Are You Struggling to Use Triberr Effectively?

September 14, 2015
I snapped the cover image at Pandaw Beach, Bali.
I snapped the cover image at Pandawa Beach, Bali.

Every once in a while I get an email.

A Triberr newbie craves to know the secrets of successful Tribing.

They stumbled upon Dino Dogan’s and Dan Cristo’s network of inspired bloggers. They want to learn more.

Triberr is about the most powerful networking tool in your blogging arsenal. Think of it as THE meeting spot for blogging big dawgs. Scroll through your feed. Share posts in seconds. Make friends. Build prospering bonds. Sure as heck works for me.


Although I took to Triberr quickly I know you may be stricken by TC: Triberr Chaos. SO MANY tribes and so little time, right? Where do you start?

This is why I wrote this post and yes, an eBook on Amazon about Triberr.

Are you hungry to increase your blog traffic quickly? I think so. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Let’s dive in to the tips.

By the way, if you want to jump right into the eBook (wink wink)…..

Download 13 Proven Steps for Increasing Blog Traffic through Triberr

Tip time!

1: Publish Weekly Posts to Your Blog

I can’t tell ya how many ghosts have evaded me on Triberr. “Ghosts” meaning Triberr members who publish posts once to twice a month. Said phantoms are drowned out by daily posters, thrice weekly posters and anybody who posts more than twice a month.

Unless you create a viral Triberr post you’ll fall by the wayside with an infrequent posting schedule. Post 1-3 times weekly to your blog to expand your visibility on Triberr. Or go the way of the Triberr ghosts.

2: Hang Where Ya Want to Be Seen

Code for: join tribes relevant to your niche.

I like hanging where island hoppers hang. Or where aspiring retirees hang. Or where aspiring full time, pro travel bloggers hang. Or where *blogging tips* hungry folks hang. These folks love my blogs. These folks dig my podcasts. These folks want to join my list. Hang where they hang.

Query your niche keyword/keywords through Triberr. Find relevant tribes. Social Triberr users get invited into relevant tribes. Chat. Connect. Friends will open doors for you.

3: Share Posts Persistently

Everybody loves a free giver. At least normal people love free givers.

I may snag 200 retweets for a single post – with many tweets flowing through Triberr – because I share posts persistently on the network. Think of it this way: if I share 30 posts daily then some of these bloggers will connect with me through my sharing. We’ll become blogging buddies. My blogging buddies will share my stuff. Meeting more blogging buddies increases your shares.

This incredibly simple concept makes Triberr so damn powerful. Rolling your mouse over a “share” button builds lasting, prospering friendships.

Visit Triberr daily. Share relevant updates. Find posts from your main stream and from individuals tribes you’ve joined. Tip: you can follow tribes even if you aren’t a member. Share helpful content from these tribes. You never know where your next blogging buddy is lurking. That sounds sinister. You know what I mean. Unless the buddy is a stalker. Then, block them.

4: Comment in 2 Spots

On blog posts.

On Triberr posts.

Follow this 2 pronged approach to build your Triberr network.

Commenting on blog posts builds blogging friendships. Commenting on Triberr posts increases your visibility on the network. Visible tribe mates gain invites into tribes regularly and inspire tribe mates to share their content. Show up where most people aren’t (few comment on Triberr posts) to stand out from the crowd. More Triberr users comment these days but many moons ago I felt like a nun in a whorehouse when commenting on Triberr. Thank goodness we see more chatty tribe mates these days.

Your Turn

Do you use Triberr?

If so, do you follow these tips?

What Triberr tips can you add to this list.

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Increase your blog traffic quickly. Make friends with blogging big dawgs. Leverage your time. All in a nifty eBook. My eBook.

Download 13 Proven Steps for Increasing Blog Traffic through Triberr

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  1. Yes Diana, that is why. Ask the tribe owners for a promotion to get your posts shared. Thank you so much.

  2. Diana Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Great article! My question is I CANNOT figure out how to post my blog articles on Triberr. Is this because I’m a follower instead of a member in the tribes I belong to?? PLEASE ADVISE. THANK YOU.


  3. Cool Mark, let me know how it works for you 🙂

  4. Mark Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I heard about this and never tried on my blogs.
    Need to follow on your tips.


