Do You Struggle to Scale Your Blog?

  May 19, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Tomb of the Kings, Paphos, Cyprus.

Tomb of the Kings, Paphos, Cyprus.


I have received 180 pending comments since the last time I checked comments on Blogging From Paradise.


So I began writing this post.




In order to scale, bloggers need to write and publish helpful blog posts frequently.


In order to scale, bloggers do not need to spend 10 minutes fishing through all 180 pending comments in order to approve and reply to legitimate comments. Bloggers can gradually scan, approve and reply to legit comments over 1-2 minute sessions spanning 1, 2 or 3 days.


I learned this lesson the hard way. I struggled terribly to scale for a long time because I gave too much time and energy to non-essential blogging activities. Being heavily invested in non-essentials deprived me of time and energy for tackling the essentials. Ignoring essential blogging activities made it terribly difficult for me to scale.


I spent time and energy doing stuff to play small versus spending time and energy doing stuff to play big.


Do you play small? Expect to struggle with scale.


However, if you play big you will scale, thrive and grow your traffic and business over the long haul.


What Is Scaling?


Before we proceed, I want to get clear on the concept of scaling.


Scaling means reaching an increasing number of people highly interested in your blog. Eventually, highly skilled bloggers experienced heavily leveraged, exponential growth by scaling diligently for years.


For example, when a blogger:


  • optimizes posts for SEO to drive Google traffic
  • engages in genuine blogger outreach
  • publishes detailed, in-depth content


for a sustained period of time, their blog scales to be seen in 1000’s, tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands of place online. You and I would call this “being all over the place.”


Imagine seeing a top blogger on Quora. After exiting Quora, you see the top blogger on Reddit. Then you see the blogger on page 1 of Google for a semi-competitive keyword. You proceed to see the blogger on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is scaling.


The blogger appears to be in a million places at once because they spent years generously, patiently, persistently and deliberating scaling to play big. I assure you that bloggers who appear to be all over the place do not anxiously spend 20 consecutive minutes wading through comments to find legit comments and to delete spam. High level pros spend those 20 minutes being seen in as many places as possible to scale and thrive.


A high level pro blogger may gradually sift through spam to respond to comments after 2 days, 3 days or even 2 weeks. But during that 2 day, 3 day or 2 week period they are creating and connecting to be seen in front of a mammoth, loyal tribe.


They do not fear losing an annoyed, arrogant commentor who obnoxiously, childishly and egoically demands bloggers to reply to their comments within 1 day because they are scaling to attract 100, 1,000 or 5,000 more people to their blog on a daily basis.  Top pros embody an abundant mindset. Most other bloggers think scarcity, poverty and loss.


Do not fear losing 1 impatient reader. Feel good about driving an increasing 100 to 1,000 more targeted people daily to your blog.


Replying to people is important but not in real time. Reach more people. Then reply to your tribe. In this way, you will expand your reach as your tribe expands your reach. But of course, almost every blogger save the top pros who achieved massive scale make the common error of relying almost exclusively on their tribe to expand their reach. This is a bad idea because if you are not networking like a champion your tribe cannot reach a massive group of people and you will struggle to scale.


However, if you keep meeting new people while you bond with blogging buddies through persistent engagement you will be seen all over the place over the long term.


Think Abundance Not Greed


I write this post from an intent of abundance.


Why not scale to blog big? Why not play big? Have more fun. Help more people. Be of service to a greater number of human beings. Blog abundantly.


Do not scale greedily, desperately or from a panicked, scarcity energy of “not enough”. Blogging from scarcity scares you into:


  • ignoring your tribe
  • not replying to comments for months
  • losing your community
  • hungrily searching for new readers to replace the formerly loyal readers who split after you stopped replying to them for weeks or months


Take great care of your tribe.


However, if you are having a difficult time driving increasing blog traffic and earning greater blogging profits you have a scale problem best addressed by focusing on essential activities first. Of course your tribe is essential but if they were really pushing your work you’d have to turn down business because you were so busy. Meet new people first! Scale. Then, reply to comments. Set aside a few minutes at a time to sift through spam. Respond to people who RT your tweets once to twice daily. Engage people who Like your Facebook update once to twice daily.


First, engage new people. Then, engage people who first engaged you.


More than anything, keep publishing helpful content frequently. Follow up by meeting new bloggers daily to engage in an expansive outreach campaign.


Few bloggers make the big time because they get heavily attached to replying to a small tribe of loyal readers instead of scaling to reach a huge, targeted, loyal tribe with leveraging actions.


Think big!

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