Successful Blogging Is 1 Person at a Time

  May 15, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Nizwa, Oman


This video requires 12 minutes of your time. But goodness it is time well spent.


David gets it. Both my blogging buddies Liked the video. Both endorse me, promote me and buy my stuff (eBooks…lots of eBooks). I promote them. I help them. Successful blogging is 1 Facebook Tag, 1 retweet, 1 link from Blogging From Paradise, to a fellow blogger, at a time.


You know what inspired me to write this many eBooks?


Personal problems. Individuals intent on living their dreams. Interactions with humans, 1 to 1. I figured it out; successful blogging is 1 human at a time. Not miraculously landing some gig on Positively Positive as a new blogger 10 years ago. Not happening. But now, 10 years of genuine, 1 to 1, bond-building later, I am a contributor on this site alongside guys like Mark Cuban and Seth Godin. I did zero promotion on my latest post save 1 tweet and it registered 700 plus Facebook Likes in 24 hours:



People would LOVE to get 700 Facebook Likes in 24 hours but have no interest in publishing 11,892 comments on Disqus over the past 10 years of their lives, like I did, building 1 to 1 bonds with bloggers, doing the relationship legwork, as I have. Stop swinging for the fences. Begin bunting. Hit some singles. Help and befriend humans, 1 to 1. The 700 Likes in 1 day actually happens over 10 years, via 12,000 comments, 1000’s of blog posts and videos, plus 50,000 comments on blogs sans Disqus.


All those phenomenal, high profile, coveted opportunities flow your way after you build friendships with readers and help them, 1 to 1, while creating helpful content.


Click the link for this key message. And for the video.


Successful Blogging Is 1 Person at a Time


Santosh Gairola gets it. He developed the skill of bonding with fellow bloggers and readers 1 person at a time. Versus playing a numbers game, trying to manipulate people and numbers for personal gain, he warmly, tenderly and compassionately engages fellow human beings patiently, persistently and generously.


Successful blogging is 1 person at a time.


The reason why this confuses bloggers is because most focus heavily on trying to achieve big numbers. Making matters more confusing, bloggers often teach fellow bloggers how to get big numbers. Scan any authority blog and you tend to see at least a few posts touting:


  • how to grow a big email list
  • how to make 6 figures a year
  • how to drive heavy blog traffic


Setting number goals does not seem to be a bad things but holding outcomes-based intents moves your focus from human beings to numbers. Instead of bonding with humans 1 to 1 you focus on trying to get as many numbers as possible. Focusing on numbers shifts your focus from people to numbers. No one can give their attention and energy to 2 things at once.


Take this blog post. Imagine if my intent seemed to be to garner as much traffic as possible. How could I focus on you the reader and fellow bloggers if my attention seemed focused on big traffic numbers? Do you see why bloggers usually struggle? Bloggers try to get – and teach – how to get big numbers related to traffic and profits but the big numbers actually flow from building genuine, 1 to 1 bonds with fellow human beings.


Observe social media stars like Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter.  He tirelessly builds 1 to 1 bonds by engaging with fellow tweeters 1 to 1. Peep his @reply stream. Do you see what I mean? Gary Vee treats business as a human experience. He talks to fellow human beings compassionately, patiently and persistently on an individualized basis. The platform he’s received to speak to millions of human beings seems built on a granite-like foundation of 1 to 1 engagements, chats and connections executed over a decade online.


Independent of your political views, former president Bill Clinton developed this skill to epic levels. I knew a staunch conservative who disliked the man. She was a high end caterer who worked an event he attended. She said he made her feel like the only person in the room. He knew – whatever his motivator – that focusing all attention and energy on one person at a time makes the greatest impact, even if the person did not particularly care for him.


I also wrote about this topic on Enstine’s rocking blog:


How to Easily Make Friends with Hyper Successful Bloggers


to help you understand the art of forming intimate bonds with established, professional bloggers. Bonding with pros requires a personal touch. Standing out from the crowd of mindless bloggers playing the dreaded numbers game requires study, practice and skills development. Most newbie bloggers have no practice or skills in this department. My email inbox proves this truth.


The best way to hone this skill is to practice. Observing skilled, compassionate bloggers like Shubha Tiwari who put this skill into practice influences you to follow her lead. In truth, networking 1 person at a time is quite easy. Take a deep breath, relax and personally interact through your:


  • Facebook updates
  • Twitter updates
  • LinkedIn updates
  • blog comments


to build stronger bonds with individuals. Strong bonds develop into friendships. Blogging friendships bring your blog to new heights because your blogging buddy network does what you cannot do. 10, 20 or 50 people do work that 1 person cannot do. I can retweet 100 of my posts daily but 100 people consisting of my blogging buddies and their networks can do 10,000 times the amount of work I can do, as a single human being.


Network generously on a 1 to 1 basis.


Form a rock-solid foundation for your blogger outreach campaign.


  1. Donna Merrill says:
    at 1:53 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    It sure is one person at a time. I always think of the analogy of going into a party full of people. You can only have a conversation with one new person at a time. Same applies to our blogging. We get to know one another and stand behind them by sharing their blogs and even offers they are doing.

    You have mentioned many great ones here!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:14 pm

      I dig that analogy Donna. We chat only one at a time in any setting because anything more, unless it is a public speaking engagement, we need to scream, yell and divide our energy. People who develop the skill of making strong connections 1 to 1 go far in life.

  2. Rosemary says:
    at 5:14 pm

    And it’s much more satisfying when you build relationships with people and they tell you about their lives.

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