  5. Awesome Swadhin! Definitely let me know how Triberr works out for you 😉 Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Hi Ryan,
    Loved this informational piece on Triberr. I have been a triberr user since a user but mostly inactive. I simply mistook its importance.
    Thanks to the post, I now guess I could have used that one year in building a great community around my blog.

    I am going to be more active from now, and yes provide value to my tribemates 🙂


  7. Adam is a fabulous person to follow Nirmala. He’s a king of Triberr 😉 I look forward to seeing you over there. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Ashutosh, sounds good! Triberr rocks. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  9. Hello, Ryan, Very informative post, As I am newbie and never use triberr before but now I am planning to register my account on triberr and following your guidelines which help me to boost my website traffic.

    Thank you once again Ryan! And I am waiting for your next written up!

    Cheers, Ashutosh

  10. Nirmala Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Good post for the bloggers and internet marketers to reap the benefits of Triberr.

    I have been on Triberr since 2 years, but inactive 🙁

    Many times, I tried something to drive traffic from there, but I failed to do it.

    I got advised from Adam Connell as well to join and stay active in relevant tribes, but yet to implement it.

    Thanks for your awesome tips to use Triberr in an effective manner, I’ll try to follow your suggestions.

    Hope you are doing good and Kelly as well.

  11. Kabie, most certainly. The effort we put in creates the yield/results. Thanks for reading AND commenting 🙂

  12. The activity part helps so much Ikechi. Just showing up to share and chat for a few minutes daily makes you stand out. Thanks for reading!

  13. ikechi Says:

    Hi Ryan

    Although I am Triberr member, I have not done some of the tips mentioned. True I share posts on Triberr but I have not been in the platform for sometime.

    Thanks for this awesome post. I will get back to Triberr and get to work.

  14. Kabie Says:

    If I am tempted to add, it will be the fact that one needs to understand it takes a lot to be yielding the benefit of any platform.

    Being active on the platform is the major ingredient. I am not triberr but will of course be considering it after reading this.

    Thanks a lot.

  15. Thanks Carey!

  16. Carey Leo Says:

    Amazing breakdown of how to use Triberr. Great stuff Ryan

  17. No worries Maketta; sharing is caring 😉 Thanks for reading!

  18. Maketta Says:

    Hello Ryan,

    I try to post at least once a week. I know I don’t comment as much as I should. Sometimes if I don’t comment I’ll just share instead. 🙂 Awesome tips and very helpful. I will try to implement more of them. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Thank you for reading and commenting Wendy 🙂

  20. Wendy Nugent Says:

    Thanks for the help Ryan, I appreciate this 🙂

  21. Good stuff David. I’ve been meaning to get more into Bloglovin’; seems like a cool platform. Thanks for commenting!

  22. David Boozer Says:

    Love the post Ryan. Personally I use Bloglovin’ but Triberr does have aquiet a bit more tools available for those using wordpress. If you are jsut starting out on a platform like this, I do say go with Triberr, just a whole lot more there for people and the reach you need as a new blogger today…

  23. Yep Jack, Triberr is SUCH a powerful tool for those chatters out there. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  24. I have to admit Kurt; I wrote this post to both promote my eBook and to help my audience….and to whip my butt for not doing #4 as much as I should LOL…..thanks for commenting!

  25. Time does fly, right Sicorra? Connections, clients, customers, so many fab folks await for us there. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  26. Yep TG, we connected on Triberr. No worries; we’ve all ghosted ourselves on Triberr sometimes LOL 🙂

  27. Sicorra Says:


    I too love Triberr. I think I discovered it about 2 years ago already (time flies).

    There is something on Triberr for every niche. I know what Rosa above means when she said she thought it was only for people who blog about blogging. But it has grown to be so much more.

    I have made great connections on there, invited new people to try it out, and use it for my clients as well.

    And, I was going to do a blog post about Triberr to show new people in one of our FB groups, but you saved me the trouble. I will just share your post instead.

    Thanks! 🙂 Hope you guys are having a wonderful time on your journey!

    – Sicorra

  28. Hey Ryan,

    I need to work on number 4 and comment on actual Triberr posts. I don’t mean to regurgitate what you and Andrew already said, but I have been non-existent on Triberr and need to change that.

    This post is a great reminder Ryan.

    Thanks for writing.


