Trust the Blogging Process

  December 20, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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Trusting the blogging process feels maddening sometimes.


Struggling, failing or flat out losing all of your money as the process unfolds feels overwhelming. I know. I have been there more than a few times over the years. But trust the blogging process you must if you ever hope to become a professional blogger because good things take time and generous service.


Trust the blogging process over your fears. Trust the blogging process over your doubts. Even if you panic for a little bit, hop back on the blogging straight and narrow before derailing for a long time because you never get time back.


I had an absolutely horrible time on and off during my 14 years online. Do you want full disclosure? I still doubt the blogging process sometimes even though I have been at this bit for 14 years. Experiencing some worldly success does not make one immune from self-doubt. But trudge forward I must to ease through doubt in order to trust the blogging process and to allow success to expand for all of us.


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No one blogs with pure clarity, confidence and trust because humans fear. People fear wasting time, losing money and being judged harshly along the blogging journey. Either you knife through these fears to trust more deeply in the blogging process or you panic, delay and put yourself back months or even years in terms of holding back your blogging success.


I experienced a particularly vicious cycle of blogging the right way, panicking after experiencing some trigger – like losing all of my money – then bailing on the process.  Repeating this cycle led to years of heartache, struggle and depression. Now, if some trigger arises, I feel the fear, cry out my pain, and proceed to be true to the blogging process of creating, connecting and promoting myself freely.



Believe in blogging mentors who show you the way. Each pro seriously means it in teaching how blogging requires years of effort, generosity and patience. Few fully understand these words. Most lose trust in self and in the blogging process after a few slow months. But top pros eventually go from being amateurs to elite bloggers by remaining true to the process of creating, connecting and promoting. Simply being present gives you a glimpse into doubts. Face, feel and release doubts to proceed with clarity and confidence.


As for the blogging process, imagine laying bricks for a mansion. Laying one row of bricks today sets a solid foundation for your mansion. Laying the second row tomorrow lays an even more solid foundation. But what happens if you quit laying rows of bricks 10 days into the job? You never build a mansion until you see the job through. Most of you have seen uncompleted houses sitting abandoned in some vacant lot. Almost all blogs sit in a similar state of disrepair because bloggers quit before finishing the job of going pro.


Put faith in yourself. Believe in you. All failure is temporary. All financial struggles, resistance from family and friends and general blogging criticism are fleeting. Believe in your abilities. Hone your skills. Trust in the simple blogging process of creating and connecting. Give yourself time. Be patient. Note markers of your success. See how everything continues to come together. Success will find you but only if you trust in the blogging process.


Trust the Blogging Process

  1. shannon says:
    at 5:54 pm

    You truly are living your best life! I believe everyone can identify with the fact you endured many obstacles in order to feel the confidence you needed to be successful at this chosen path. From the outside, I see a guy who is living a dream- a dream to most of us outsiders. So, thank you for not sugar coating the challenges and helping others to see that if you don’t take the risk, you’ll truly ever know the reward.
    Many more blessings to you and I look forward to reading your many blogs.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:30 pm

      Shannon I deeply appreciate that! Being honest is so important because transparency seems to be the difference maker online. I recall Zac Johnson – a world famous blogger from my home state of NJ – noting me via one of his guest posts. He mentioned how most traveling bloggers simply post snazzy, slick-looking images on Instagram but I actually teach folks in-depth how to live the dream. I genuinely want to help and to let folks know; this ride gets bumpy but if you trust in the process, success will come together for you. Thanks much.

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