Trust Your Flow

  August 3, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Nizwa Souk, Oman.


Trusting your blogging flow is one secret to online success.


Listen closely to your intuition. What does the small voice seemingly tell you? Honor that flow.


For me today, my flow says writing short form posts feels most fun to me and beneficial to you. I cannot arrest inspiration but I can try to bury the feelings. Depression follows. But honoring intuitive nudges lets me trust my flow to help you with service and to help me by feeling better.


As you know by now, I largely SEO-optimized blog posts for months. I may continue to do so. But today I trust my flow which nudges me to write short posts and guest posts. Trusting flow often feels uncomfortable because flow flies in the face of logic, rules and that rigid, imprisoning world. Won’t publishing a 700 word post hurt SEO? No; if you get clear on writing a 700 word post. The secret is rooting out fears in your mind as if weeding vigorously in your backyard. Have you yanked violently at roots recently? What type of workout did you get? I know your quads burned. Perhaps your back ached.


Putting in a similar workout to weed out fears from mind feels unpleasant, uncomfortable and flat out maddening at times. But this journey we must take to better trust flow, or intuition, or inspiration, or whatever blogging urge you feel from deep within.


Optimize posts for SEO if your flow edges you in that direction. Publish short posts if your gut urges you there. Everyone has different internal instructions. I recently published cut and dry posts for Google but felt urges to colorfully craft tales here and there via intimate weavings, per my older blog posts. Did I waste time over the prior year or two? No I did not. I trusted my flow.


Honor your blogging intuition to better navigate this sometimes bumpy journey. Picture your gut pulls behaving like an inner compass goading you in the direction of your dreams. Sometimes the compass appears to be wrong. Other times the inner guide takes you places you would rather avoid. Every time, the compass is:


  • right
  • true
  • honest
  • freeing
  • in the flow


because intuition is perfect while logic is flawed and faulty, sometimes.


Choose either to trust flow or blog from a rigid form of roboticism.


I change. I am fluid. Humans prefer, change and shift with the wind because we are designed with flexibility in mind. I felt OK publishing long form blog posts but Janice Wald remarked how she appreciated my writing via a blog comment. I visualized a light bulb going off in mind. Mentally, I envisioned myself dusting off the old colorful, tale-weaving skills, in a split second. I shall return to the past for now solely based on trusting my flow, all courtesy of Janice’s mindful comment.


Hi Ryan,
You write beautifully. I liked the part where you wrote “gliding through is a tuition all bloggers must pay.“ I have to wonder about the bloggers that don’t write as poetically as you do. They may not suffer from writers block but when you write metaphorically and poetically, you engage readers. How can people engage without the metaphors? Perhaps fodder for a new blog post?


Who knows? My flow may egg me on towards SEO-optimizing an old blog post later today. I am not mechanical, if nothing else. Robotic blogging is death because rigidly fixing your mind, blog and writing style resists change. Change is life. Anything resisting change and promoting rigidity is death because you remain perfectly equipped to deal with a world already passing you by.


Honor your flow.


Practical Tips


  • meditate daily
  • spend time in quiet
  • listen closely to friends, family and readers who remind you of your skills, passions, loves and talents
  • pay close attention to when you trusted your flow and how you grew
  • pay even closer attention to when you ignored your flow and how you shrank
  • learn how to quiet the ego to honor intuitive pinings
  • train your mind through daily mental exercise; Kriya yoga, yin yoga and loving prayer are possible avenues




If the topic intrigues you simply check out this video.


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Trust Your Flow


  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 1:07 am

    Hi Ryan,
    Everything is timing. Recently, I called you a master of storytelling. Now your instinct reminds you storytelling is right for you. I get it. It is a lightbulb going off. Wow.
    May I make a suggestion? Add a quote box and tell your readers what I said. If I didn’t know, I’d wonder.
    Thanks for linking to me and letting me know how I helped inspire you. We inspire each other, my friend.

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