  29. Triberr Ghost? Guilty as charged. I haven’t blogged for 2 months after blogging at least twice a week for nearly 3 years. I still got a new Tribe invite today though 😉

    Great tips Ryan. I think Triberr is how we found each other too 🙂

  30. Jack Says:

    Great post, we need to start commenting a lot more. We usually only comment when we have some of value to say though! I suppose we need to start having more to say haha.

    Great post a I agree that tribber can be very useful if used correctly.

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. I’ve been in the Ghost Zone too Andrew 😉 This post reminds me to share a bit more here and there. Thanks for reading!

  32. Travis my pleasure 🙂

  33. Makes sense!

    I’ll definitely look into it a little more seriously now!

    Thanks for the help.

    Really appreciate it!

  34. Andrew Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Interesting post. I’m one of those ghosts of Triberr. Because I post once every 2 weeks, I obviously don’t get as much traction as I probably need to. But, I plan on incorporating video and podcasts again in the future, so hopefully that will help out.

    Hanging where you want to be seen is a good tip. You obviously don’t want to waste any time in a tribe that doesn’t provide any benefit to both sides.

    Great post.

    – Andrew

  35. Yep Sven, give it a shot! That small talk may just become medium talk, that forms some powerful bonds 😉

  36. Kayelle, wow is Triberr powerful for sci fi and romance authors! A really tight knit group too.

  37. I feel using Triberr is the easiest, quickest way to gain more branding steam Travis 😉 It takes some effort and time to use the network but really, sharing posts takes minutes, and you’ll have a smorgasboard of bloggers to connect with. The key is getting into relevant tribes, to network with the right folks. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  38. Good post!

    The first time I made a Triberr account it confused the heck out of me. It seemed like you had to spend a lot of time for the hope that you’d get invited to a tribe right?

    I’ll have to give it another look, but it’s seemed pretty time consuming last I checked. I always thought that I’d get to it eventually.

    What do you think Ryan? Is it worth it for a newer brand, or do you think it’s better to get some more steam before really going after Triberr?

  39. I write about science fiction and romance, among other topics. Definitely not just a blog about blogging. 🙂 And I love Triberr. It takes me no more than 10 to 15 minutes a day, but has shot my reach out to over 3.5 million. Definitely the best thing I do for social media all day.

  40. Sven Says:

    The only thing I’m struggling with is #4. That’s probably because I hate small talk in real life 😀 It’s boring and a waste of time…I might give it a virtual try just to get seen more and to connect with the right folks :>

  41. Yep, awesome tribe, especially for you Rosa! I forget; does Jeanne Melanson run that tribe? If not, she also runs one that may include some fab pet blogs. My pleasure, thanks for reading!

  42. So happy you found value in the LOA book Wendy. Triberr is great for newbies and vets; fab networking tool. I have so many on so many different blogging topics…since you have a bunch of ideas to work with, I suggest scrolling through this list:

    Here’s a must read for new bloggers, for networking:

    This one can help you start blogging with the right mindset:

    Here’s a fab read for mistakes to avoid as a new blogger:

    Add those 3 to your library for sure. They’ll help you get on the blogging straight and narrow from day 1.

    So excited about your new blog!

  43. Cool Bigwas! Join up; it’s perfect for a blogging tips blogger like yourself. Right up your alley.

  44. Yep, you’re also a tribe mate Renard 😉 Keep on sharing and connecting and your posts shared will continue to sky rocket. Thanks for commenting!

  45. Bigwas Says:

    First time to read about that site. If indeed it will help drive traffic to my blog, I have to check it out.

  46. [ Smiles ] Ryan, I am also on Triberr.

    My biggest challenge is to get my music tribe to grow (At the moment, it only contains nine members).

    Luckily for me, a lot of people on Triberr share my posts a lot via their Twitter accounts.

    Also, thank you for the tips on Triberr.

  47. Wendy Says:

    I was inspired to start writing a blog when I read your ebook on law of attraction. I have just started a blog on WordPress. Is triberr better for a newbie like me and also which of your Ebooks should I read first to get me started? I am a newbie at blogging, but I have loads of ideas!

  48. I haven’t tried Triberr yet and my first reaction was that it probably works only for bloggers who write about blogging. But after reading you post I found out that there’s a Pet Blogs United tribe – since I’m a pet blogger this tribe is quite interesting for me. Great info once again Ryan! Thanks for sharing.

  49. What’s your take on Triberr? Are you using it regularly?