How Can You Really Stand Out with Your Blogger Outreach Campaign?

April 18, 2018
blogger outreach
Peep that cover. Bali rice fields. One of a kind. Yep; it’s how to stand out.


See that featured image guys?


Stands out like a priest wandering around in Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy District, eh?


On first glance, blogger outreach and images of Bali rice fields have nothing in common. Nor on 1000th glance. But the title, brand and image meld because hell….I gotta be me!


I am Blogging From Paradise. So I went with the executive decision to make all eBook covers snaps from my world travels.


If you feel like you’ve been shouting from the mountain-tops and nobody seems to hear you during your outreach campaign, the ultimate way to do it is to be you, and to allow yourself to bleed through your blog and brand. Being you through your blog and brand makes you memorable. This is how folks remember you, bookmark your blog, buy your eBooks and hire you.


This is also why folks endorse you, promote you and consume your content. Readers want authentic. Humans dig genuine.


eBook Cover Example


Designing eBook covers based on my brand scared me. Bold move. But observing the cover…don’t you just feel like you are blogging from paradise? From the brand logo, to the cover I personally snapped in Bali, to the basic but clear design, all signs point toward an authentic eBook. I know not of any other blogging tips blogger who does this, deviating from their title content as far as eBook design, but it makes me stand out when new folks come across my blog and brand.


You may nod in agreement but then say…“That works for Ryan, because he’s the Blogging From Paradise guy, but it ain’t working for me.”


That’s the point dudes and dudettes; I’m the Blogging From Paradise guy because I made the bold, scary, uncomfortable decision to be me through my blog and brand. I said I’d design all eBook covers – independent of topic – with my brand logo and personal snap shot of some tropical paradise I’d visited. This was scary. Really nerve-wracking.


I feared being me and in so doing, being different, but that is why you may look at me and feel I can “get away with doing it.” I stepped out of my comfort zone. You need to do the same in order to build a successful blog and brand, and to stand out when new bloggers arrive to your blog, take a look around and figure out if they’ll stick around or hit the cyber road.


Tips for Being You (to Stand Out)


Take a deep breath.




Feel comfortable in your own skin by embracing, feeling and releasing self conscious tendencies, fueling your fear of criticism. Clearing the fear helps you be you, through your blog, your brand, your being. This is how you stand out from the crowd of bloggers who just want to fit in.


Seize and use these tips:


  • surround yourself with genuine bloggers
  • honor your intuition; even if the idea makes no sense to your mind, your heart knows
  • align all elements of your blog and brand to what you most value
  • take time to prune your blogging campaign of sheeple-driven tendencies; stuff you did just to fit in.


Guys; this journey is fun, freeing and empowering. I know you can stand out like an antelope in a Lion’s Meat Lover’s Convention. Just don’t get eaten.


Anyway, follow the above tips. Stand out. Be you. Make bold decisions. Step away from the crowd.


Nobody feels comfortable stepping away from the blogging herd but when you are having fun, shining brightly, spreading love and living your dreams it’s well worth making that bold decision.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:



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  1. Yep Moss; we shine like a bright light for sure dude. Thanks!

  2. Funny you note that Tom; I never thought of stepping away from the herd until I saw a few dynamos do it. Ray Higdon comes to mind as a guy who stood out by doing this.

  3. Tom Watts Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Two days in a row – look at me go! Thanks for the tips in this post, but also thanks for giving me this knowledge a long time before. Being myself when doing something, anything, is important, not only for the project – but for my own sanity and happiness too.

    It seems odd to say it, but I hadn’t really contemplated this method of thinking until you discussed it some time ago. I was pretty set on just fitting and following the trends. But you know what, once I started practicing it not only was I happier with what I was doing, I think my clients and readers could see a difference too. Not just in me, but in the sincerity and authenticity of what I was saying and doing.

    The topic is something that not many other bloggers pick up on, and it’s clear that your approach in separating yourself from the herd has partially driven your success.


  4. Moss Clement Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    This is just another amazing topic. In fact, in my latest post I highlighted the need to “be you” – establish your unique voice. Being you will help you stand out from the crowd and set you apart from the others.

    It makes your audience and target market to easily identify your brand across channels.

    The tips you outlined are incredible.

    Thank you Ryan!

  5. Cool dude! Thanks so much Dexter. You’re killing it on your blog too.

  6. Dexter Roona Says:

    Got to hand it to you, you have carved out a pretty sweet niche here Ryan. And in my eyes your doing everything the right way.