3 Strategies For Making Money Through Your Blog

March 23, 2018
Deck from the place where we are house sitting. Surreal views from here in Opotiki, New Zealand.


Make money for *other* bloggers.




As I bus through gorgeous New Zealand I thought of ways and means and strategies and hacks for making money through my blog.


Turns out, the best way to make money is to serve other bloggers. Or to help other bloggers make money.


Most bloggers screw this up because they focus – out of their predominant vibe of fear – on themselves, and how to manipulate systems and tools to make money.


Hence the “Hey how do *I* make money through *my* blog?” question.


Help other bloggers make money.


Add content to other blogger’s blogs.


Promote other bloggers.


Assist other bloggers.


Help other bloggers for free.


Being generous creates your biggest pay day.


All money-making actions are gateway activities. Allow this idea to seep into your cranium.


After I publish this guest post I won’t receive payment through Paypal. But human beings who dig my value will buy one of my eBooks through the link below – which boosts my blogging profits – or visit my blog or hire or pay for a sponsored post….or do 1 of 101 other activities which lead to profiting.


The profit is in generous, detached service. Not in conditional, fear-based, reluctant giving.


I have written over 2,000 guest posts. The more I give and less I care about getting, the more I get. Traffic, money, comments, everything.


Allow that idea to seep into your noodle. You’ll fully embrace how to really make money blogging.


1: Comment Genuinely on Blogs


Publish 2-3 paragraph, personalized, genuine comments on blogs related to your niche.


How it helps you make money: commenting adds value to other blogs. Add value, receive value, in some way, shape or form. Friendships built lead to cross promoting. Genuine comments drive traffic to your blog. Authentic comments build business because you impress folks for free and prosper by impacting potential clients and customers through blog comments.


2: Guest Post on Blogs


Guest post on blogs from your niche.


Help large, targeted audiences.


How it helps you make money: helping large, engaged audiences drives traffic to your blog. Human beings intrigued by your knowledge hire you and buy your stuff. Don’t get any simpler than this.


The rub; write 1000 words daily in a Word document to improve your writing skills, to land guesties on rocking blogs.


3: Promote Other Bloggers


The few who do this right become the most connected, successful, and happiest bloggers on earth.


I genuinely love promoting other bloggers.


So I do it freely.


My friend Alonzo Pichardo is a fabulous example of putting this concept into action.


He is incredibly generous, promoting my content all over the place.


Of course he’s built a super successful online business. If you help other people succeed you will succeed.


If you want to make money blogging help other bloggers make money blogging. Promote other bloggers on your blog, through social media and via your courses. Help people grow their blogs and you will grow your blog beautifully, including increasing your blogging profits.


Broke bloggers think only about themselves and stay broke.


Generous bloggers think of other bloggers, promote other bloggers and find that making tons of blogging buddies who promote you, endorse you, hire you and buy your stuff leads to substantial blogging profits.


What tips can you add to this list?


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  1. Good advice, Ryan. I frequently promote other bloggers, like you, typically via Triberr.

    Enjoy the nice views in New Zealand! Cheers from Washington, DC.

  2. Matthias Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Today I’ve read some blogposts from you via triberr. Just wanted to give you a heads up, because you write very clearly, no nonsense and great advice on blogging. Thanks for the tips and blogging tricks! Happy travels and blogging.

  3. Cool Matt. Glad you dug it bro.

  4. Matt Says:

    Great post!
    Blogging is a real skill but if you spend the time, you can find all of the resources online.
    Love your ideas and tips…keep up the great work!

  5. Excellent comment Richard. Well put dude. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’d say Lisa keep giving away free information regularly across social channels and your blog. This is a constant.

    But individuals reaching out to you are potential clients. Especially as requests increase, simply tell them you can help them and direct them to your services page. If they object or make excuses simply release them as they are not serious folks and move on.

  7. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for sharing how you do make money through your blogging.
    I do have one question: At what point do you cut off the free services you do give to others? How do you know when you should start charging for consults etc?
    I’ve been getting more requests and wonder how to get them into being paid customers?
    It’s been interesting to see what can happen once you are “out” there on other blogs etc. You do get more offers in – I get DM’s on Twitter or email requests for ads and writing sponsored posts etc.
    I think once they view you as an expert too they are willing to pay for you to help them too – perception or proof.
    Have a great weekend at your new place!

  8. Hi Ryan,

    I totally get where you are coming from and you cetainly practice what you preach as can be seen by the ammount of useful advice you share freely both here and around the web.

    Example: I originaly found this blog thanks to one of your posts on Warrior forum helping a newbie blogger. Since then I’ve been reading your posts and articles and have been applying a lot of your philosophies to my blogging.

    At the end of the day bloggers earn their money by helping people answer a question or solve a problem. To be able to do that people first need to find you…

    The best way to acheive that is to build a network of friends who are all looking out for each other (recommending blogs, sharing posts, liking photos etc…)

    This is the true strength of blogging. It’s also one of the biggest joys. Not only do you get the chance to help people, you also get to build friendships with other like minded people from around the world.

  9. Generosity is so prospering Corey. Great stories! Give guys, keep giving and success will be yours.

  10. Corey Hinde Says:

    About a month ago, I read something you wrote somewhere about giving with no expectation of getting. That day, I came across 2 separate people who were asking for help. One guy needed some help with copywriting, I offered to review his work for free. I genuinely had no agenda. I just wanted to help the guy. The next lady had been burned with some Facebook ads, so I offered to review her ads and targetting, again, as a freebie. I actually got on the phone to her for 40 minutes, totally with agenda but with your ideals on my mind. They both then became clients, which was super – but not my plan at all. Give to get!!!

  11. Hi Susan, Being patient in giving allows getting to happen organically, and steadily, over time. No other way to succeed and to be sane. Service prospers. Thanks a bunch my friend 🙂

  12. Cynthia amen to your view. I love it. *This* is the key to happiness and successful blogging. Fall in love with helping people.

  13. Thanks for the tips! Trying to navigate my way in this blogging world, and soak in all the advice I can get. We all need to help each other out, and this world would be a much kinder place. Cheers!

  14. Hello Ryan,

    Great to know that you are in Newzealand Now. It is a such a beautiful place. Helping and promoting other bloggers is a great way to create strong bond and relationship with them. It also creates trust and friendship. I usually do that and promote others on social networks or through my blog posts. Enjoy your stay in Newzealand.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  15. Susan Velez Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I remember reading one of your posts when I first got started. I took your advice seriously and started working on the giving mentality. I always promote my fellow bloggers content.

    This has been the reason that my blog has been growing. It still amazes me how many bloggers still try to do things the wrong way, like blasting a bunch of spam comments on a blog.

    I actually woke up this morning with over 100 spam comments from one blogger. Not sure if they think this is what’s going to help them grow their blog or not?

    I’d rather focus on giving and helping others without any attachment. After a while, it does come back, but you can’t do it expecting anything.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and I love working from the giving mentality rather than what’s in it for me mentality.

    Have a great weekend 🙂


  16. Hey Ryan!

    I totally agree with you. Helping others make money and get results blogging is how you can make money blogging. The more you help others the more help comes back your way.

    This is because serving others and having this genuine intention to help comes from that place of abundance sleeping deep inside of you. You let go of the fear that “there isn’t enough” for everyone and step into this energy of abundance.

    I like your strategies man!

    Thank you for sharing your tips on this topic!

    Enjoy your weekend! 😀

  17. I left a thought.