How to Grow Blogging Cajones

June 13, 2018
Deze nuts! Howler monkey. This one in Granada, Nicaragua.


Life improves when you have balls.


Metaphor folks. Men can have – or not have – stones. Women can have – or not have – stones.


Cajones = balls = confidence = clarity. 


Most humans see this as being courageous or bold. I see it as giving 100% of your attention and energy to love and ZERO percent to fear. Or, being clear.


If you want to become a stupid successful blogger, ya gotta grow a set. Or you need to be clear. Or you need to do most stuff from fun, love and abundance, and few things from tension, fear and scarcity.


Peep this analogy.


Deze Nuts!


King Kong may as well have been bellowing from the canopy 150 feet above my dome.


A Howler monkey woke us at 5 AM daily DEEP in the jungles of Costa Rica. Loudest call on earth. 3 mile range. Insanely low, strong call. Made Barry White sound like he sang for the Vienna Boys Choir. That monkey had balls. Maybe not huge balls. But big enough to be heard.


You, my little blogging sweet robbins, need to have balls/courage/clarity to be heard equally loud and clear in your blogging niche. No need to visit a remote jungle to get your ROAR on. Just follow these tips:


  • blog your passion
  • blog mainly for fun
  • release tire kickers, complainers, whiners, moaners and excuse makers instantly (not responding to these folks is the most compassionate lesson; you will not feed into and verify their fears)
  • block all unsolicited pitches via email (say NO to fear)
  • surround yourself with, learn from and observe top bloggers in your niche by promoting these big dawgs, by commenting on their blogs and by seeing….how dey hanging? (Metaphor for clarity, confidence, cool-ness)
  • spend 30-60 minutes daily raising your vibe through meditation or deep yin yoga or prayer or whatever helps you face and purge your fears, so you can raise your vibe as high as that Ryan Biddulph Joker


Here’s the drill guys….


You Succeed with Blogging by Being Clear, Bold and to the Point


The old me felt a strange need to explain everything to anybody who asked me questions or engaged me. I was afraid of offending folks, or I feared folks would judge me or criticize me if I did not respond. I had no balls. Like the aforementioned Vienna Boys Choir, snipped I was, and slapped around by circumstances, I felt.


But when I faced, felt and released deep fears of criticism, money loss and failure, I became clear. I gave no attention and energy to folks who vibed mainly from fear and also aligned with bold, clear, confident, successful, inspirational bloggers like Maxwell Ivey. I learned from Max. I befriended Max. I even met the Dare Devil of Blogging in NYC.


When you are clear on blogging from energies of love, fun, abundance and detachment:


  • inspired folks connect with you; and you connect with them
  • you make more money through your blog
  • prospering ideas knock on your mind’s door
  • you release fear-filled folks in a split second (versus explaining or debating or doing God knows what with these folks)


The chief benefits of having blogging balls are having fun, enjoying the blogging ride and seeing increasing blogging success. But an added benefit includes dissolving headaches and releasing internet cyber vermin, and replacing these low-lifes with loving, heart-centered, inspired folks.


Example; I connected with and befriended super duper successful Alonzo Pichardo as I got clearer, grew my baby nuts and became bolder in all I did. In so doing, I distanced myself from folks doing things from a fear-based, scarcity-driven, horseshit energy.


Feels good to have fun, to help folks, to render service, to make friends with heart-centered big dawgs and to live my dreams.


All about getting your stones bigger.


Get clear.


Be bold.


Live your dreams through blogging by following these tips to gain immense confidence and clarity in all you do.


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