Do You Trade Long Term Blogging Success for Short Term Instant Gratification?

  March 20, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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My friend and web developer Phillip Dews published an excellent post recently:


Goals and the Immediate Gratification Problem


In truth, I still need to guard against this problem 15 years into my blogging career. Phill mentions Chris Martin from Coldplay as an example of someone who experienced immense worldly success because he focused heavily on the fun of creating music versus chasing a goal to be famous. I read a few in-depth articles about Jeff Bezos recently detailing his ruthlessly obsessive compulsion to serve customers, he being completely devoted to the process of building Amazon based on service.


Last night, St. Peter’s of New Jersey went to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. Shaheen Holloway coaches the Peacocks. He appears to becoming a coaching superstar quickly, guiding an underdog program, but I observed his process since 1993. That is 29 years, folks.


I played against Sha during my high school days. I also following his dazzling All-American high school career, shining college career and budding superstar coaching career. He serves as a living, breathing testament of someone heavily invested in the process of playing then teaching basketball versus trying to be famous or rich through the medium.


The Ego Wants Now


The ego tries to get quickly. The ego in me, in you and in most 7 billion humans tries to get instant gratification. What I am learning to do is solely to have fun blogging to allow greater and greater worldly success to manifest in its own time. Chris Martin, Jeff Bezos and Shaheen Holloway developed their minds to NOT seek instant gratification. Rather, each focused heavily on the process of enjoying helping people, serving people and inspiring people. I have developed my mind partially in this regard but am still learning this skill.


How Are You Doing?


How are you doing in this regard? Do you love blogging? Or do you blog mainly to get money? Do you blog primarily to be popular?


Do you trade long term blogging success AND your current day happiness in serving people for meager scraps received on a day to day basis?


Short term instant blogging gratification may be doing all you possibly can today to land one blogging manual sale. Perhaps you copy and paste one blogging manual link in 500 spots online today. Maybe you generate one sale today but you sacrificed massive long term growth potential for $10 or $20 because spending 15 hours copying and pasting one link feels like a terrible trade-off for creating and connecting, generously, genuinely and patiently in that 15 hour time slot.


You could have gained massive, positive exposure today for future immense success. But you traded that opportunity for:


  • $10
  • grossly limited exposure
  • negative exposure in those few spots


Making a low quality impact in a few spots with a 15 hour investment today – for a quick $10 payday – is not the stuff of online empires.


Invest Your Time and Energy Wisely


Stop trying to just make $10 today by doing inefficient things.


Spend 10 hours today doing efficient things to become a full time blogger 5 years down the road.


Be passion-lead versus outcomes-focused.


I took my cue from Phill’s post to do what felt most fun to me now. I wrote and published this blog post primarily to have fun helping you. Writing feels fun to me. Every time I write and publish a blog post I intend to help you with sound blogging tips. In truth, I win by having fun helping you and you win by receiving helpful blog content.


Nowhere in this process am I trying to get anything. I feel happy to give.


This is the way to overcome urges to seek instant gratification. Find something you love doing. Do it to help, inspire and empower people. Make the work the reward. See goals, outcomes, stats and metrics as extras. View these outcomes like bonuses. Be happy with exploring the process of helping people. Allow the results to manifest organically, in their own time.


Prepare to Feel Uncomfortable


Admittedly, this is a highly uncomfortable process sometimes. Fear manifest as:


  • greed
  • desperation
  • panic
  • terror


arises in your mind during the process. Facing, feeling and releasing each of these emotions feels really bad. But every successful individual professes to facing these “dark night of the soul” type moments. God knows: I have faced, embraced and released more than a few of these moments spanning the prior 15 years of my life.


Stop the Trade Off


Stop trading long term blogging success for piddly numbers now.


Develop a vision in your mind. See yourself helping an increasing number of people through your blogging campaign. Anchor yourself in the present to prevent yourself from being blown around by greed, desperation or impatience.


Do what you love doing. Do not spent today trying to make 10 bucks to pay the bills. Invest time and energy today into building something genuinely helpful for an increasing number of people.


Sticking to this plan for a long time eventually covers all of your worldly needs. But you will not be the blogger who blogs to pay bills, anymore. Instead, you will have been the blogger who has fun helping people and allows the worldly success to organically materialize in its own time.


I am still learning with you guys…..

  1. Phillip Dews says:
    at 2:17 pm

    We are what we do at the end of the day. I also like saying you keep saying is that whatever we chase flees. I remember starting a blog years ago and my mindset was a lot different from what it is now. I remember getting my very first Adsense cheque which at the time I think was a hundred dollars, the result of thousands of hours of writing content and promoting the hell out of it. I was impatient and furious about getting that quick pound each and every day. The trade-off was that I gave up and pursued a career in development which I am happy to say has paid off my mortgage.

    Coming back to blogging is a breath of fresh air for me. The past eighteen months as you well know I have been on a huge literary journey that has dramatically reprogrammed my brain and has grown the grey matter in my hippocampus, on top of that I gave up drinking after my doctor told me that he suspects I have a fatty liver (2 weeks tomorrow now) not that I was a heavy drinker anyway. These two things together have made me into a calmer, happier, and more thoughtful blogger and person.

    I am now ultimately enjoying the process and craft of blogging and I expect nothing in return. If aspiring bloggers like myself adopt what you preach here Ryan the byproduct will eventually be a successful blogging career. Many thanks for the shoutout and link back to my blog post buddy, it’s greatly appreciated.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:52 pm

      Phill I have been observing your changes from afar. I feel a deeper sense of peace in you. Keep up the inspired work my friend.

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