How to Be a Successful Blogging Leader

  May 30, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Me with dazzling Mount Cook over my shoulder on the South Island of New Zealand.


I came across this video from Donna Merrill in my Facebook Stream:


What Is Leadership?


Donna is a leader. As Alonzo Pichardo is a leader. Ditto for Pat Flynn. And Zac Johnson.


These blogging leaders became leaders by following a few simple tips for the long haul.


If you want to taste sweet blogging success and inspire folks to live their dreams you will become a blogging leader too.


Follow these tips.


1: Raise Your Energy


Do you feel like a hostage to blogging or life problems? Raise your energy to see above the problems.


Leaders see above issues to stay on the straight and narrow, making a beeline for their goals.


Raising your energy through:


  • exercise
  • meditation
  • prayer
  • yoga


makes you buzz. Like, an irresistible force that bloggers and readers cannot get enough of.


Raising your vibe also helps energize you for your long haul journey, so you remain positive and buoyant through blogging ups and downs.


2: Surround Yourself with Leaders and Learn from Them


I mention Donna and Alonzo above because each friend influenced me to a great degree.


Some folks see me as a blogging leader because I learned from iconic leaders like Donna and Alonzo, observing their posture, how they interact with folks and their generous, heart-centered, kind nature.


Surround yourself with blogging leaders. Learn from the pros. Study them. They tell you all you need to be and to do succeed online and to become a blogging leader yourself.


3: Stop on a Dime


Note how comments are closed on Blogging From Paradise? Of course you do.


I stopped on a dime because I had to. Intuitive nudge.


Followers would fear closing comments for some idea of loss, or because said followers would be highly attached to the 10,000 plus comments on their blog, as I have here. Leaders focus on gain or abundance, not loss, allowing their passion to lead them.


Blogging leaders know immediately what to let go to accelerate their growth.


What can you let go now, blogging-wise or life-wise, to become a leader? Ponder that question to let go dead weight and to accelerate your blogging success.


4: Create Simple and Helpful Content


Earn the title of leader by being of service.


This is the fundamental step to being a leader in your niche. Readers follow folks who teach, instruct and inspire individuals through their generous service.


Examples of Creating Content


  • write blog posts
  • write guest posts
  • create videos on YouTube
  • publish podcasts on Sound Cloud
  • render coaching services
  • render freelance services
  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • create online courses


Establish your expertise to become a leader in your niche. This is the step where leading bloggers differentiate themselves by genuinely over delivering for years. Folks dig someone who generously helps readers across a wide range of platforms for the long haul.


5: Invest Money in Your Education


See spending money not as losing money but as making an investment yielding massive returns.


Blogging leaders invest money in their blogging education by buying:


  • courses
  • eBooks
  • audio books


Leading bloggers hire coaches to point out blind spots and to continually learn about their blogging niche.


What about Beginner Bloggers?


Do you feel overwhelmed as a newbie blogger? Does being a blogging leader feel like light years away to you?


If you do the right things with the right energy you can position yourself to be a blogging leader in 6-12 months. Doing your daily meditation and yoga, spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on your education, surrounding yourself only with blogging leaders and creating like the dickens cuts your blogging success curve by years.


The sweet, joyous, thrilling success you seize as a blogging leader is worth the time and energy invested in following the steps mentioned above.


Make sure to put me in your reader and become a blogging leader.

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