Tips for Being a Digital Nomad in Italy


Thanks to the advancements made in online technology over the past couple of years, the workload of a digital nomad has become more or less streamlined. In their constant endeavor to try out new things and work simultaneously from a room in a hotel halfway across the planet, the digital nomad of today has become accustomed to the liberal and unshackled way of living.


Having said that, the everyday life of a digital nomad is far from glamorous or simple as one may visualize. The freedom to travel, from pristine beaches to serene mountains, comes at a price. These aspirations and aims are fraught with plenty of challenges that one cannot escape from and which plague their way of life, with the biggest of them being in deciding where to go.


Taking into consideration the principal factors of connectivity, cost of living, natural beauty and climate, the country of Italy makes a tall claim as to be one of the best for any international freelancer to make his or her base in. Whether you want to get online quickly and easily, enjoy the sights and sounds of this charming land or find rentals in Italy this digital nomad friendly country has you covered.  Some of the interesting reasons for independent entrepreneurs to work from this European country are highlighted here.


Internet Access


Internet access in Italy, is not only good but much cheaper than most parts of the world. Nothing could be worse than being in a beautiful place and not being able to keep in touch with your clients, knowing well enough that you are wasting time and losing money at the same time.


Even though free Wi Fi is not common, there are plenty of co-working places options available to make your stay in Italy productive and profitable. Cities like Rome, Catania, Verona and Milan are all hubs for freelancers where fully furnished Microsoft installed offices, complete with 2D and 3D printer are easily available at an affordable price.


Remember, if you are looking to work for a day or two, check online to see whether the coworking space you have opted for offers a free first day pass, as several in Rome do.




It is extremely important for a digital nomad to find a suitable spot to sleep and work from, in any part of the world, in order to enjoy the most of each working day. Verona, for example, one of the most enchanting cities of Italy, offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs and freelancers to live and work remotely at their own co-working space.


Choosing your accommodation depends on your budget and taste.There are plenty of luxury villas and spacious homes available for long and short stays, which have work spaces suitably alternated with areas to relax and unwind. These places come fully equipped with kitchen, high speed Wifi, communal kitchen and shared bathrooms.


Italy has a lot of budget hostels and mid-range guesthouses and dorm beds where the Internet is reasonably fast and one can work from the common room. If you intend to stay long term, it is better to initially rent a good place for a week and then explore for an appointment for permanent use. This way you can get to know the city better and negotiate for a good deal as well.




The locals say, that Italy is all about food, which will give you a good reason where the priorities of a digital nomad lie. The food is super tasty and cheap and found easily on the street as well as at some great restaurants which offer a dinner with wine for as low as 20 euros per person.


There are two meal types in Italy, the main course or primo, which is basically pasta and soup or secondo which is meat. Save money by ordering a primo instead of a secondo. Having said that, a slice of pizza is the cheapest meal available for just a few euros.




Rome, Naples and Milan have a good, extensive public system of transport, while the remaining cities have a useful and organised bus service. Ticket vending machines can be used to purchase tickets for the metro and bus. Apart from Venice, a reliable taxi service is available for short rides within the city for a nominal cost. Remember to book a car well in advance as the cost becomes expensive the closer you are to your trip.


Italy has a solid passenger train network from one city to another and also to some international destinations like France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. It is advisable to book well in advance to avail the early bird benefits, especially at for the cheapest rates.




Italy is said to be the safest country for travelers, even for those who wish to travel on their own. While petty crimes do occur, as in any other country, Italy has a good reputation towards the welfare and concern of all individuals.




Italy uses the Euro, like most of the members of the European Union. Major credit cards are accepted and there are plenty of ATM’s all over the country, including the urban areas.

Italy, today, has garnered the attention of digital nomads from all over the world. No doubt it is a bit expensive compared to dirt cheap backpacking locales but is completely worth the cost.


The country is peaceful, beautiful and offers the perfect balance between work and living in a lovely environment. The food, wine and architecture makes it an all time favorite. So if you are looking for some sun and inspiration, head to Italy.