Some tools I use:



That’s it guys.


I swear, I have connected with more influencers through a simple @reply than through any other method.


The Blogging Benefit


When you can lead off a blog post with tweets from:


  • Richard Branson
  • Scott Eddy
  • Chris Brogan
  • Sam Hurley


it sure ain’t gonna hurt your brand.


Unless Richard, Scott, Chris or Sam become serial killers.


Then I just remove the references.


But I do not suspect this will happen anytime soon.


When you engage with influential tweeters you’ll align your blog – and brand – with the creme de la tweeting creme.


Which is a REALLY good look for your blogging brand.


Watch the video if I entertain you (I snapped the thumbnail image in Myanmar; brilliant temples!):



Do you use Twitter?


Or, do you have fun on Twitter?


How have you nabbed the attention of the Tweeting High Rollers?


Thy Class Is Upon Us


SUPER excited to say Kelli and I are beginning our live class:


Get Your Mind Right Get Your Business Right


tonight, November 21st!


Students from all over the world (Earth), Jupiter (Cher?), Mars (where I am originally from) and Uranus (oh stop it) have been waiting with bated breath, feeling super excited to hop on our live calls.


If it vibes with ya, go for it:


Get Your Mind Right Get Your Business Right



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  1. Facebook and Twitter, as that is where the majority of my traffic comes from. However, networking with the right people and building a repour with them is key.

    Thank you for sharing these tips with us. I’m passing along your wisdom.

  2. Hi Rob,

    I have a few I use but #1 in my eBook 😉 is TweetDeck. Because I can monitor so much at once – mentions, Twitter Retweets, Faves, followers – flow through 1 stream. Easy way to connect with many Tweeters super quickly.

    Thanks Rob 🙂


  3. Rob Powell Says:

    Great blog post, Ryan! Especially liked the section on engaging on Twitter. It’s the key for sure. BTW, what’s your key tool for managing your Twitter activity?

  4. Hi Sherman,

    Ditto on the mobile buy. I got a KitKat tablet a few months ago and saw the power in regular engagement. I popped in to chat with a funny emoticon or video and saw the power of connecting, of following, of making friends and of persistently doing so. If you chat, those chats expand into those delicious benefits you mention Sherman; traffic, subs, all that sweetness!


  5. Hi Jane,

    That’s it. A few minutes a day, persistently, consistently, over some time, and you will shine brightly on the network. Like a light house among the legions of folks who just automate and never engage. So easy to spend 10 minutes a day too, responding and stuff.

    I am at about 30 to 60 minutes now. But only because it feels fun.


  6. Hi Emily,

    That niche works for me 😉 Engagement is the lynch pin, the fuel, the joojoo making stuff go on Twitter. I check in – because it feels loving,and fun – every day to respond to all my RTers, 1 to 1. Things are expanding there thru this fun-loving chat approach. Gotta get on more chats myself.


  7. Emily Kydd Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I must admit, Twitter still kind of baffles me, it feels very much like shouting into the grand abyss most of the time! I do love getting into Twitter chat,s they mainly seem to revolve around drinking beer on patios… Hmmm, maybe that’s my true niche!

  8. Jane Says:

    Great tips! I was not a great Twitter user myself earlier. But now things have changed.

    Even now, I don’t spend hours on Twitter, but only a few minutes a day – 10 mins to be exact. And the results are awesome!

    Engaging is the key. It is not just about sending out automated tweets, or follows or DMs – it is about being there and engaging.

    Great tips as usual Ryan.


  9. Hey Ryan,

    I think the majority of us been there at one time. We see that Twitter is a good thing but yet we didn’t get it. I didn’t get twitter for years!!!

    That was until I got a smart phone a couple of years ago. Then I was hit with the epiphany with the “aha” moment. First I have to follow the right people and second I must do a little interaction with them by reply with a mention. Adding automated tools would be the icing on the cake.

    And you know what you’ll notice?

    You’ll actually start getting better results with twitter! More traffic and more subscriptions would be that indicator!

