Why People Struggle to Make Money Blogging

July 16, 2018


I spent a few hours today reading blogging tips blogs.


Using this clever method:


1 Clever Way to Find Blogs for Reading and Commenting


One theme popped up again and again; bloggers shared tips for how to make money blogging. Amazing, eh? Tongue firmly planted in cheek. Of course.


Most folks struggle terribly to make money blogging. God knows I did. For years.


I did turn things around though. If you struggle now and want to taste the sweet freedom of blogging success, and all its trappings, including increased blogging income, honestly own the likely reason why you struggle.


You focus MOST of your attention and energy on getting and LITTLE of your attention and energy on giving.


Making Money Blogging


A few moments ago I read someone’s post on a well known marketing forum. He wanted to know how he could GET business partnerships. He wanted to know how he could GET business alliances. I advised he GIVE of himself, helping entrepreneurs in his niche without asking to GET anything from these folks. This is the key to succeeding online. This is the key to making blogging through your blog. This is also the reason why most bloggers struggle to make money blogging; most people focus virtually 90% of their energy on trying to GET traffic and profits and spend like 10% on giving.


Give. Give some more. Write a blog post. Write a guest post. Promote a blogger on social media. Comment genuinely on their blog. Mention the blogger on your blog. Ask for nothing. Release expectations. Keep giving and helping and serving.


Being a giver helps you make blogging buddies. Blogging buddies who:


  1. promote you
  2. endorse you
  3. hire you
  4. buy your eBooks
  5. buy your courses


All prior actions boost your blogging income. Directly or indirectly.


This journey is simple but highly uncomfortable sometimes because like me or any human, in certain moments you want to see the return on investment, or, you want to know your giving will lead to blogging profits. I get it.


But in the same regard, feeling the fear fueling the “will I get money?” question/doubt/anxiety, and releasing the fear, helps you feel like you are on the right track, no matter your results. Letting go this fear helps you become a generous dynamo, a giving machine, a blogger who increases your income steadily because you spend months, then years, giving, giving and giving some more, so the getting of money and traffic keeps increasing as you keep giving and detaching from outcomes.


You May Be Blind to Good Advice


You may nod your head at this blog post. Then you turn around and focus 99% of your energy on GETTING and 1% on GIVING, and struggle horribly to make a cent through your blog.


Or maybe “you tried that giving thing already and it didn’t work.”


In both cases, the fear you cling to makes you blind to sound advice that would help you make more money.


Feel the fear. Clear the fear. Follow prospering advice. Persist. Profit.


Examples of Giving


  • publish a high volume of helpful posts on your blog
  • publish a high volume of helpful posts on other blogs
  • comment genuinely on blogs from your niche
  • mention other bloggers on your blog
  • do interviews for other bloggers in your niche
  • promote other bloggers on social media


Each prior activity indirectly – or directly – increases your income.


So…..start giving my little blogging sweet robbins.


Focus little on the outcomes of your giving. Fear not wasting your time or doing something you fear will not work, or is not working.


Free givers prosper. Every time. Maybe not now or 2 months from now, but the getting is coming. In a major league way.


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