How to stay in shape while traveling abroad
Lifting on the beach in Costa Rica.


How to Stay in Shape While Traveling Abroad eBook


You want to enjoy your travels.


But you do not want to wind up looking like Jabba the Hut after a few months on the road.


I have seen lean string beans while circling the globe as a full time digital nomad.


I have seen guys who appeared to be hiding triplets under their shirts.


How you treat your body has a heavy influence on how much you enjoy your travels.


But trying to stay in shape while traveling overseas feels like the greatest challenge with all the eating, taxiing and general pampering of the average traveler.


I wrote an eBook titled:


How to Stay in Shape While Traveling Abroad



to help you keep fit on the road.


Benefits of Buying the eBook


If you are having a helluva time fighting the battle of the bulge I lay out practical tips for:


  • exercising regularly to be fit and trim whether you are in Pak Nam Pran, Thailand or Penang, Malaysia
  • committing fully to wellness despite being bombarded with temptations overseas, from rich foods, the availability of taxis or other convenient forms of transportation and the bar culture that dominates places like Thailand
  • energizing yourself to fully embrace your travels


Even a workout nut like me who exercises daily struggles at times to get in my walking or running sessions. Jet lag, less than favorable weather conditions and other factors sometimes pull me from my workouts.


French bulldog pulls in Chiang Mai Thailand


Having a guide in mind pulls me through these rough spots.


Buying a guide to keep in your cyber hand inspires you to exercise, to eat a nutritious diet and to cut back on your holiday drinking so you can stay in shape while traveling abroad.




Most travelers need a reminder to exercise and eat right. Almost like an alarm clock going off every morning with the snooze button close by in case you feel a moment of weakness.


Of course you’ll enjoy a drink or ice cream cone sometimes. Even I take days off from exercising during my world travels.


The key is to continue with your fitness regimen after a little treat moment because living a life of health and wellness is a long term deal.


My eBook gives you an easy to access reminder that you can reference daily to energize yourself during your globetrotting forays.


But I Do Not Have Access to a Gym


No horse shit excuses here.


Do you think I have access to a gym in most spots?






But I either walk or run wherever I am on earth. I have pulled back from resistance training but was formerly spotted lifting mini boulders in Fiji, carrying wood on the beach in Costa Rica and running with a Rhodesian Ridgeback through the remote jungles of Costa Rica.


You either make excuses and neglect your heath or commit to being fit and creatively find ways to take care of your health on the road.


The Key to Globe Trotting Fitness


Being all in.


I wrote the eBook to inspire you with my workouts.


To get you all in.


If you feel a bit lazy I lay out simple tips to follow to:


  • reduce your stress levels
  • elevate your mood
  • lose weight
  • enhance your travels


in an easy to understand format.


How to Stay in Shape While Traveling Abroad


If you want to stay in shape while circling the globe buy my eBook:


How to Stay in Shape While Traveling Abroad eBook



How to Stay in Shape While Traveling Abroad Paperback