    Great share Ryan! Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Donna,

    All those updates jazzed things up a bunch. I love doing 1 minute videos and uploading to Twitter. And also found it easier to connect with big dawgs on Twitter compared to other networks.

    Facebook and G Plus have some gates methinks. Twitter is more open, more fast paced and has better engagement from influencers, from my experience.

    Tweet ya later.


  11. Hi Ryan,

    I too was ducking Twitter for such a long time. I could never “get it” why people put short messages on and talk in just a few words. But Twitter has changed up for the better…from longer letters to images and then Periscope one cannot afford NOT to be on this platform.

    Since I’ve been there I’ve gotten into the communication style and hooked up with some amazing people really fast.

    Tweet Tweet,


  12. Hi Chinedu,

    You are doing A-OK in my book; just saw you chatting with some weird guy on Twitter a few hours ago LOL. Happy to create that spark. My pleasure on visiting your blog!


  13. Hi Benny,

    Agreed on all fronts 😉 If you get clear on your direction you can connect with big dawgs, with increasing ease. Clever analogy too; we do catch a better view by climbing the shoulders of giants. Or by aligning with folks who emit a higher vibe than ourselves. This is the stage of my journey now.


  14. Benny Mark Says:

    Getting noticed in the blogosphere involves bringing into mind the realization that you also need to notice the top game changers especially when they share the same niche as yourself. It is more like climbing the shoulder of giants to catch a better view.

    It should also be an effort that involves both your action and automated tools, funny enough i currently utilize only a few out of the list you dropped, will do well to go through all of it.

    One thing i will add is; above all, you should be blogging to address a problem that demands a solution.

    Great Post Ryan

  15. Hi Ryan,

    Getting influencers on Twitter is what I need to improve on, Twitter has a great audience most especially for bloggers.

    You post just gave me the right spark to take it up more seriously…

    Have fun in your trips around the world.

    Thanks for also visiting my blog

  16. Hi Sam,

    LOL I knew you weren’t a killer hahahaha! Always my pleasure brother. Likewise! Would be awesome to meet one day too in an offline setting. Thanks for being you!


  17. Sam Hurley Says:

    RYAN! Hahaha!!! You really cracked me up with this 😀

    Thanks for the mention my brother – you are good guy and one I truly class as my friend – although we have only met online, the bond is strong.

    I have NEVER, ever murdered a coco-pop. So it’s all good!

  18. Hi Ravi,

    You are too bro 😉 You meet and greet and connect with the best of them. Thanks much 🙂


  19. Ravi Chahar Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    The more engage the more you meet the influencers. Having fun is what people should do. Whether it’s about the Twitter chat or just a simple hello.

    There are many blogging benefits for sure. You can meet new people which can spread your content to their followers.
    You’re getting is right.

  20. Hi Amar,

    Good points on all fronts. I see making buddies with top tweeters as an easy way to leverage your presence, to connect with folks, to make friends and to write posts like these 😉 Thanks!


  21. Hi Jean,

    1 caveat on tools (used the word “caveat” because of your name LOL): have fun using them. If you have fun, they work well, those co-promoting tools do. If it’s a Manipulation Fest then they won’t work well. All about your energy. No preferences, just whatever tool feels fun to use that day. Thanks!


  22. Oh Ryan, I had planned a debunking article on copromotional tools. Now that I read you, I believe I should really work on it and start the first draft.
    I haven’t yet tried Triberr. I’ll give it a deeper look.

    Do you have a preference when it comes to copromotional tools?

  23. Amar kumar Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Getting noticed and building relationships with influencers on Twitter will really help us to increase our online influence within our industry. With influence comes leverage, which is the foundation to growing the business.

    Blogging is really totally about writing and it helps us to meet our dreams. Without having a strong belief in our own abilities and following some simple and effective principles, we can’t become a good blogger in blogosphere. Eventually, thanks for sharing these incredible facts with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  24. Are you getting noticed by influencers on Twitter?