4 Essential Gadgets to Stay Cool in the Cold


The following is a guest post by Agness and Cez at ETramping.com…..


Want to stay warm in the cooler climates? Your fellow travel companions at etramping.com have got it sorted with this list of essential gadgets and travel advice! With so many products out there, how do you find the right ones? Before opting for the brand, first think about the practicality. Planning your packing before your journey is advisable. It’s easy to opt for style over comfort. Yet, in cold conditions, you may want to think twice about what you’ll take. Of course, you want affordable and practical options. From clever hand-warming solutions to natural disaster equipment, you’re spoilt for choice within this article.


You must also consider that you’ll never know what situations you’ll face on your trip. No one enjoys the idea of over packing, that’s why compact items are in demand. There’s no need to aimlessly search around the internet for the best things to bring. These four crucial items listed below are for your consideration. That’s why you should take a few moments to view this awesome apparatus…



Heated Gloves


Who needs ordinary gloves when you can have heated ones?! These days you can get your hands on temperature controlling gloves. Literally, all you need to do is turn on a simple switch. Gloves like these are usually extremely windproof and waterproof. Great additions for ventures into the cold! The best types of heated gloves will come with a rechargeable battery so keep an eye out for that. You’re also going to want a tailored fit with cuff protection. There’s nothing worse than having frozen hands so ensure that they’re tight round your wrists to prevent any snow/ice falling in.




Don’t worry about these gloves becoming an added nuisance to your journey. The battery itself is usually tucked away in a handy zipped up pocket. Plus, the plug that you need to recharge this gadget should be easy to store in your luggage. Try to find ones with optimal power if you think you’ll be spending a lot of time away from your base. Or perhaps items with a portable power outlet. If you’re someone who loves to ski, these gloves are incredibly popular to use on the slopes. As Live Strong suggests, there are many benefits to buying a pair of these. Of course, they need to be frequently charged and sometimes the material feels very thick. However, they come in a range of colours and styles so that you keep looking cool in the cold!


GPS Compass Watch


On hiking trails and expeditions, it’s always best to pack a compass! You can now upgrade the classic compass to one with a digital GPS inside. What’s really catching on is the use of navigational watches. These flashy gadgets look great on your wrist and also assist you to complete tricky trails. No one wants to get lost in the wilderness! With a watch tied to your arm, you won’t forget to bring the compass as it will be travelling around with you on Antarctic expeditions. You can also adjust the settings of the GPS so that it’s guiding you along specific routes.


If you’re a hiking expert with a passion for pathways into the unknown, then this gadget is for you. Specialised watches have detailed topographic maps to mark your route. Their satellite systems can actually calculate your location and the speed of your steps. You also have the option to follow your progress with key statistics. Long lasting battery packs and with solar power on their side, a gadget like this is hard to beat! Watch out for these popular items on your next trip to the outdoor activity store as they’ll be racing off the shelves.


Waterproof Socks


Ever got stuck in a puddle and wish you’d brought some extra socks along? We’ve all been there and it’s not a nice situation for anyone to be in. That’s why waterproof socks prevent moments like these from ruining your day. Best Hiking has published a great waterproof sock selection where they assess the value of each product. They’re all for blister-free and extra warm socks to take on your travels. The hiking team also believe that you must look at the sock’s material before purchase. Usually bamboo and merino wool are high contenders in the waterproof world. Additionally, socks like these have three layers to maintain watertight insulation.



Waterproof socks are multifunctional and suitable for all weather types. You can wear them for hiking, backpacking, mountaineering and trekking. If you grab a pair of these, also look out for elasticized ankles. When you’re on the move, you sometimes do a lot of exercise which leads to weight loss and a fitter body. You want to make sure your socks still fit around your ankles so you must ensure that they have an elastic hem. As well as this, you’ll want to opt for comfort over style. Especially if you’re caught up in crazy weather with nowhere to dry off.


Avalanche Transceiver


This type of gadget is a life saver! If you’re going on a trip where you KNOW there will be mountainous areas, please do consider one of these. According to Snow and Rock there are many transceivers out there to choose from. It’s basically a beacon that transmits a pulsed radio signal. They’re often used to find victims of an avalanche that are stuck under the snow. Therefore, if you’re taking a trip into Arctic lands, this gadget may be VERY useful to bring. It’s better to be safe than risk losing your way in an avalanche.



You may want to research into safety procedures in case you find yourself facing a hazardous avalanche. The best transceivers are easy to use with simple instructions. In an emergency situation, you don’t want to waste time with tricky gadgets. This will frustrate you and may cost you valuable moments to save another’s life. Transceivers vary in price depending on their display capabilities and the type of microprocessor they’re using. If you can find one with a reflector attached, this will enhance your chances during an avalanche. When it comes to these essential gadgets, you want to look cool and feel safe in the cold. That’s why one of these transceivers is worth acquiring.


What’s the coolest gadget that you’ve taken on your travels?