How to Trim Blogging Fat to Boost Your Online Profits (Amazon eBook)

September 15, 2017


Less is more.


I know.


After circling the globe for 6 years, if I were a portly pepperpot, no way in hell I enjoy my travels.


I’d never have been able to cruise through the remote jungles of Costa Rica. No way to knife through the surf to race yachts in Thailand. I could not easily waltz 2.5 miles into and out of town in Fiji, sometimes carrying propane gas tanks to both burn thy quads and ensure warm meals for the next few months.


Trimming the fat helped me enjoy the experience. *Literally* trimming the fat, as I had to shed fat from being a slightly bloated, doughy, Western dude living in the lap of comfort to get lean, mean and in shape, to enhance my travel experiences.


Less, really is, more.


I wrote an eBook – surprise surprise as I have written 126 eBooks – to apply this concept to your blogging profits titled:


How to Trim Blogging Fat to Boost Your Online Profits (Amazon eBook)



If you want to increase your online profits, most of the time, you need to trim the blogging fat. Like I had to trim my body fat. Meaning you need to release elements or advertisements or blog posts or extraneous widgets or maybe 2 or 15 blogging activities that you have outgrown. Time-wasters. Profit-eaters.


Most bloggers overcompensate from an energy of fear. Feeling “not enough” goads them to add more:


    • Advertisements
    • Widgets
    • Posts
    • Videos
    • Sidebar elements
    • Advertisements
    • Widgets
    • Posts
    • Videos
    • Sidebar elements
    • (I repeated twice, because almost all scared bloggers do things from an energy of overkill)
    • Actions to their blogging day, trying to master 15 activities, versus mastering 1 activity, trying to be in a million places at once through frenetic, desperate actions, versus having fun creating value and making 1-to-1 connections, so you can be in a gazillion places at once and profit handsomely


    ….believing that adding more stuff to their blogs and doing more things will mean more money.


    This version of Blogger’s Bloat confuses readers – and the offending blogger – and leads to diminished profits, because you can’t monetize effectively from an energy of fear, bloat and little clarity.


    Less is more. More, often leads to less.


    This eBook will help you streamline your blog – and life – to increase the money you make through your blog.


    Money responds to clarity.


    The clearer you get on why you blog, and the clearer you get on blogging your passion and blogging for 1 clear reader, I swear that everything comes together beautifully for you, blogging-wise and of course, profits-wise. But to reach this point of clarity, you need to prune or trim the unclear, or fatty, or bloated elements of your blog and entire online campaign.


    eBook Benefits


    This eBook offers you the practical tips to follow to trim the unclear, fatty, money allergic blogging bloat to leave the clear, money-magnetizing, prospering blogging elements that will promote your blogging success.


    I lay out the core foundation for:


    • Figuring out what needs to go and what stays on your blog
    • Monetizing your blog so you actually have fun making money
    • Dissolving worry or anxiety or panic around the blog monetizing process
    • Picking your fun, freeing, impassioned driver to fuel your blogging journey
    • Letting go frustration and any abject lack of clarity about how you should monetize your blog
    • Feeling the joy and happiness and love and fun (how is that for 4 rocking emotions?) of living your dream through blogging as you access exciting, enjoyable, new blogging income streams that keep opening up before you


    I hopped out of my Paypal account a few minutes ago.  I noted a new batch of income streams materializing for me recently. How? By letting go unclear elements of my blogging campaign I gained the clarity to allow new monetizing ideas and people who could use my products and services into my life.


    You will learn how to establish this level of clarity through this eBook so you can look at your blog and genuinely feel:


    “My blog is good enough.”


    This feeling, this belief, this utter relief, is *exactly* the energy you want to cultivate to make money through your blog with increasing ease. This is clarity. This is a lean, trimmed down, streamlined, profit-producing blog. But before making money through your blog becomes easy, you need to do uneasy, uncomfortable, scary things, and I review the uneasy, uncomfortable, scary things in this eBook.


    Cover Image


    I snapped the cover image in beautiful Monteverde, Costa Rica.


    The End Game


    I am not always fighting Thai Lady Boy street walkers in Bangkok or wild men in Nepal, ya know?


    Nor do I spend my life bitch-slapping 8 inch long scorpions in Chiang Mai or helping slay spitting cobras in Bali.


    I have spent months or even years enjoying some of the most peaceful, drop dead gorgeous, tropical paradises on earth.


    Imagine a serene, enchanting, jaw-dropping view from 150 meters above Savusavu Bay in Fiji. Water shimmies on the bay as the South Pacific calls to you, from your left. Now imagine this being your home office view for 4 months.


