10 of My Scariest Travel Experiences from Around the World eBook


10 of My Scariest Travel Experiences from Around the World eBook


The cobra stared me dead in the eyes.


The intense, sinister stare curdled my blood.


He bobbed to and fro as if a snake charmer demanded him to dance.


Make no mistake; he has us in his sights.


Spitting cobras spit deadly, blinding venom up to 10 feet. Dead eye Dicks too.


We cautiously inched toward the cobra.


Our lives were on the line…..


The eBook


If you love a scary travel story buy my eBook:


10 of My Scariest Travel Experiences from Around the World eBook


I recount some intense encounters during my 7 year around the world trip like:


  • sitting in a cage with three, 400 pound tigers in Thailand
  • dancing with death in India after I suffered through giardia and wicked dangerous dehydration
  • hitting the pavement Superman style during a nasty motorbike accident in Bali
  • going flat broke in Laos
  • saving a kitty from a deadly krait in Bali


Some of you want to live vicariously through me.


I get that.


I have little interest in revisiting some of these experiences. Strike that; I have no interest in reliving any of these experiences. But I do love weaving a good tale of crazy incidents on the road to bring you along for the ride.


Blogging From Paradise Travel Page


Adventurous types may dive into some of these experiences. Or perhaps you have similar stories to tell from your world travels. The number of tourists I see with either casts in lands like Bali and Thailand – motorbike accidents most of the time – or with stories of severe stomach issues highlight 2 common travel mishaps suffered by many globe trotters.


Cover Story


I snapped an image of my cat-swiped after I pulled Batman the kitty away from a deadly krait in Bali.


Picture taken 2 minutes after the incident; blood still fresh.


What You Get


10 wild, scary and downright entertaining stories pulsating with flavor. I do not hold back in sharing these incidents with you.


Ultimately, you get entertainment. Some folks dig Netflix. Other folks prefer an awesome read. Kindle, bite-sized number? Ya got it with my eBook.


Sometimes we all need a break from the life we live to venture to some far off, exotic land. Enter the eBook.


I paint a pretty picture of paradise here and there through my blog and brand but I also bring the pain with the wild situations I have experienced around the globe. This is one side effect of slow travel. You get a broader, richer experience, or genuine sampling of what some place has to offer.


I genuinely don’t mind it. Brand builder of course but each story helped me face some wicked fears, all of which inspired me to grow my blog and brand like the dickens.


Get to Know Me


Many folks know me as the Blogging From Paradise guy who shares blogging tips to help you build a rocking blog. If you want to understand what makes me tick this eBook gives you a glimpse into why I do what I do.


No fear of writer’s block here. I helped slay a spitting cobra. Do you think some little ego energy waves dancing around in my mind when it’s time to write 4 blog posts today scares me? Nope.


Ditto for the common fears crippling most bloggers. If you sat in a cage with three, 400 pound tigers with teeth masquerading as daggers you too would not fear the silly little, piddly online stuff that paralyzes most entrepreneurs.


This could be an inspiring read for you as well, because if I slowly watched my body waste away, losing 15 pounds in 10 days in India, becoming deadly dehydrated, and made it through this new definition of suffering – not unlike being digested in Sarlaac’s Pit over 1000 years – maybe you can conquer seemingly smaller but equally terrifying fears in your mind.


You may not snatch a cat in the nick of time as one of the world’s most venomous snakes waits in the tall grass but you can enjoy these stories and adopt a new sense of fearlessness after soaking up this read.


10 of My Scariest Travel Experiences from Around the World eBook


Are you ready to enjoy some scary tales?


Buy my eBook:


10 of My Scariest Travel Experiences from Around the World eBook