What Is The Secret Of Successful Blogging?

  April 6, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

My head tells me to note I am in Opotiki, New Zealand now. My heart tells me to note I just used the toilet prior to the photo.


Twig and berries.


His mini junk peered at me through tightie whities.


What should I have done? *Not* notice the neighbor in Bali who greeted me underwear first?


He walked into the street with a Fruit of the Loom smile and warm embrace. Thank goodness; we did not cross the streams. If ya get my drift.


But the man did teach me a blogging lesson; how to be memorable by being comfortable in your own skin.


Blog From Your Heart Not From Your Head


Have you ever read a lead in like that to a blogging tips post? Of course not. Most blogging tips bloggers are sane.


But most blogging tips bloggers blog from their heads, not their hearts, planning everything out, robotic-style, mechanically moving through stiff motions to interest readers, grows lists and to profit.


The secret to blogging success: blogging from your heart, not from your head.


Blogging from the heart-love moves you away from head-mind-fear, meaning your message is fun, light, loving and memorable. Meaning you weave heart-felt tales from day to day living. Meaning you share client struggles and success stories in genuine fashion. Meaning you connect with readers. Meaning you succeed.


I only write these bizarre tales and link the funny stories to blogging because I blog from my heart, not my head. I do not fear being weird, adding humor, adding curses, adding a different angle, to my work. When you blog mainly from your heart you blog from energies of love and fun, making fear beat a hasty retreat.


Of course, blogging from the heart is the secret to successful blogging because blogging from an energy of love harmonizes you with:


  • profitable ideas
  • loving readers
  • prospering circumstances
  • money
  • inspired action


Most bloggers do not blog from heart-love-fun. Nope.


Most bloggers are…..Robo Bloggers.


Robo Bloggers


Most bloggers blog from mind, Robo Blogging Style.


Here’s how writing a post feels to Robo Bloggers:


  1. start blog post with hook to grab attention; check!
  2. share value in post; check!
  3. grow email list; check!
  4. end with call to action; check!
  5. move on to next activity; check!
  6. “Thank you for your cooperation” ~ Said in Robo Cop Voice


Sure you see worldly success and have some fun following robotic steps. Nothing wrong with blogging primarily through mind.


BUT……moving away from heart toward mind draws you away from love-fun-prospering toward fear-tension-struggle. Most bloggers have a helluva time, struggling and failing, because they try to *think* their way through blogging versus *feeling* their way through blogging, ignoring their All Knowing And Loving Intuition and listening to their bitchy little ego chatter.


Blogging from the heart feels like eating a meal with soul, flavor and deliciousness. Blogging from the head feels like eating cardboard masquerading as rice cakes.


Example Of Blogging From The Heart


I wrote a colorful eBook once well off of the blogging tips beaten path.


When I went on my eBook writing tear my heart said: “Yo; write that shit. It’d be fun.” (My intuition is from Northern New Jersey, like me.)


So I wrote it.


My head would have said: “The only folks searching for that term would be perv farang.” Not aspiring bloggers. In most cases. But since I do most stuff from a love-fun energy and few things from fear-mind-scarcity-head, I wrote the eBook, not worrying about outcomes.


People seem to think I am changing the world of blogging, especially in the blogging tips niche. I am just listening to my heart, not my head.


Logic Is A Lasso


Logic is a lasso, roping you in when you just want to be free.


My logical mind said; start off with a pain point in this post, playing it safe. Connect with your readers.


My heart said; lead off with a personal story of small Balinese wieners and tiny testicles. I honored my heart. I let go the logic lasso. You will remember this post. Likely, you will buy the eBook too.


But more than anything you will bring this lesson with you when ya sit down to write your next blog post. Maybe you add a light personal story to the post. Or perhaps you feel the fear of being vulnerable through your blog, and do it anyway, sharing failures or struggles from your heart even though your head-mind-logic tells you from an energy of fear...”Don’t do it! It’ll make you look weak, like a failure, fraud.”


I say: “Balinese nut up! Blog from your heart. Honor your intuition.”


The longest blogging journey from the world seems to be from head to heart but it’s really not that long a trip.


Decide today to blog a little less from convention and more from fun, love and playfulness.


Become a successful blogger by blogging from your heart.


  1. Jamie G says:
    at 7:06 pm

    Great article as usual…I like the idea of writing from the heart as opposed to the ‘what will my readers buy’ mentality.

    I hope you get to check out the mainland while you’re there (South Island). I can recommend some places if you need haha (Of course I may be slightly biased on my hometown;)

  2. BG Jenkins says:
    at 7:10 pm

    Hi Ryan, I will say one thing about your blogging, you are authentic, along with your knowledge and ability to help others learn to blog well. You definitely can see your heart for what you do. Thanks so much for your willingness to teach and push people beyond what they shy away from doing. It is all about being yourself, whether others like it or not.

  3. Audrey Chalmers says:
    at 7:42 pm

    I think a combination of fun and strategy is the way to go. There’s no reason the two have to be mutually exclusive. A hook or story makes the post more enjoyable for your readers. But there’s nothing wrong with including SEO and a call to action as well. Thanks for the interesting read, I enjoy your unique writing style.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:37 pm

      I see the heart as encompassing all things Audrey 😉 But definitely agree following a strategy with a loving, fun energy helps you build a successful blog. Thanks heaps and have a great weekend!

  4. Jamie Gardiner says:
    at 11:01 pm

    Oh man, don’t get me started…

    I currently live in Australia, but I grew up in a wee town called Karitane, in Otago. If you’re driving down south, here would be my must-see’s;

    Picton (and surrounds i.e Blenheim, well actually the Marlborough sounds in general really)
    St Arnaud
    Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers
    Pretty much anywhere down the west coast
    Te Anau
    Milford, Doubtful and Dusky Sounds (out of the way, but unbelievable scenery)
    Kaikoura (if the road is open yet)

    Too many more to name…..Damn, I’m homesick now:(

    I hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. Rajesh Rai says:
    at 8:16 am

    Great Article Ryan, I like the idea of wriitng from heart. So that the audience don’t get bored. It doesn’t always have to be funny, but it must be enjoyable!

  6. Prachi Maulingker Naik says:
    at 5:44 am

    The best part in the blog that I loved is blogging from your heart and not your mind !!! Makes so much sense !! Great article, every blogger must read this one !!

  7. Denise Dixon says:
    at 7:12 am

    Love this: “Meaning you weave heart-felt tales from day to day living.” You just inspired me to write a blog post! Unbeknownst to you, you have quickly become my blogging mentor. Love your fearless, fresh approach to blogging. To life. Write on!

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