    Visualize peaceful, colorful sunsets crawling above the horizon in Koh Lanta, Thailand, enjoying these masterpieces from the dock of the home you rented for a month. The house on stilts affords you stunning bay views during high tides and low tides, with mudskippers, crabs and other bottom feeders scurrying around below the pylons as you feast on a bowl of fresh, steaming hot, homemade Thai mixed vegetable green curry lovingly made for you by the lady at the street stall that you visit daily down the block in Old Town.


    Yeah; this was my experience in Koh Lanta.


    When you learn how to trim blogging fat you will steadily earn enough income to become a full time, pro blogger, who can circle the globe indefinitely to see these brilliant places around the world.


    Even if you want to be a homebody pro blogger, or wish to work your 9-5 and blog part time, wouldn’t it be neat to visit Fiji or Thailand or Bali for a week?


    That’s the End Game of buying and reading and enjoying this eBook; you can gain the clarity, peace of mind and focus to let go old, worn out elements of your blog and of your blogging campaign, to increase your online profits to the point of becoming a full time blogger.






    1: Blog to Free Yourself


    2: Blog to Free Your Audience


    3: Blog 1 Passion for 1 Clear Reader


    4: Align Your Blog Top Down to Boost Conversions


    5: 3 Calls – Tops – on Your Sidebar


    6: Go Nuts with White Space


    7: Do 1 Thing Really Really Really Well


    8: Sell a Dream First; Sell a Product Second


    9: Remove 5 to 10 to 30 Elements from Your Blog


    10: I Am Sorry to Share this Tip (Quiet Room)


    How to Trim Blogging Fat to Boost Your Online Profits (Amazon eBook)


    How to Trim Blogging Fat to Boost Your Online Profits (Amazon eBook)


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    Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Awesome Giang. Do enjoy it.

  2. Giang Nguyen Says:

    i will buy your book 🙂

  3. Yep Lisa, it is a big problem. Some bloggers – ok most – tend to fear losing money, or fear failure, and over compensate, adding too many ads and elements in general. I added an ad recently because it vibes with my travel blogging audience and it was a paid ad too which was cool. But past a handful of elements, I like to trim it. Over time I may add, more ads 😉 but only if I get clearer.

    Be safe up there Lisa; I know you are getting some heavy rain, high winds, all the trimmings of a tropical storm. Enjoy your week 🙂

  4. Much appreciated Robin.

  5. Lisa Sicard Says:

    HI Ryan, I still see that today on many blogs – sidebars filled with ads and more ads. I got rid of mine years ago but may add just one or two in the future. Only if it’s something I think will bring value to my readers.
    I still get nervous when I look at SEO reports and such for my blog and think “What can I do to make it better?” I try to keep writing longer posts 🙂
    I may have to check out this book – love your chapter entitled ” Go nuts with white space!”.
    Have a great day Ryan and hope you don’t get hit with a lot of rain from Jose.

  6. Hi Ryan,
    Ther title sounds good. I believe that book of yours is going to be a great help.
    Keep it up.

  7. Much love back to your Drewry.

    That excess poundage can melt off over months. Really, I had a little extra packed on during recent trips back to NJ, but this time I am big-time into running so I am dropping weight pretty quickly.

    So happy to see you succeeding, persisting and being a bright light in the online world.

    Keep doing what you are doing 🙂

  8. DNN Says:

    Hey hey now Ryan,

    I have to admit I have a lot of fat physically around my waistline. But I’ve been doing the transformation business work at full strength in staying the course with the business muscle for the hustle by creating lots and lots of content. I love the fact that you’re creating e-Books on Amazon left and right and successful @ selling them.

    I wish I had those kinds of skills to write eBooks and sell them. Maybe in the next few years when i get some things off of the ground and I lose more weight I’ll be able to mentally diversify myself into other things pertaining to online business. I read your about section and checked out your Forbes article.

    I must say that I highly respect you for staying focused in between jobs and not letting your unstable employment situation hinder your entrepreneurial ambitions from surfacing and prospering through the most trying times of your life. I’m right behind you good brother! 🙂

    Thank you for just being you,

    Drewry 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by Prosperity.

  10. Awesome Ryan, You are always delivering the best!

  11. Matt much appreciated buddy. Great to see you here.

  12. Matt Thomas Says:

    So many great points, Ryan! You have a great success story and you’re an inspiration to so many. Good luck with your latest Kindle book!


  13. I left a thought.