Top 11 Blogging Mistakes You Need to Fix Now

  July 24, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand


(The following is a guest post from Janice Wald at Mostly Blogging…..)




That’s what you find when you make blogging mistakes. 




Of course.


As long as you follow the tips in this post, you can avoid all these mistakes and boost your blogging success. 


Let’s get started. 


Consider these comments from Dheerah, a blogger explaining mistakes she made early on in her blogging career.


“I made tons of mistakes starting out and content marketing. I wrote very few sentences and published them as a blog post or webpage. I put too many ads on the site once upon a time and drove people away. I would post a video or an image with one sentence sometimes and thought that would get me tons of traffic from Google and Yahoo. I was wrong! Thankfully today, I have a new mindset toward producing content. I write longer pages and engage deeper with my readers, building and sustaining long-term relationships.”


Source: A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money from Blogging.


You don’t need to learn the hard way, through experience.


Reap the benefit of these warnings.


Don’t make these blogging mistakes:


Social Media Mistakes


You know you need social media to draw attention to your blog content. Since you have to use social media, you might as well use social media correctly.




Make sure you make your board names relevant to the board’s purpose. For example, if your board is about chicken recipes, say so. “Chicken recipes” is more specific than just “recipes.” Your boards are indexed. People will search for “Chicken recipes” and not the generic “recipes.” Can you call the board “fried chicken recipes?” Sure, the more specific, the better.




When you tweet, don’t just promote your own content. Some bloggers only tweet about their own blog content. Wrong! If you don’t promote other bloggers’ content, no one will promote your content and you’ll look spammy. Social media is about giving and taking. Wiser bloggers follow the 80/20 rule. They promote their own content 20% of the time and other bloggers’ content 80% of the time. I still cry, “Wrong!” You’re on social media. Be social! Interact, network, engage. Use Twitter to chat about the content being shared and network with your followers. Thank people who are kind enough to share your work. You don’t just have to use Twitter for promotion.




Don’t use the same graphic on Instagram that you post on Pinterest. Pinterest’s dimensions generally are long. They are usually 1024 pixels in length. If you post a long graphic on Instagram, part of the graphic will be cut off. Instagram’s dimensions are square.


Generic Social Media Mistakes


Bloggers fail to take advantage of the power of social media to monetize. Take advantage of the massive audience on social media at your disposal. You can make money on social media sites. For example, Ryan can often be seen in the Facebook sidebar marketing his ebooks in live videos. I realize many bloggers claim they have no interest in monetization, but you can at least earn enough to pay your hosting fee.


Not replying to comments or direct messages. Let’s face it. Ignoring communication offline or online is just rude. People won’t make the same mistake twice. Show your followers you appreciate their comments by replying and they are likely to use the chat lines social media sites provide to comment again.


Failing to promote. You don’t want to have a secret blog. Promote on several social media sites and see which sites generate the best traffic for you.


Having unrelated content. You need a niche so you have focus and your readers have clarity about the type of content they’ll find on your blog.


Forgetting about preschedulers. You can’t be at a computer all day long. Save time and stress using Buffer, Hootsuite, or other free tools to schedule your posts. These tools post your social media content at optimal times when your followers are more likely to see them.


Blogging Mistakes


Ignoring comments. Google likes active blogs which comments indicate. Bloggers also like to read each other’s comments. If you don’t reply, people won’t comment again and you’ll lose these benefits like a boost in SEO and building an engaged community.


Ignoring search engines You work hard on your blog posts. Don’t let your work go ignored after your readers’ initial interest dies down. Posts can rank on search engines for years. Keep that traffic flowing!


Ignoring formatting. White space is your friend. No one wants to read a long block of text. Your paragraphs should be no longer than three sentences. Also, use subheads when starting a new section of your post. Also, use bold font, lists, and bullets when appropriate.




Good news: These mistakes are all avoidable. Bookmark this post and pull it out every now and again. They make great reminders for more experienced bloggers and important tips for new bloggers.


Author Bio Janice Wald is an author, speaker, freelance writer, blogger, blogging coach, and blogging judge. She blogs at where she shares tips for bloggers and marketers. Mostly Blogging was nominated for 2019 Best Marketing Blog at the Infinity Blog Awards. Wald recently published ALL THE INSTAGRAM TIPS AND TRICKS YOU NEED TO KNOW ( available on Amazon. Follow her over to for more blogging and marketing tips and a PDF of 137 free blogging tools.

  1. Mudassir says:
    at 12:27 pm

    Hey Janice,

    I am glad you have talked about blogging mistakes. I have started blogging in 2015. As a part-time blogger, I’ve been missing so many basics while blogging.

    As like Dheerah, I too have made mistakes in Content and niche selection. Eventually, by following bloggers like Ryan, Anil, Ankit, Adam, Zac (oh! this list goes on…) now I am recovering myself from those mistakes.

    The best part of blogging is no matter how long you are blogging, there is always something valuable to learn.

    I really started loving these kinds of general topics rather than SEO.

    Good job Ryan and Janice Wald.

  2. Nikola Roza says:
    at 2:41 pm

    Great post Janice!
    Truly, all these blogging mistakes can hamper growth, but the most important thing to do is to take a deep breath and decide how you want to be getting traffic ti your site.
    And then going and fixing the mistakes you’re making in that area.
    That’s being productive, effective and prosperous with your actions.

    For me and my blog, that’s SEO…

  3. Liton Biswas says:
    at 2:42 am

    Hi Janice,

    It’s nice to see you here on Ryan’s blog.

    When it comes to blogging mistakes, new bloggers often tend to make mistakes.

    It’s normal.

    The good news is, almost all the blogging mistakes can be corrected.

    But it’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes. Doing so will save you valuable time and accelerate your blog’s growth.

    However, thanks, Janice for sharing these nice thoughts.

  4. Janice Wald says:
    at 5:35 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you for hosting me this week.
    It sounds like your readers appreciate these important blogging reminders. Off to share!

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